2010 F150 Bolt Pattern

The 2010 F150 bolt pattern is 6x135, meaning each wheel has six lugs that form a circle with a diameter of 135 millimeters or 5.3 inches.
Written by John Davis
Reviewed by Jaya Anandjit
The 2010 F150 bolt pattern is 6x135 or “6 on 135,” which means each wheel has six bolts that form a circle with a diameter of 135 millimeters (5.3 inches). 
The 2010 F150 is a stylish pickup that combines functionality with excellent crash ratings. A great way to increase the F150’s natural flair is to upgrade its wheels. But if you’re planning to swap out your stock wheels for some aftermarket upgrades, you’ll need to know the bolt pattern. 
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. Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the 2010 F150 lug pattern, so you can be confident that your new stylish upgrades will fit.
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2010 F150 Bolt Pattern

There is a lot of variation in
Ford lug patterns
, meaning that you generally can’t swap wheels between different generation F150s. Your 2010 F150 bolt pattern is 6x135.
That might look a little confusing, but don’t stress. You can break down a car’s lug pattern like this:
# of bolts x diameter of the circle they form
Your 2010 F150’s 6x135 lug pattern means each wheel has six bolts that make a circle with a diameter of 135 millimeters or 5.3 inches. However, if you’re planning to upgrade your wheels, you need to know more than just the bolt pattern. Your truck’s center bore measurement, stud size, wheel offset, and torque specifications are equally essential when looking for aftermarket wheels.
  • Factory wheel size: 17, 18, 20, or 22 inches
  • Stud size: M14x2.0
  • Offset: 18 to 45 mm
  • Center bore: 87.1 mm
  • Wheel tightening torque: 204 Nm

How to measure your F150’s bolt pattern

The above specifications should be all you need to upgrade your F150’s wheels. But if you’d rather confirm the bolt pattern yourself, there’s a simple method you can follow.
All you’ll need is a measuring tape or a basic ruler. To begin, pick any bolt and measure from the outer edge of the lug hole to the center of the opposite bolt. 
That measurement will be your bolt pattern diameter. Combine it with the number of lugs, and that’s your F150 bolt pattern!

How to optimize your F150’s insurance

Upgrading your F150’s wheels is an excellent way to increase its style and set yourself apart from other Ford pickups on the road. But whenever you customize your car, you need to ensure you have the best insurance policy to cover those fancy new mods. 
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The bolt pattern on a 2010 F150 is 6x135, which means each wheel has six lugs arranged in a circle with a diameter of 135 millimeters or 5.3 inches.
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