2007 Toyota Prius Engine Oil Capacity

The 2007 Toyota Prius has an oil capacity of 3.9 quarts (3.7 liters). Click here to learn more!
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Brittni Brinn
The Toyota Prius was the first in a line of hybrid vehicles that has become one of the most popular cars on the road. The 2007 Prius’s engine oil capacity is 3.9 quarts or 3.7 liters, which is important to know when it's time to change your oil.
Any vehicle you own will come with its own set of ownership costs, ranging from
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premiums to maintenance. If you own a 2007 Prius and you’re good with your hands, you can change the oil and filter at home—just be sure to check the owner’s manual to know exactly how much oil your engine needs and what type of oil it requires in order for it to operate as intended.
To learn all you need to know about the 2007 Toyota Prius oil capacity, keep reading!

2007 Toyota Prius engine oil capacity

You should know that a 2007 Toyota Prius has an engine oil capacity of 3.9 quarts, or 3.7 liters, which is the amount needed for an oil change.
Now that you know the 2007 Prius’s oil capacity, it’s important to differentiate it from the Prius’s engine displacement, which is 1.5 liters—the amount of volume the engine’s cylinders take up. This volume will not affect your oil change at all.
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What kind of oil does a Toyota Prius need?

A 2007 Toyota Prius requires Toyota Genuine Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 5W-30. This is the oil the
owner’s manual recommends, so you should stick with that if possible. If you can’t find Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil is a good alternative.
So, what does the motor oil’s code mean? The W stands for winter, and the 5 stands for the oil’s low viscosity—meaning it will stay relatively thin at low temperatures. The 30 tells us the motor oil stays thin enough at super hot temperatures as well. SAE just stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers, the organization that codifies motor oil.
Basically, all SAE 5W-30 means is that when you drive your Prius, the motor oil will stay thin and keep moving at both cold and hot temperatures. You can use either a conventional oil or synthetic motor oil for your 2007 Prius.

How often to change the oil on a 2007 Toyota Prius

If you’re using conventional oil in your Prius, Toyota recommends changing it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you use a synthetic motor oil, you can wait a bit longer—Toyota recommends changing synthetic oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles
Still, you should get in the habit of checking your oil regularly, to ensure your car keeps working smoothly. Check your oil every month or after every other refuel. Here are signs that your motor oil needs to be replaced:
  • The oil is dark brown or black in color (healthy motor oil is the color of honey or amber)
  • The oil is coarse or gritty (you want your oil to have a smooth consistency)
  • You hear loud or unfamiliar noises from the engine
  • You smell smoke, oil, or burning as you drive
  • You notice changes in your Prius’ performance
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How to change your oil and oil filter

If you’re going to change the oil on your Prius yourself, you’ll need a few tools to get the job done, including a socket wrench, a drain pan, and a filter wrench. The filter wrench is used to remove the old oil filter. You’ll also need to buy a replacement filter and at least a five-quart bottle of Toyota Genuine Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 (or the Mobil 1 equivalent).
The first thing to do is to run the engine for about five minutes to get the Prius up to its optimal operating temperature. Once you’ve done that, kill the engine, pop the hood, and follow these steps:
  • Remove the oil fill cap
  • Remove the oil drain bolt and washer from underneath the Prius’s engine and let the old oil drain into your drain pan
  • Remove the old oil filter as the old oil drains out
  • Install a new filter
  • Using a new washer, replace the old oil drain bolt, tightening it to 29 lb-ft
  • Refill the engine with the new oil and then replace the oil fill cap
Now, turn the Prius on and let the engine run for about 30 seconds—this lets the new oil fill the filter. Then, use your dipstick to check the oil level—if it's too low, top it up with the remaining new oil.
At this point, you can let the engine run for a few minutes, keeping an eye out for any signs of oil leakage underneath the engine. If the oil change was successful, your dashboard’s
oil pressure light
should be off.
No, all there is left to do is clean up! Don’t throw any oily rags or old oil into the garbage. Instead, put the oily rags and old oil into a sealed container and dispose of it at a local recycling center.

The bottom line

So long as you ensure your Prius has the required oil to function properly, you should have a smooth driving experience. Always use Toyota Genuine Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 5W-30, or use a Mobil 1 equivalent motor oil for the best performance.
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