2003 Honda Accord Bolt Pattern

Find out the 2003 Honda Accord’s bolt pattern—and how to measure it yourself.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
Reviewed by Jaya Anandjit
The 2003 Honda Accord has a bolt pattern of 5x4.5 or 5 on 4.5. This means each of its wheels has five bolts or lugs that are arranged in a 4.5-inch-diameter circle.
Few things are as fun as customizing your car—and by most standards, swapping out your current wheels or rims for a new set is one of the easier car mod options out there. Plus, the right set could also help you improve your vehicle’s handling and performance capabilities.
But to find the right fit, you’ll need to know your Honda Accord’s bolt pattern. Luckily, you’ve come to the right spot—learn more about it below, plus how to measure it yourself.

2003 Honda Accord bolt pattern

The 2003 Honda Accord bolt pattern is 5x4.5 inches. If what that means is clear as mud to you, this is all it represents:
# of bolts x diameter of the circle they form
This indicates that the 2003 Honda Accord has five bolts, which are arranged in a circle that has a diameter of 4.5 inches, or 114.3 millimeters
If you’re looking for a whole new set of wheels, knowing your bolt pattern is helpful, but you’ll need to have some other measurements on hand as well, such as:
  • Factory wheel size: 15” to 18” 
  • Stud size: M12 x 1.5
  • Center bore: 64.1 mm
  • Wheel tightening torque: 108 Nm
It’s worth noting that different vehicles, even within the same make and model year, can have different configurations that may make your own wheel specifications vary somewhat, so you’ll want to confirm whether these match your own before selecting your new wheel set. Most shops that sell wheels and tires will offer tools that let you check a certain set’s compatibility with your vehicle.
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How to measure your Honda Accord’s bolt pattern

If you can’t recall your bolt pattern later, or you just want to verify it, you can measure it yourself in an instant.
All you need to do is grab some measuring tape. Then, from the outside edge of any lug hole on any wheel, measure to the opposite side of the circle. Since the Honda Accord has five bolts on each wheel, you’ll technically end up between two bolts if you measure directly across. Just pick a bolt on either side of that point and measure to the center of the bolt hole.
This will give you your pitch circle diameter (PCD). Place this measurement after the number of bolt holes (five in this case), and you’re ready to roll into the shop with your 2003 Honda Accord bolt pattern at the ready.
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The 2003 Honda Accord has a bolt pattern of 5x4.5 or 5 on 4.5. That means each wheel has five bolts or lugs that form a circle 4.5 inches in diameter.
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