All About the Nissan Sentra ECO Mode

If you ever wished that your 2022 Nissan Sentra was a little better on gas, just turn on Eco Mode! Click here to learn more
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Your Nissan Sentra’s ECO mode can increase your fuel economy anywhere from 5% to 10% by tightly controlling the transmission and the rate of acceleration.
Most Nissan vehicles are equipped with what’s known as ECO mode—one of three separate driving modes that can control and fine-tune both your vehicle’s performance and your driving experience. ECO mode specifically reins in excess fuel consumption by tightly controlling your vehicle’s throttle and preventing sudden costly bursts of acceleration.
If you want to know more about the Nissan Sentra’s ECO mode, you’ve come to the right place.
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What is Nissan’s ECO mode?

Nissan’s ECO mode is one of three standard driving modes that most Nissans are equipped with. This driving mode aims to decrease emissions and increase overall fuel efficiency.
Essentially, ECO mode serves two complementary functions:
  • Tightly controls your transmission and regulates the delivery of power to the engine, as well as
  • Regulates your throttle sensitivity, thereby decreasing the responsiveness of the accelerator and ensuring a more controlled, relaxed drive
It might not sound like much, but you will notice a marked improvement in your Sentra’s efficiency when these two functions work together. By regulating the power delivery and controlling acceleration, ECO mode lowers the rate of fuel consumption and the level of emissions. 
But that’s not all! Harsh acceleration (and braking, for that matter) can start to wear on your car after a while. Since ECO mode makes your gas pedal less responsive, it can prolong the life of your Nissan Sentra!
Key Takeaway ECO mode adjusts the power delivery and throttle response of your Sentra to create a more controlled and efficient driving experience. It can even reduce daily wear and tear.

Does Nissan ECO mode save fuel?

Nissan estimates that ECO mode can lower your Sentra’s fuel consumption anywhere from 5% to 10%. Naturally, the exact rate will be determined by several factors, like how often you use ECO mode, where you live, and your specific driving habits. 

Does Nissan ECO mode charge the battery?

Sadly, no. Some ECO modes—like
BMW’s ECO PRO mode
—have a feature that charges the battery whenever you coast or hit the brake pedal, increasing fuel efficiency by as much as 3%. However, Nissan’s ECO mode technology is not designed to support this function in your Sentra.

What’s the difference between Nissan Sport and ECO mode?

Sport mode is essentially the opposite of ECO mode in that it gives you access to more power and costs more fuel as opposed to less of either. 
Sport mode allows you to maintain a higher RPM and automatically shift into the next gear. It also makes your Sentra much more fun to drive, but at the expense of fuel efficiency. For most driving scenarios, you’d be better off striking a balance between efficiency and performance by using Normal mode, which is exactly what it sounds like—no modifications to your Sentra’s standard performance.
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How to turn Nissan ECO mode on and off

ECO mode can be activated and deactivated very easily. If you look on or around your steering wheel, you’ll notice a small rectangular button with “ECO” printed on it. Press the button once to activate ECO mode and you’ll see the indicator light turn on in the vehicle display. To turn it off, simply press it again and watch the light disappear.

Is Nissan ECO mode worth it?

That’s essentially up to you. The value and practicality of your Sentra’s ECO mode have a lot to do with your daily driving habits. If you have a long daily commute and wouldn’t mind saving some gas, then ECO mode is certainly worth your time. 
The 2022 Nissan Sentra already has a pretty good fuel economy at 33 combined city/highway mpg, but you could still pump those numbers up by strategically using ECO mode during your drive. For example, if you were able to achieve the estimated maximum of a 10% increase in fuel efficiency, then you could theoretically get over 3 extra miles per gallon. Over time, that would start to add up!
The backhand of ECO mode is that you won’t be able to accelerate like normal, which can sometimes make it difficult to maintain highway speeds or even prevent you from passing other motorists. ECO mode is meant to be used on long, lower-intensity voyages, like a road trip or a lengthy drive. Basically, if you’re going to turn on cruise control, you might as well activate ECO mode, too.
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