Your Guide to Progressive Roadside Assistance

While AAA offers multi-tier systems and added perks, Progressive’s roadside assistance is often cheaper, and you don’t need a membership to apply.
Written by Kianna Walpole
Edited by Jessica Barrett
Reviewed by Brice Regling
While lots of drivers get
roadside assistance
coverage through auto clubs like AAA, you can also purchase it as an add-on to your regular Progressive
car insurance
coverage. This feature can help with services such as towing, flat tires, jump-starts, and more. 

Everything that Progressive roadside assistance covers

’s 24/7 roadside assistance plan covers basic emergency services, including the following:
Towing services: Progressive will pay to tow your vehicle to any qualified repair shop in a 15-mile radius or to the nearest qualified repair shop. Keep in mind that if you choose a specific shop that’s out of range, you’ll pay the difference.
Winching services: If your vehicle is stuck in mud or snow within 100 feet of a road, Progressive will winch it out.
Battery jump starts: Progressive offers
jump starts for dead batteries
to help you get back on the road safely.
Fuel delivery: If you run out of gas, Progressive will bring it directly to you. You’ll pay for the cost of the fuel, but not for the delivery.
Locksmith services: If you lock your keys inside your car, Progressive can dispatch a locksmith to get you into the vehicle. But if you need to replace your keys, you’ll be on the hook for that cost.
Flat tire changes: Not sure how to get that spare in your trunk safely onto the car? Request a tire change from Progressive. If you don’t have your own spare, you’ll need to pay for the replacement.
Battery charging for electric vehicles: Progressive can’t bring a charging station to your electric car but they’ll tow you to the nearest charging facility (and you only pay for the charge—not the tow truck).
On-scene labor: Depending on the situation, you can get one hour of on-site labor from a mobile mechanic to help get you back on your way without a tow truck.
You can add roadside assistance coverage to your Progressive insurance policy as long as you have a
full coverage option
complete with
collision coverage
Similar to roadside assistance for automobiles, Progressive’s commercial roadside assistance is an add-on feature to an existing auto insurance policy. Light commercial vehicles, including pickup trucks and vans, are eligible. Heavy truck coverage (semi-trucks and large dump trucks) is also an option, but only in select states.

How to get service from Progressive’s emergency roadside assistance

There are three ways that Progressive customers can access their roadside assistance program: online, by phone, or through the mobile app.
card icon
Over the phone
The easiest way to use Progressive’s roadside assistance is to call the emergency number for roadside claims at 1-800-776-4737. It’s open for calls 24/7.
card icon
To get
support online
, simply enter your phone number and submit your request for any of the services listed.
card icon
Mobile app
You can also use the
Progressive mobile app
to start an emergency roadside assistance claim.
With progressive, Roadside assistance is considered a claim. If you experience a breakdown that isn’t related to an accident, you will need to file a claim to use your roadside assistance. But instead of following the typical
car insurance claims process
, you will call the Progressive emergency number to dispatch a mechanic quickly.
app screenshot
When this occurs, you’ll need to have easy access to important documents pertaining to your roadside membership.
, you can store valuable information like your roadside assistance files and photos, service receipts, expense receipts, and more directly in the app.
Note that roadside assistance is not applicable in the event of a car accident.

How long does Progressive roadside assistance take?

Once you submit a claim to Progressive, a service technician is dispatched immediately to your location. With technicians all across the country, no matter where you are, Progressive and Agero work together to get you quick assistance.
If they’re unable to send a mechanic to you, or your technician can’t repair your vehicle on the side of the road, they will have it towed to the nearest qualified repair facility. 

Progressive roadside assistance costs less than $50 a year

It costs between $15 and $50 a year to add roadside assistance to your Progressive auto insurance policy.
Most car insurance companies offer some form of roadside assistance, often known as towing and labor coverage, which usually costs between $15 and $150 per year.
has one of the cheapest roadside assistance programs at as low as $14 per year, but other insurance providers charge an average of about $80 per year. 
For comparison, AAA memberships start at $59.99 per year.

Progressive roadside assistance vs. AAA: How does it stack up?

Progressive’s roadside assistance program has similar coverage to AAA’s basic plan but with a few significant differences.
iconThe policy distinctions
Progressive’s roadside assistance only applies to the vehicle(s) covered by your policy, while AAA provides services to any vehicle you happen to be a driver or passenger in. AAA also offers two higher tiers of coverage—Plus and Premier—with benefits like up to 100 miles of towing, free one-day rental cars, hotel and travel discounts, and travel accident insurance.
iconThe cost distinctions
According to Progressive insurance agents, it’s possible to get roadside assistance on a six-month policy for as little as $15 on top of your regular insurance rate. And because it’s included with your car insurance policy, you won’t need to balance multiple memberships.
In a recent Jerry consumer survey, we asked Progressive and AAA policyholders to rate their experience with their providers. Here’s how they viewed the claims processing and cost ratings for each company.
Overall rating: 4.2/5.0
Overall rating: 4.1/5.0
Cost rating: 3.79/5.0
Cost rating: 3.82/5.0
Claims process rating: 3.88/5.0
Claims process rating: 4.19/5.0
While both are relatively close in terms of overall score and cost, AAA was slightly ahead in claims processing. But when it came to customer testimonials, Progressive won out with 5-star ratings and positive praise for their roadside assistance services.


“I've had Progressive Auto & Renter's Insurance for the most part of the last 10 years or so and they've been fantastic. Their Roadside Assistance has come through for me at least 5 or 6 times when I had an emergency on the road. They make it easy to sign up or to make adjustments to your policy which is less headache and worry for me.” (4 star review, Dale R.)
“I've had Progressive for about 13 years. Never a problem with claims, roadside service is a great thing to have.” (5 star review, Laurel P.)
“Progressive has been awesome mainly because it’s been the best for my wallet. It also offers roadside assistance for a small fee each month which is coming handy with my car being a little bit older. And to be honest just all-around customer service when I call and ask questions or change something on my policy.” (5 star review, Amy W.)

Is Progressive’s roadside assistance worth it?

If you travel frequently or drive long distances, Progressive’s roadside assistance could be a valuable addition to your current Progressive policy. It will provide peace of mind and protect your vehicle from unexpected situations. 
If it’s available in your state, you can also add trip interruption to your roadside assistance to provide extra coverage, including up to $500 for breakdown costs (hotel, transportation, food).
You are allowed up to 6 calls per year. Making too many roadside claims with Progressive can increase your car insurance premiums at renewal.


Do you need a membership card to get roadside assistance?

With Progressive, roadside assistance is an add-on to your current policy. Unlike AAA, you will not need a membership to get towing and labor coverage—only a policy. 

What are the hours of operation for Progressive roadside assistance?

Progressive roadside assistance is available 24/7 through the customer service emergency line, or on the mobile app. 

Is Progressive roadside assistance included in the insurance?

No. You have to purchase Progressive’s roadside assistance as an add-on feature to your existing policy.

Does Progressive roadside assistance cover electrical breakdowns?

Yes, Progressive’s roadside assistance will cover breakdowns for electrical vehicles. You will be required to pay the charging fee for your car, but not for any towing services. 

Can you call Progressive customer service?

You can call Progressive’s customer service at any time at 1-888-671-4405. For any inquiries regarding your roadside assistance, contact the emergency services at 1-800-776-4737.

Is Progressive roadside assistance better than AAA roadside assistance?

While AAA provides a robust towing and labor coverage system with multiple tiers, Progressive’s roadside assistance is often cheaper and better received by real customers. In addition, drivers can add trip interruption to their roadside assistance to get comparable coverage to AAA services. 

Who would benefit from Progressive roadside assistance?

All drivers would benefit from Progressive’s roadside assistance—but if you travel frequently, drive long distances, or are even a new driver, you may get the most out of the Progressive towing and labor coverage plan. 

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