What To Do If Your Car’s Fog Lamp Indicator Is On

Your car’s fog lamp indicator light on your dashboard confirms that your fog lights have been switched on.
Written by Melanie Mergen
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If your car’s fog lamp indicator light has appeared on your dashboard, that means your fog lights have been turned on and are ready to help you handle low-visibility driving conditions.
Getting the hang of all your car’s various headlight indicator lights can be a bit confusing at first. They’re similar, but this one’s a different color than the other two. What’s the difference between this one and that one?
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What is the fog lamp indicator light on my dashboard?

The fog lamp indicator light will come on if you’ve turned on your car’s fog lights. Fog lights typically sit below your car’s headlights and are designed to reduce the amount of light reflecting at you as you’re driving slower through low-visibility conditions, like fog and snowfall.
When you turn on your fog lights, the fog lamp indicator light will show up on your dashboard.

What does the fog lamp indicator light look like? 

The fog lamp indicator light features a lamp facing left and is usually green. It has three diagonal lines of light coming from it, and a wavy vertical line passes through the diagonal lines (like a wall of fog). The rear fog light indicator is typically the same symbol, but the lamp instead faces right and is orange.
Pro-tip The indicator light serves more as a confirmation that you’ve switched on your fog lights. It’s possible for your fog lamp indicator light to come on, but your fog lights may not actually be on due to a burned-out bulb, so it’s a good idea to check them every now and then to make sure they’re in working order. 

When should I use my fog lights? 

You should turn your fog lights on in conditions with low visibility, like fog or snowfall. Fog lights make driving in these conditions easier, but it still won’t be like driving in normal conditions, so you’ll need to drive at a slower speed to stay safe.
You should only use your fog lights when necessary. They can be distracting to other drivers, and you don’t want your fog light bulbs to burn out before they need to.

How to turn off your fog lamp indicator light

To turn off your fog lamp indicator light—and the fog lights themselves—simply turn them off where your car’s exterior light controls are. This is often on a lever to the right or left of your steering wheel; you might have to push it in, toward you, or away from you. It might also be on a button or dial on your dashboard.
If you’re unable to find your car’s fog light controls, check your car’s manual. 

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The fog lamp indicator light appears on your dash when your fog lights have been switched on. However, if your fog light bulbs are burned out, they might not truly be on, so it’s a good idea to check them routinely.
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