How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

Rebuilt titles are issued in Minnesota after an inspection and the payment of fees.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
All you need to do to get a rebuilt title in Minnesota is pass an inspection performed by the Minnesota DMV (DVS), pay a $35 fee, and a $10 filing fee.
 After an insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss, it’s over. The vehicle is sent to the salvage yard, where it is stripped for parts, before being sent to the car crusher. Not every totaled vehicle has to suffer this fate, though—some vehicles can get a rebuilt title.
 If your car has been declared a total loss, and you want to keep it, or you’re interested in purchasing a car with a salvage title in Minnesota, you should know that it’s illegal to drive cars with salvage titles—a rebuilt title is a necessity for you. Luckily,
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What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
is a guarantee from the state that a vehicle has been repaired to meet certain standards even after an insurance company has deemed it a total loss.
Rebuilt titles in Minnesota are vehicles that have
removed their salvage title
after being repaired and inspected. These cars are now safe to drive and are legal to be on the roadway.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you plan to drive your car, you will need a rebuilt title. Rebuilt titles also make cars easier to sell. It’s possible you could meet a car enthusiast who wants to fix up a totaled vehicle, or you could even meet someone who doesn’t know any better, but it’s not likely. Experts warn against
buying cars with salvage titles
Rebuilt titles in Minnesota don’t erase the history of the car, but they do mean the car meets certain standards and is safe to drive.
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How to get a rebuilt title in Minnesota

There are a few steps to getting a rebuilt title in Minnesota. You’ll need a form filled out by the mechanic performing the repairs in order to get an inspection at DVS. You’ll pay the $35 inspection fee. Once you have the inspection in hand, you’ll take all the necessary paperwork to your local DVS office and pay a $10 filing fee. DVS then issues you your new title and registration.

Apply for the salvage title 

The Minnesota DVS issues salvage titles for the following types of vehicle:
  • Late model cars that are 6 years old or newer
  • High-value vehicles worth $9,000 prior to damage or cars weighing more than 26,000 pounds
Make sure your vehicle fits these criteria before applying for a salvage title.

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

Your best bet for repairing your vehicle is to hire a licensed mechanic. The mechanic will need to fill out a
Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly
form. Each part used to repair the vehicle needs to be tracked through receipts and invoices, and be listed on a document with a letterhead.
After the repairs have been made, schedule an inspection with a DVS Inspection Specialist. You’ll need to bring these documents with you to the inspection:
  • The salvage title
  • The completed Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly form
  • All the paperwork for the parts used to rebuild the vehicle
  • The $35 inspection fee
These inspectors only verify that the repairs have been made. They do not check for safety, so be sure to ask about a safety inspection before you leave. The inspector will give you an inspection report before you go.

Essential documents for a rebuilt Minnesota title

After the inspection, you’re ready to apply for a rebuilt title. You’ll bring the following to your local DVS office:
  • Completed Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly form
  • The paperwork for the parts used to rebuild the vehicle
  • Completed vehicle inspection report
  • A $10 filing fee
If everything checks out, DVS will issue you your new title and registration.

How long does a rebuilt title take in Minnesota?

The process for obtaining a rebuilt title in Minnesota can vary widely depending on when you are able to make the repairs and get your inspection scheduled.

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A rebuilt title can hide mechanical issues—that’s why it’s so important to have a safety inspection performed before committing. Some rebuilt titles are 100% solid though, and you’re getting a sweet deal. Use caution when purchasing vehicles with rebuilt titles.
After adding up all the inspection and filing fees, a rebuilt title in Minnesota will run you $45.
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