Will GEICO Insure a Car That’s Not in My Name?

In most cases, GEICO will insure a car that’s not in your name as long as you can prove insurable interest.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by R.E. Fulton
You can get
car insurance
from GEICO for a vehicle that’s not in your name either by proving insurable interest or purchasing a non-owner policy for an average of $311 per year.
  • The responsibility of buying car insurance usually falls upon the owner of a vehicle, but you may be able to buy GEICO insurance for someone else’s car if you can prove insurable interest.
  • Speak with a GEICO insurance agent to determine whether you’re eligible for standard auto insurance or a non-owner policy. 
  • Non-owner car insurance is best suited for drivers who regularly borrow or rent a vehicle, but don’t have enough financial stake in it to warrant standard coverage.

Will GEICO insure a car that isn’t in your name?

In order to get a standard GEICO auto insurance policy for a car that isn’t in your name, you’ll have to show you have insurable interest—i.e., a financial stake—in the vehicle. But proving that is difficult, and is usually only considered when the car is your only means of getting to and from your job.
If you can show that you have a vested interest in the vehicle, then you’ll be able to purchase car insurance coverage from GEICO—unless you live in the state of
New York
. Unfortunately for residents of the Empire State, the law requires the names on a vehicle’s registration to match the names on its insurance policy.
For residents of New York and drivers who can’t prove insurable interest, GEICO offers
non-owner coverage
, a type of insurance specifically designed to protect motorists who drive borrowed (or rented) vehicles. In New York and most other states, though, the vehicle must be listed on an insurance policy so that the insurance company can report coverage to the DMV to keep the vehicle registration active.

What is GEICO non-owner car insurance?

GEICO’s non-owner car insurance
is a type of liability insurance aimed at people who regularly drive borrowed vehicles or rental cars. It can help pay for bodily injury and property damage insurance claims after an accident, and will act as secondary insurance coverage if the owner of the car has a separate insurance policy on the car. 
However, because non-owner policies aren’t available with advanced coverages such as
comprehensive insurance
, they offer less protection than standard policies. To get more financial support after an accident, we recommend supplementing your GEICO non-owner policy with useful insurance options such as
medical payments (MedPay) insurance
personal injury protection
Like non-owner car insurance, these two coverages follow the driver rather than the car, so they’ll cover you while driving a vehicle that isn't in your name.
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How much does a non-owner car insurance policy cost?

On average, GEICO policyholders pay around $311 per year for their non-owner car insurance. Because non-owner policies only include liability coverage, they’re usually about 10% cheaper than standard policies and don’t include a deductible—but just like standard auto insurance, exact car insurance rates for a non-owner policy can vary based on risk metrics such as age, gender, location, and driving history.
To make sure you’re getting the best deal on your non-owner auto insurance, compare your GEICO premium with quotes from other popular insurance providers such as Allstate, Progressive, or State Farm. If you need help finding an affordable rate on your non-owner car insurance coverage, you can simplify the process by using a
comparison shopping mobile app

Do you need non-owner car insurance?

If you don’t own a car, then you’re not required to purchase car insurance coverage. Most instances where you might borrow a car are covered by permissive use—that is, if the car’s owner gave you permission, you will be covered by their insurance policy. 
But there are still several scenarios in which motorists can benefit from the financial protection offered by non-owner auto insurance coverage. 
Here are a few reasons why you might want to buy a non-owner car insurance policy:
  • You borrow a car from a friend or family member on a regular basis. If you often drive a car that doesn’t belong to you, non-owner car insurance can help pay for liability claims if you get into an accident while driving that vehicle.
  • You frequently rent cars from a rental agency. Non-owner car insurance is usually cheaper than buying coverage from a rental car agency, and can help protect you in the event you cause an accident while driving a rental.
  • You use a car-sharing service like Zipcar. Mose car-sharing apps provide their customers with some insurance coverage, but a non-owner policy is an affordable way to get even more financial protection.
  • You want to avoid a
    lapse in your car insurance
    . Even if you know you won’t be driving for a while, maintaining car insurance coverage with a cheap non-owner policy can prevent your auto insurance rates from going up later.
  • You need to get your driver’s license reinstated. If you had your driver’s license suspended or let it expire, you might have to provide the DMV with proof of car insurance coverage before you can get it back. 
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Yes, but getting car insurance for someone else’s car is not as straightforward as buying coverage for your own car. You’ll need to prove you have insurable interest in the vehicle.
In addition to GEICO, some auto insurance companies that offer non-owner car insurance are Allstate, Dairyland, Progressive, Nationwide, State Farm, Travelers, and USAA.
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