How to Get Your Vermont Driving Record

To get a copy of your driving record in Vermont, you’ll need to complete a Vermont DMV Record Request Form. Here’s how.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To get your driving record in Vermont, you must complete the Vermont DMV record request form by mail or deliver it in person to the Montpelier DMV office. While you can’t order certified driving records online in Vermont, you may purchase an uncertified copy through a third-party platform. 
Your driving record tracks citations and
driver's license points
accrued over time. Those points and tickets can impact your auto insurance rates and sometimes even your employment options. But while driving records are public documents, you can’t simply pull one out from a DMV library shelf. So how can a Vermont driver see what’s on their record? 
To help you out,
, the
car insurance
savings and trusted broker app, has put together a guide. From steps you’ll need to take to fees you’ll have to pay, here’s how you can request your motor vehicle records in the Green Mountain State. We’ll even help you save on your
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What is a driving record?

Sometimes called a motor vehicle record, or MVR, a driving record essentially details any moving violations, traffic tickets, or accidents in your driving history. 
Depending on the gravity of the offense, certain citations will stay on your record longer than others. A
, for example, will remain on your record for at least 10 years in Vermont, but can sometimes stay on your record for life. 
In states that use a point system, like Vermont, points or demerits against your license will also appear in your driving record alongside their corresponding convictions. In Vermont,
demerit points
will stay on your driving record for two years. Receiving ten or more points will result in a license suspension. 

How to access your Vermont driving record

Whether you’re keeping tabs on demerit points or calculating insurance costs, getting your hands on a certified copy of your driving record is fairly straightforward in Vermont. You can do so either by mail or in person

By mail

To access your driver record by mail, you will need to complete a
Vermont DMV Record Request Form
(Form VG-116) and send it to the enclosed address. 
You will need to include the following identifying information in your request: 
  • Name, address, and contact details
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of birth 
  • Social security number 
  • Explanation of intended use for request
  • Attached copy of your state-issued ID (license or passport) 
A certified copy of your complete driving record will cost $20, while a 3-year driving record costs $14. Only checks or money orders are accepted—they can be made payable to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
Once you’ve filled out the form and enclosed the proper payment, all requests can be sent to: 
Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles 
120 State Street 
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001 
Your certified Vermont driver record will be sent to you via mail. You can call 802-828-2000 with any questions. 

In person

Requesting your Vermont driving records in person follows a very similar process. You will need to fill out a Record Request Form, then
schedule an appointment at the Montpelier DMV office
. Note that record requests are ONLY processed at the Montpelier DMV. 
When it’s time for your appointment, bring with you the following: 
  • Your driver’s license or passport 
  • A check or money order for fees ($14 for a 3-year record, $20 for a complete driving history)
You will typically receive your driving record immediately once the form and payment have been processed. 


Unfortunately, you can’t request a certified copy of your driving record online in Vermont. That said, you may choose to purchase an uncertified copy of your record online from a third-party resource. 
Because your driving record is used by car insurance companies to calculate your rates, you can usually get an uncertified copy of your record from your insurance provider, as well. 

What’s on your driving record in Vermont and who can see it?

Insurance companies can access your driving record, but this doesn’t mean that anyone can. 
Fortunately, drivers nationwide are protected by the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), which mandates that organizations must have a valid and legal interest in your record in order to get a copy of it. If they don’t—such as a third party acquiring your records online—the state must get your permission before they release your records. 
The organizations that most typically get legal access to your driving record are insurance companies, government agencies, and employers. With your Vermont driving record, they will see the following history: 
  • Traffic tickets, accidents, and points
  • License suspensions 
  • Missed court appearances 
  • Driving restrictions (eg; needing glasses to drive) 

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Your points stay on your record in Vermont for a period of two years. If you acquire ten or more points at any time, your license will be suspended.
To check the reinstatement status of a suspended driver’s license in Vermont, call (802) 828-2000.
To see the number of points your license has currently accrued, you will need to complete a Vermont DMV Record Request Form by mail or in person to access your driving record. You will need to pay either $14 by money order or check for a 3-year record or $20 for your complete record.
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