How to Get a Utah Learner’s Permit

You’re eligible to get a Utah learner’s permit once you turn 15—here’s our guide to everything you need to know before you get to the DPS office.
Written by James Ellaby
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
Wannabe drivers in the Beehive State are eligible to apply for a learner’s permit as soon as they reach
Utah’s legal driving age
—15 years old. To receive one, they need to pass an eye test and a 50-question written knowledge test.
  • To get your learner’s permit in Utah, you have to be at least 15 years old. 
  • You’ll need to pass a written test on Utah’s driving laws to get your permit, so study the Utah Driver Handbook.
  • Bring your proof of identity, social security card, and two proofs of residency to your local DPS office when you apply for your permit.
  • You don’t have to take driver’s ed in Utah to get your learner’s permit.

How to get a Utah learner’s permit

To apply for a Utah learner permit, you need to be at least 15 years old. So if you‘re looking for an exciting activity for your 15th birthday, heading to a
Department of Public Safety (DPS) office
has to be near the top of the list.
Of course, before you can get a driver’s license, you need to follow all the steps required by state law—which starts with getting a learner’s permit. Unlike some states, there’s no requirement to have taken a driver's education course before applying, though you need to learn about the laws of the road before arriving at the DPS.
Studying might not seem like as much fun as driving, but it’s actually very important—part of the application process in Utah is to take a 50-question written test to prove that you have a good understanding of safe and legal driving. So before you turn 15, you should spend some time getting to know the
Utah Driver Handbook
This document has all the answers to the questions you’ll get asked, covering rules of the road, how to avoid crashes, tips for sharing the road with other users, and challenges specific to living in a state like Utah—including desert driving and driving in very hot weather.
When you’re confident that you’ve done enough prep, you can take a
free online practice exam
to get an idea of how you’d do in the real thing. 
While at the DPS appointment, you will also need to pass an eye test and will have your photo taken, so make sure you’re ready for that too—your picture will appear on your learner permit!
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What to bring to DPS

To get started with this process, you need to complete the driver's
license application
, after which you will be directed to schedule a learner permit appointment at your local DPS office. 
These are the
you’ll need to bring with you: 
  • Proof of identity - Something that shows your name and date of birth, like a passport or birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Two documents showing your Utah residence address - Your
    proof of residency in Utah
    can be a vehicle title or school transcript as well as the usual bank statements, credit card bills, and utility bills.
You’ll also need to take a parent or legal guardian to sign for financial responsibility if you’re under 17 years old. And finally, you (or your parent or legal guardian) will need to pay a non-refundable $19 fee, which covers up to three attempts to pass the written test within one year. After three failed attempts, you’d need to pay again.
So, don’t forget that you need to have studied that Utah Driver Handbook before arriving so that you’re ready to ace the test!
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Utah learner’s permit regulations

So, you took all the right documents and you passed the eye test and written test. You got your learner permit! But what exactly does this allow you to do? 
If you’re between 15 and 17 years old, you can only drive a regular motor vehicle if: 
  • An approved driving instructor, parent, or legal guardian is sitting next to you.
  • The responsible adult who signed for your financial responsibility is sitting next to you. 
  • You have the learner permit with you.
You are allowed to have other passengers in the vehicle, as long as these conditions are met. 
Also, if you’re 15 or 16, you can only drive between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. if you’re accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 21 or if the driving is in connection with your employment or school, or in an emergency.
You need to have had your permit for more than six months to be able to move up to a full driver's license in Utah, and also need to be at least 16 years old to apply. For that, you’ll need to take a driver’s education course, including a written knowledge and driving skills test. 
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