Is Travelers Roadside Assistance Worth It?

Is roadside assistance a worthy upgrade through Travelers or should you opt for AAA? Let’s find out.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Pat Roache
For modest fees between $10 and $30 annually, Travelers customers can add roadside assistance to their
car insurance
policies. Accessing roadside assistance services through Travelers is as simple as calling 1-800-252-4633 or submitting a claim through the mobile app.
  • Roadside assistance is available to Travelers customers for services like towing, winching, jumpstarts, and more. 
  • Travelers customers can upgrade their policies with roadside assistance for as little as $10 annually.
  • Roadside assistance through Travelers grants access to
    car repair
    services up to 15 miles for the Basic package and up to 100 miles for the Premier package.
  • AAA offers more coverage than Travelers roadside assistance, but the upgrade is cheaper through Travelers.

What does Travelers roadside assistance cover?

If you’re a Travelers customer who prefers to have all of your payments in one place, you might want to consider one of Travelers’ two roadside assistance coverage plans: Basic or Premier
While both packages include the essentials like towing, jumpstarts, locksmith services, flat-tire changes, and fuel deliveries, these are the details.
  • Towing services: When you’re a traveler stuck on the roadway, Travelers will pay for a tow operator within a 15-mile radius under the Travelers Basic roadside plan or a 100-mile radius under the Travelers Premier package.
  • Fuel deliveries: If you run out of gas on the fly, Travelers roadside assistance will send a technician to deliver fuel to your location. You’ll need to pay for the fuel costs yourself.
  • Flat tire changes: You don’t have to worry about
    changing your own tire
    with Travelers roadside assistance, but you need to supply the spare.
  • Lockout services: While a locksmith will arrive at your location when you
    lock your keys in your car
    or forget them at home, the replacement keys will be up to you to pay for. 
  • Winching/extrication: If your car falls victim to the elements and gets stuck in tough terrains like sand, mud, snow, or water, a technician will get your car extracted.
  • Battery jumpstart: Even the most reliable cars can run into battery trouble, and a Travelers technician will come to the rescue with
    jumper cables
    to restore your vehicle.
  • On-scene labor: Travelers roadside assistance offers miscellaneous
    mechanical services on-site
    , but you’ll need to pay for the fuel, materials, and parts.
  • Trip interruption coverage: With Travelers Premier roadside assistance package, you’ll receive a trip interruption reimbursement if you run into car trouble 100 miles from home. This includes $200 per day for lodging, food, and other expenses up to a $600 limit.
  • Personal property coverage: Under the Travelers Premier plan, you’ll be reimbursed for $500 worth of damaged or stolen personal belongings included in a comprehensive, collision, or glass claim.
Access to these services can make any traveler a happy camper, but they’re not accessible to everyone. Alaska residents are exempt from roadside assistance coverage through Travelers, and current customers need to carry
comprehensive insurance
(i.e. full coverage) to upgrade to a Premier plan. Full coverage isn’t always a requirement for the Basic plan, but it’s best to speak to a Travelers agent directly to confirm.

How to use Travelers’ roadside assistance program

​​Whether you opt for the Basic or Premier roadside assistance packages through Travelers, you’ll have access to services 24/7. You can call 1-800-252-4633 for immediate assistance in urgent situations or use the Travelers mobile app to submit a claim. 
Once Travelers is notified of your location and the services needed, a technician is dispatched to deliver fuel, jumpstart your battery, change your tire, and more. While the service to get your car back up and running will be covered, you’ll need to pay for the supplies, parts, and labor. There are also limitations for mileage depending on the level of your package. 
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How much does Travelers' roadside assistance cost?

A roadside assistance upgrade through Travelers costs between $10 and $30 per year. 
If you stick to the Basic package, your payments will be on the lower end of the spectrum. To access the Premier package, you’ll need a
full coverage policy
, which will also increase your premium if you don’t already have that coverage. 
While other factors like your policy term, location, and vehicle type will influence your rates, Travelers is slightly cheaper than other companies in terms of roadside assistance costs. The majority of providers offer a form of
towing and labor coverage
which typically runs between $15 and $150 per year
customers enjoy some of the cheapest roadside assistance packages at about $14 per year, but it’s common to pay upwards of $80 per year with other insurance providers. For reference, a membership with AAA starts at $59.99 per year. 
Overall, Travelers' roadside assistance is average in terms of quality and cost. That brings us to the big question, though: is it worth buying roadside coverage through Travelers or would
a AAA membership
be a better option?

Travelers roadside assistance vs. AAA

If you spend hours on the road like a true traveler, the roadside assistance offered through Travelers might not be enough coverage. Although it’s cheaper than AAA at $10 to $30 per year, it doesn’t provide as much coverage as
AAA’s Plus and Premier plans
You may settle for the Premier package through Travelers if you already have a full coverage policy, but it will only get you roadside service for up to 100 miles vs. the 200-mile radius offered by AAA’s highest-tier plan. 
Ultimately, the precise costs will vary based on your driving habits and finances, so it’s best to assess your needs before moving forward. 
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"I thought I was already paying the lowest rate possible for my age group, but
found me a better deal for the same coverage with Travelers! Everything went so smoothly that I couldn’t help but make a change right away.”—Athit S. 
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Yes. You’ll technically be filing a claim via phone call or mobile app to access roadside assistance, but it won’t affect your insurance rates as a typical claim would. 
Yes. Travelers customers with limited coverage may be able to access the Basic roadside assistance plan, but only full-coverage customers can upgrade to the Premier package. 
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