Your Guide to SR-22 Insurance in New York

You don’t need to file an SR-22 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license after a serious driving violation in New York.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Edited by Kianna Walpole
New York is one of six American states that don’t require drivers to file an SR-22 after a serious driving violation. However, as a high-risk driver, you’re probably going to have a hard time finding affordable
New York car insurance
  • An
    , or certificate of financial responsibility, is a form certifying you meet the state minimum car insurance requirements.
  • There are two types of driver’s license suspension orders in New York—definite and indefinite—neither of which require an SR-22.
  • Reinstating a New York driver’s license requires a $50-$100 suspension termination fee.
  • You can find the most
    affordable car insurance
    by comparing multiple personalized quotes.

New Yorkers don’t have to worry about SR-22 insurance

SR-22 car insurance isn’t insurance at all, but rather proof of insurance that your provider must file directly with the DMV on your behalf. Most major car insurance companies, including
, and
, offer to file SR-22s for a yearly extra fee.
However, while most states ask drivers with a suspended or revoked driver’s license to file an SR-22 form, New York doesn’t. If you didn’t own a car, you’d have to buy an
SR-22 non-owner car insurance policy
to satisfy your filing requirement—but not so in New York.
That being said, you could still receive a driver’s license suspension in New York if you commit a severe driving violation. In New York, there are two types of suspensions: definite and indefinite.
A definite suspension order denotes a clear beginning and end time. It usually follows a traffic violation such as:
An indefinite suspension order lasts until you fulfill certain conditions set by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It usually follows an action such as:
  • Failing to pay child support
  • Ignoring a traffic ticket
  • Refusing to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA)
  • Failing to file a motor vehicle accident report as required by
    New York car accident laws
Depending on which suspension order you receive, you’ll need to wait for the suspension period to end (or to comply with DMV instructions) to
reinstate your New York driver’s license
. You can pay the $50 suspension termination fee ($100 if you broke
New York’s DUI laws
) online, in person, or by mail.

Required coverage in New York

While you don’t need to file an SR-22, you still need to follow the usual
New York car insurance requirements
to maintain your driving privileges. 
Your car insurance policy must include
liability coverage
uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage
personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
, and more. Here’s the minimum insurance limits in New York state:
Coverage limit
Coverage type
$25,000 per person
Bodily injury liability
$50,000 per accident
Bodily injury liability
$10,000 per accident
Property damage liability
$25,000 per person
Uninsured/underinsured motorist
$50,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist
$50,000 per accident
Personal injury protection

Maintaining out-of-state SR-22 certificates

The laws of the state in which you received the original traffic violation and SR-22 filing requirement apply even if you move to a new state. 
For example, if you’re required to file an
SR-22 in Nebraska
and you move to New York, you must fill out an affidavit and state in writing that you will keep your original SR-22 requirement from your auto insurance company until its expiration date. 
State laws vary, so if you just moved from
, or any other state that uses SR-22s, make sure to do your homework. Speak directly to an insurance agent to confirm whether your current provider offers car insurance coverage in New York.

A New York driver’s license suspension will raise your auto insurance rates by at least 40%

The average cost of
car insurance for high-risk drivers
in New York is $2,400 per year—60% higher than what the usual driver pays. But an
at-fault accident
or traffic violation on your
New York driving record
could raise your insurance premiums by as much as 40%. 
If you just received a traffic violation or reinstated your driver’s license, take the opportunity to shop for a better plan. A
trustworthy insurance comparison app
can help you find and compare free quotes from
the best car insurance companies in New York
, allowing you to choose the coverage you need at a price you like
You can also decrease your car insurance rates by
maintaining a clean driving record
and looking for
car insurance discounts
Expert Tip: To make sure you get some of the lowest car insurance premiums possible for liability insurance, aim to keep a clean driving record by brushing up on New York traffic laws.


An SR-22 is a certificate verifying that the driver in question meets the minimum car insurance requirements outlined in state law. It’s filed by a car insurance provider directly with the DMV.
New York has no SR-22 filing requirement, so there’s no such thing as a New York SR-22. However, if you’re still under an SR-22 filing requirement from another state, you might be required to maintain the filing even if you move to New York. 
The average cost of minimum car insurance in New York is $2,892 per year or $241 per month. For a full-coverage auto insurance policy, the cost rises to $3,153 per year or $263 per month.
However, seeing as younger drivers are often penalized with higher rates for their inexperience, a 22-year-old driver will probably be quoted several hundred dollars more than the average. You can find
cheap insurance coverage for young drivers
by comparing multiple car insurance quotes.
An SR-22 is not required in New York. Although the state of New York may suspend your driver’s license after a severe driving infraction, filing an SR-22 isn’t a requirement for reinstating it.
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