SR-22 in Oklahoma: What You Need to Know

An SR-22 form is not required to reinstate your driver’s license after a driving violation in Oklahoma, but you must prove that you have liability insurance.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Edited by Pat Roache
The state of
requires drivers who have been convicted of serious driving violations to provide Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety (OK DPS) with standard
proof of insurance
to reinstate their licenses—rather than an SR-22 certificate.
  • Although Oklahoma does not require an SR-22 form, you’ll need to pay a $300 fee and you may need an FR-19 form filed by your insurance company to reinstate your license.
  • Motorists who have committed a serious violation such as a DUI or have accumulated 10 points on their driving records may have their Oklahoma license suspended.
  • Oklahoma drivers who have had past license suspensions may still need to file SR-22 insurance if they move to a new state.

Oklahoma does not require SR-22 coverage

Oklahoma is one of six states that does not require
SR-22 insurance
to maintain driving privileges after a serious traffic offense. Instead, drivers will have to fulfill the following requirements to
reinstate a suspended Oklahoma license
  • Provide proof to the OK DPS that you have enough insurance coverage according to
    Oklahoma car insurance laws
  • Submit a $300 fee in the form of cash or check payable to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.
  • Your insurance provider might be required to file an FR-19 certificate with the Oklahoma Division of Motor Vehicles (OK DMV) on your behalf.
All drivers in Oklahoma must carry
liability insurance
in the following amounts to meet the state’s minimum insurance requirements:
Key takeaway: If your license is suspended in Oklahoma, you’ll need to provide proof to the state that you meet minimum liability insurance requirements and pay a reinstatement fee before you’re allowed to drive again.

How a suspended license affects your Oklahoma auto insurance rates

While you do not need an SR-22 form to reinstate a suspended license in Oklahoma, you can still expect your
car insurance
rates to go up significantly if your license is suspended or revoked.
Who it affects: The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety issues license suspensions to Oklahoma drivers who have been convicted of the following severe traffic violations:
Anyone who’s been convicted of one of these offenses will automatically be classifed as a
high-risk driver
and face higher car insurance premiums as a result. 
High-risk drivers can work towards lowering their car insurance rates by:

SR-22 filing requirements when moving out-of-state

You may need to get SR-22 coverage if you move to a state that requires it following a severe driving conviction—-even if you’ve already had your Oklahoma license reinstated.
What to do: Find a car insurance company in your new state that will
file an SR-22 form
with your auto insurance policy on your behalf. 
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