Find Cheap SR-22 Insurance in Massachusetts

You may be required to file an SR-22 in Massachusetts for a small fee (and higher insurance rates) if you’ve committed a related violation in another state.
Written by Jessica Barrett
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SR-22 insurance
form is not required for any violations committed in
, but you might need to get one if you are licensed in the Massachusetts Registry and commit a serious traffic violation in another state where SR-22s are the norm.
  • An SR-22 is a document your insurance company files with the state DMV, guaranteeing that you carry the minimum liability requirements for car insurance in your state.
  • The SR-22 filing fee in Massachusetts is generally $15 to $35. Drivers with violations requiring an SR-22 should expect a major increase in their car insurance premiums, too.
  • The Massachusetts Automobile Bureau requires car insurance companies to provide SR-22 filing when requested, but you could still be denied coverage based on risk.

How to get Massachusetts SR-22 insurance

SR-22s aren’t standard in the Bay State, but the Massachusetts Automobile Bureau legally requires insurance companies to issue SR-22 certificates upon request if you need one.
Here are the basic steps to get an SR-22 certificate in Massachusetts: 
  • Find an auto insurance provider that will
    file an SR-22
    in Massachusetts on your behalf. 
  • Pay a fee to have the SR-22 certificate processed and filed by your insurance company.
  • Wait for confirmation from your insurance company or the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Renew your SR-22 coverage with your auto insurance policy for two to three years to fulfill your specific requirements.
If you fail to renew your SR-22, your insurance company will have to notify the state, which may
revoke your Massachusetts driving privileges
. Your license will be suspended until you reinstate your SR-22 car insurance. 
If you don’t own a car, check
out non-owner car insurance
, which helps to meet Massachusetts’ license reinstatement requirements and gives you extra liability coverage when you do borrow or rent a car.
Keep in mind: While car insurance companies in Massachusetts can’t deny SR-22 filing, they can deny you coverage based on risk. Be prepared to shop around for coverage.
Expert tip: Find the most affordable SR-22 insurance rates available by comparing three to five
car insurance quotes
or using an app like
to compare quotes for you.

How SR-22 insurance works in Massachusetts

An SR-22 certificate in Massachusetts provides the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) with legal confirmation that a driver meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements for
liability insurance

Do I need Massachusetts SR-22 insurance?

SR-22 certificates are not required in the State of Massachusetts, but you might need one if you are arrested for a serious driving offense in a state where SR-22 filing is required. 
Common violations that carry SR-22 insurance requirements in other states include:

SR-22 insurance quotes for Massachusetts drivers with DUIs

SR-22 insurance quotes for Massachusetts drivers with DUIs

CustomerMonthly rateViolationLocationInsurer
Birdie, 27
Boston, MAProgressive
Quoted 5/9/24
Mary, 36
Worcester, MATravelers
Quoted 5/8/24
coverageLast Updated May 20, 2024
Key Takeaway: You might need SR-22 insurance in Massachusetts if you commit a serious traffic violation in another state. An SR-22 is proof of financial responsibility. Ask your insurance agent to provide you with a free quote for this insurance form.

What is the cost of SR-22 insurance in Massachusetts?

Applying for an SR-22 form in Massachusetts could cost as little as $15 to $35. However, you can expect a major increase in your
car insurance
rates compared to a driver with a
clean driving record
Car insurance companies will likely label you a
high-risk driver
if you have a moving violation, like a
DUI conviction
, on your
Massachusetts driving record
. This can make it hard to find
cheap car insurance
, or even to find a provider who will sell you a car insurance policy.
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The state of Massachusetts doesn’t require SR-22 insurance, but if you commit a qualifying violation in another state, you will need to file an SR-22.
Start by finding an insurance provider who offers SR-22 insurance. Pay their filing fee and wait for the insurance company to file the form with the DMV. 
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