Safeco Car Insurance Quotes: Everything You Need to Know

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Safeco insurance offers some great specialized options for certain types of drivers, but is a Safeco auto insurance policy really a good fit for you?
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is one thing, but it is also important to find the
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Keep reading to find out everything you need to know when considering a policy from Safeco.
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How much does Safeco car insurance cost?

The average driver that has been licensed for 14-25 years pays around $1710 for an annual policy.
That being said, insurance rates can fluctuate drastically depending on the type of vehicle you drive, your location, your driving record, your age, and the type of tailored options you add to your policy.
For instance, an 18-year-old driver could pay as much as a whopping $9,806 a year for their Safeco policy, which is about $2000 more than the average rate offered up by other popular car insurance companies for the same demographic.
Keep in mind, Safeco has programs to give drivers with a good driving record a chance to save on their policy, so if you are confident in your driving ability, you will want to be sure to take that into account when you compare car insurance quotes.
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Safeco pros
Safeco cons
Reliable online claims process
Reviews often leave much to be desired
Great options to tailor a policy to fit your needs
You must speak to an agent directly to purchase or alter a policy
Attractive discounts for low-mileage drivers with good driving habits
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What types car insurance does Safeco offer?

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage
Auto liability policies
are designed to protect you up to your policy’s limit should you be found at-fault in a car accident.
If you end up getting sued as the result of an at-fault accident, Safeco’s liability coverage will help the expenses associated with the accident for the other party involved up to your policy limit.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Uninsured motorist coverage
is the second type of insurance that is automatically included in Safeco’s standard auto insurance package.
This type of coverage will help protect you and your passengers if you are in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn’t have a sufficient liability coverage package of their own.
Medical Payments
The third type of coverage that is automatically included in Safeco’s standard auto insurance plan is
medical payments insurance
. While other insurers will typically sell this type of coverage as a policy add-on, the fact that Safeco includes it in their minimal auto insurance package is a bonus.
Medical payments insurance will help cover the costs of any related medical expenses for you or your passengers regardless of who is found at fault in an accident.
Collision Coverage
collision coverage insurance package
is designed to provide an extra layer of protection if you are involved in an accident with your car.
This package will also help cover any members of the household who are included in the policy but can also kick in if a friend borrows your vehicle and ends up in an accident.
Comprehensive Coverage
comprehensive car insurance
coverage plan is designed to protect you should something happen to your vehicle that isn’t covered by a collision policy such as hitting an animal while driving, damage to your vehicle by floods or fire, or your vehicle being stolen or vandalized.

Optional coverage options

Auto Ridesharing Coverage
rideshare insurance
package is designed to cover you if you are a rideshare driver for a popular company like Uber or Lyft that already has a company insurance policy. These policies often have coverage gaps that might leave you vulnerable during the gap period where the app is turned on, but you haven’t yet collected a passenger.
Safeco’s Auto Ridesharing Coverage Package will help protect you during this critical gap period for a very reasonable cost of less than $10 a month. Unfortunately, it is only available in Colorado, Illinois, and Indiana for the time being.
New Car Replacement Coverage
If you purchase a new vehicle, you risk losing a significant chunk of your investment to depreciation should your vehicle be totaled in the first year you own it. This is where
new car replacement coverage
comes in handy.
Safeco’s New Car Replacement is an optional policy add-on that will replace a totaled or stolen car that is less than a year old with a new vehicle of a similar make and model.
Classic Car Insurance
The standard Safeco
classic car insurance policy
comes with two types of insurance offerings:
Their Agreed Value Policy will be a great option for you if you own a classic, collector, or particularly valuable vehicle. This classic car insurance policy will cover you for the agreed-upon value of your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about typical policy limitations falling short of the actual value of your investment.
This package also includes standard Limited Use Coverage, which will help you save money on your policy if you drive less than 5000 miles a year.
Personal Property Coverage
Safeco’s Personal Property plan will cover the actual cash value of any personal property that is lost or damaged in a claimable incident. This optional policy add-on is yet another popular choice for
classic and collector car owners
Roadside Assistance Coverage
Safeco’s Roadside Assistance plan is an optional policy add-on that will give you access to a range of roadside assistance services like jump starts, tows, and 24/7 support. Just keep in mind that these services might be subject to policy limitations.
Emergency Assistance Coverage
Safeco offers a fairly unique emergency assistance upgrade that will give you access to all of the perks of the roadside assistance plan above, as well as helping to cover additional expenses that might be associated with a roadside emergency.
This could include cab fare, temporary lodging, and even provide some coverage for spare parts and tools that are kept in the car for emergencies.
Loan and Lease Coverage
This type of plan is commonly known as a
gap coverage policy
and is an optional add-on that will come in handy if you drive a vehicle that is leased or currently being paid off.
If the vehicle ends up totaled in a claimable accident, Safeco’s loan and lease protection will cover the difference between the actual value of the vehicle and the amount left owed to a lender.
Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage
Rental car reimbursement
is an optional policy add-on will help you cover the cost of a rental vehicle up to your policy limit should your car require repairs following a claimable accident.
Electronic Key and Lock Replacement Coverage
This is a unique coverage option offered by Safeco that will help you cover the replacement costs of any lost or stolen electronic keys, locks, or lock pads without having to worry about a deductible.
CD and DVD Replacement Coverage
If you keep a music collection of audio-visual media like DVDs, cassette tapes, videotapes, or CDs in your vehicle, Safeco’s unique optional CD and DVD Replacement package will help you recover the costs if they are damaged or stolen.
Custom Equipment Coverage
Safeco’s custom equipment plan offers protection for aftermarket components of your vehicle like custom rims,
sound system installations
, customized paint jobs, or even specialized engine upgrades.
Pet Coverage
If you are a pet owner who likes to roll with your four-legged friend, you might want to consider Safeco’s
pet coverage plan
. This optional policy add-on will help cover any expenses related to a claimable incident where a pet is injured or deceased.
First Aid Reimbursement Coverage
If you know first aid, you could benefit from signing up for this unique optional policy add-on. Safeco could reimburse you up to $10,000 if you end up in an accident and administer first aid to somebody who has been injured at the scene.
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Safeco’s auto insurance discounts

Safeco offers the following
car insurance discounts
that can help you save money on your policy. Keep in mind that you will need to speak in person to a Safeco agent to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements, so be sure to ask what discounts might be available to you when you discuss your car insurance quotes.
Safeco discounts
Multi-Policy Discount
Safe Driver Discount
Accident Prevention Course (for drivers 55 and older)
Teen Safety Discount
Low Mileage Discount
Multi-Car Policy Discount
Anti-Theft Devices Discount
Anti-Lock Brakes Discount
Paid-in-Full Discount
Safeco also offers the following programs that give you more opportunities to save on your car insurance policy, including the following:
Claims Free Cash Back Program
Safeco will automatically reimburse any auto insurance policy subscribers 2.5% of their policy premium for every claim-free six-month period, giving you the opportunity to save up to 5% per year on the total cost of your annual Safeco policy.
Diminishing Deductible Program
The Diminishing Deductible Program rewards subscribers who maintain a
clean driver record
by reducing their policy cost by $100 a year at every annual or six-month renewal period for a maximum of five years total.
Keep in mind that you can only benefit from this discount if you have an existing Safeco collision policy plan in place.

Safeco vs. other insurance companies

Here’s how Safeco stacks up to two of their major competitors, Progressive, and Farmers, in terms of car insurance quotes and service.

Safeco vs. Progressive

With a few exceptions,
offers better value and service than Safeco across the board. However, Safeco offers more attractive customized options than Progressive and might be a better choice if you own a classic vehicle or a car with a lot of aftermarket upgrades.
Safeco insurance policies are notably more expensive for younger drivers, but Progressive offers more affordable rates for any demographic category. Unless you are looking for highly-tailored policy options, Progressive is probably a better bet for a standard insurance policy.

Safeco vs. Farmers

car insurance offerings are generally more affordable than those offered up by Safeco, there are a few exceptions.
Safeco offers comparably priced packages for older drivers that could easily become more affordable if you are able to maintain a clean driving record. A standard insurance policy for a middle-aged married couple is likely to be more affordable with Safeco.
Safeco and Farmers both have lackluster customer service ratings, so you will probably want to base your decision more on the cost of the policy itself when deciding between these two relatively specialized providers.

What is Safeco Insurance?

Originally named The General Insurance Company, Seattle-based founder Hawthorne K. Dent started the company way back in 1923. In 1953, the company created a subsidiary branch called Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company to compete in the rapidly expanding automobile insurance industry, and Safeco Insurance was born.
The company is currently owned by
Liberty Mutual
and provides a variety of services, including auto and
homeowners insurance
as well as a range of specialty products.
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How to get a Safeco car insurance quote

Safeco does not offer any in-house online quote tools. This means that you will have to call up a local agent or visit a branch directly to get a quote on your insurance policy.
To get a Safeco quote, use their website and put in your zip code to get connected to a local agent.

Safeco insurance reviews

Safeco does not score well in relation to other providers in terms of service offerings. According to the 2018 J.D. Power Associates U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study, Safeco customers report below-average satisfaction levels in all of the following categories:
  • Claim Servicing
  • First Notice of Loss
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Rental Experience
  • Settlement
  • Estimation Process
  • Repair Process
Safeco does fare better in the 2018 U.S Auto Insurance Shopping Study where they rack up average scores in the following categories:
  • Call Center Representative
  • Insurer Website
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Policy Offerings
Safeco earns a single above-average score in the Local Agent category.

Safeco’s services and features

The Safeco Mobile App
Despite the fact that you can’t alter a quote or alter your policy online, Safeco’s mobile app racks up relatively good customer satisfaction scores. You can use the app to file a claim, contact a local agent directly, view your policy documents, and view and pay your bills.
Safeco Claims Valet Service
If you are involved in a claimable accident, Safeco can offer a unique service to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. You can either choose to have them drop off a rental car for you at the scene or schedule a vehicle swap. Once the repairs on your vehicle are completed, they will bring your car back to you.
The Claims Valet Service plan is only available to you if you have a Safeco rental reimbursement policy option in place.
The RightTrack Program
When you sign up for the RightTrack Program offered through Safeco, you can earn up to a 30% discount on your premium when you agree to have your driving habits monitored through your mobile device. You are also guaranteed a discount just for signing up for the program.
Safeco only offers the RightTrack program in certain states, so be sure that your region qualifies before signing up.

How to file a claim with Safeco

The most efficient way to
file a claim
is to use Safeco’s online platform or mobile app. You can also contact a local agent directly if you prefer.
Once you begin the claims process, you will receive a claim number that you will need to keep handy throughout the course of the claims investigation process.
In order to ensure the claim filing process goes as smoothly as possible, be prepared to provide the following information.
  • The location, date, and time of the accident
  • The names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance policy numbers of anybody else involved
  • A summary of the weather conditions
  • Photo evidence of the accident scene and damage
  • Any relevant copies of the police and/or accident reports
Once the claim is filed, it's a good idea to review your policy, so you have an idea of what to expect with regard to your particular coverage. Once your claim is approved, you can proceed with the repairs and secure a replacement vehicle (if it is part of your coverage plan).

Safeco’s car insurance cancellation policy

If you want to cancel your Safeco car insurance policy, you will have to call up or visit a local branch to speak to an agent directly. Like most providers, Safeco does not provide online cancelation options. Unlike most providers, you will also be unable to cancel through the mail.
Be sure to have your policy number and your effective cancelation date ready when you call or visit. Make sure canceling doesn’t lead to a lapse in coverage because you could be charged a hefty DMV fine if you end up without car insurance for even a short period of time.
The agent might ask some follow-up questions about your reasons for canceling or your new policy, and it is important to answer honestly.
Safeco does not charge a cancelation fee and will refund you the balance on any unused premiums.

The Takeaway: is Safeco right for me?

If you are looking for tailored policy options, Safeco could be a good choice for you.
That said, most people should be able to find better prices elsewhere, and the fact that Safeco’s service tends to rack up subpar ratings means that most policy options probably won’t be worth your while.
When all is said and done, comparing car insurance quotes sounds a lot easier on paper than it is in real life. Different providers offer different levels of service coverage, and obtaining quotes one by one is time-consuming and tedious.
is a
trustworthy insurance comparison app
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Even better, once you make your choice, Jerry will take care of the phone calls, paperwork, and renewals. So why do extra work when you don’t have to?


Is Safeco insurance good?

Yes, Safeco is generally rated well, and they offer highly-customizable policy options.

Does Safeco insurance cover rental cars?

You'll have to check your policy, but it's likely that the coverage for your car also applies to your rental. Otherwise, you should try getting rental insurance from the place you're renting.
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