4 Ways to Get Proof of Insurance From Progressive

Can’t find your original proof of insurance from Progressive? Don’t sweat it, there are several ways to access it, as long as you have internet or phone access!
Written by Andrea Barrett
Reviewed by Brittni Brinn
If you’re a Progressive customer, there are several ways to access your legal
proof of insurance
. You can log on to your account, call Progressive for your auto insurance card and coverage info, check the mobile app, or watch for your ID card in the mail. And if you’re a paperless customer, you can print out a copy online! 
Virtually every state requires drivers to carry liability insurance at a minimum. So wherever you live, it’s likely that you’re also required to have proof of insurance whenever you’re behind the wheel. But if you get your
car insurance
through Progressive, where can you get your proof of insurance?
We’ve created a simple guide with all the details of how to get proof of insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at what counts as proof of insurance and how to request yours from Progressive through mail, phone, or online!

What counts as proof of insurance?

Once you purchase an insurance policy through Progressive, you’ll be issued an
insurance declaration page
and an insurance identification card. Your insurance card will display basic information, including: 
  • Full name of the insured individual
  • The insured vehicle(s) make and model, year, and VIN
  • Insurance company’s address
  • NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) number
  • Policy start and expiration date
While this card shows that you have the
minimum insurance coverage required by your state
, it won’t list the coverages or limits you have. You’ll find that information on your policy's insurance declarations page—it includes more details in regard to your coverage. 
Both documents count as proof of insurance, but they might not work in the same situations—a declarations page offers detailed information about your coverage and rates, while the insurance identification card lists basic information for presenting to law enforcement or at the DMV. In any case, you need to have your ID card with you anytime you’re behind the wheel.
Luckily, a physical copy of your insurance ID card isn’t the only way to access it. In most states, law enforcement and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will accept electronic proof of insurance in the form of an ID card on your mobile app. 
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How to obtain proof of insurance from Progressive

Lost the physical copy of your ID card and need a new one? Here are a few ways to access a copy of your insurance information from Progressive: 
  1. If you recently purchased a policy, you should have an email containing a link to your insurance ID card. Or, you can sign into your online Progressive account to print or download a copy of your ID card anytime. 
  2. If you lost your original ID card, you can call Progressive at 1-866-749-7436 and have a new insurance ID card faxed to your home, dealership, local DMV, or anywhere else that suits your fancy (and has a fax machine)!
  3. If you need another copy of your ID card and don’t have access to a fax machine or computer, you can contact Progressive and receive one by mail. But if you choose to receive your insurance ID in the mail, your paperless discount may no longer apply.
  4. If you need your insurance card and don’t have time to print it, you can access a digital copy through the Progressive mobile app. Almost every state, including the District of Columbia, accepts electronic proof of insurance on a mobile device, except for
    New Mexico
    . In Massachusetts, law enforcement has the choice of whether to accept it or not.
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When do you need to show proof of insurance?

Except for
New Hampshire
, which accept other forms of proof of financial responsibility, every state requires drivers to carry proof of insurance when behind the wheel. But when do you need to show it? You may need to show your proof of insurance to: 
  • Police officers or emergency personnel: Law enforcement will request your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance if you are pulled over or are involved in an accident. If you cannot provide one of those three documents, you could face a steep financial penalty and an increase in your insurance premium. 
  • The DMV: When renewing your
    license plate tags
    and vehicle registration, you’ll need to provide proof of insurance and other supporting documents. 
  • Other drivers: If you’re involved in an accident, whether you’re
    at fault
    or not, you’ll likely need to exchange insurance information with the other party.
  • Lenders: When you apply for a
    car loan
    , your potential lender will require proof of insurance before approving you for a loan. 
  • Employers: If your job involves getting behind the wheel of a car or truck, your employer will likely ask for proof of personal liability insurance on top of their commercial automobile insurance to ensure you’re qualified to hit the road.
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Yes—it’s legal to use a digital copy of your insurance card (PDF) as legal proof of insurance, except if you live in or are driving through New Mexico.
A physical copy of your insurance card is always the easiest way to show proof of insurance—and it’s legally accepted in most states. However, if you’ve misplaced your card, you can access a digital copy online or through Progressive’s mobile app.
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