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Anyone looking to obtain car insurance with a learner’s permit from Progressive generally has two options. You can either join an existing policy (as when a teen joins their parent's or guardian's policy) or purchase your own in certain instances.
New drivers must have
auto insurance
at all times, including while they are learning to drive. The minimum insurance requirements in any state apply to everybody driving a car, even if they only have a learner's permit.
We've put together everything you should know about getting a Progressive car insurance policy with a learner's permit down below.

Do you need insurance with a learner’s permit?

Yes—even if you just have a learner's permit, you do need car insurance.
As a "learner driver," most teens can be covered by their parents’ or guardians' car insurance. Some insurance companies may need a separate policy for a permit driver, like an older adult who is learning how to drive or an older teen who owns their own car.
New drivers should check in with their insurance agent or company before getting behind the wheel for the first time to make sure they have the coverage they need. Having the right coverage ensures that you will be adequately protected in the event of a car crash. If the insurance company is unaware that you’re a permit driver, you risk having your claim denied and possibly facing legal consequences.
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Does Progressive offer insurance for student drivers?

Progressive offers insurance for student drivers in two ways: adding the student driver to their parents’ insurance policy or offering an individual policy for the student driver to purchase.
In most cases, adding a teen driver to an existing policy is more cost-effective than purchasing a new policy just for them. Why? When you put a teen driver on their own policy, they won't get the lower car insurance rates you receive as a more experienced, licensed driver.
Additionally, due to the increased likelihood of an accident involving a student driver, the premium for an individual teen policy would be higher than that for an adult driver.

What kind of car insurance coverage does a student driver need?

Different factors affect how much car insurance a student driver needs. But the most important thing is that the auto insurance policy must meet the state's minimum requirements for
liability insurance
Keep in mind that permit drivers are more likely to get into an accident because they are less experienced behind the wheel. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are four times more likely to be in a crash than older drivers. So, if you want to protect your assets in case of an accident, it might be a good idea to increase your liability limits or add other coverages.
It might also be worth having
collision coverage
on the student driver's car. These policies can help pay to fix or replace the car they drive no matter who is at fault. In the event of an accident, collision insurance will pay for repairs, while comprehensive insurance will pay for damages caused by non-collision covered perils like wild animals, vandalism, theft, and hailstorms.

How to get Progressive car insurance with a learner’s permit

Whether you’re just looking to add your teen to your existing Progressive policy or want to purchase your own insurance as a student driver, the process is usually straightforward.
Here's how to get auto insurance from Progressive with a learner's permit.

Adding a student driver to an existing policy

Student drivers should be able to get car insurance fairly easily, as most of them should be covered by their parents’ auto insurance policy.
When your teen gets a learner's permit, it's always best to let your Progressive insurance agent know right away. If you tell the agent ahead of time, they will give you access to tools and services from Progressive that help teach safe driving to new drivers. Also, telling your Progressive agent early will make it far easier to get your teenager covered by your auto policy.
Once your teen obtains their driver's license, your Progressive agent will get in touch with you if you have informed them ahead of time. Be prepared to discuss the specific car your teen will be driving and the various coverage options you currently have.
Adding a new driver to your Progressive policy is as simple as
logging in online
or calling 1-866-749-7436. New customers can get a comprehensive car insurance quote for their student driver over the phone (using the number above) or
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Buying separate car insurance policy for a student driver

Student drivers can buy auto insurance from many major providers. But depending on state laws, a teenager may not be able to buy as much insurance as an adult. In some states, a child's insurance policy must be signed by both themselves and a parent or guardian, as the minor may not be able to consent to an insurance contract alone.
Insurance policies for teenage drivers can be quite pricey—and in some cases, this is unavoidable. A separate policy for your student driver may be required if:
  • The parent or guardian of the permit holder doesn't have insurance
  • The person with the permit is over 18
  • The person with the permit lives at a permanent address different from that of their parent or guardian (and is not in school)
  • The teenager can meet their own financial needs and prefers to be financially independent
  • The teen drives a high-end sports car, which can raise the cost of a joint insurance policy
To get a separate car insurance quote for a student driver, you can use the online portal linked above or call 1-866-749-7436.

How to save on car insurance with a learner’s permit

While Progressive doesn’t offer specific ways to save for policyholders with a learner’s permit, they do have discounts for students and teen drivers. Some of the discounts you can earn include:
  • Good student: B average or higher? Most states give about a 10% discount to young drivers with good grades.
  • Multi-car: If your teen has their own car, they'll give you an additional discount for having multiple cars on your policy.
  • Loyalty: When you have been with Progressive for at least 12 months and have a driver on your policy who is 18 or younger, you might be able to receive a discount.
  • Snapshot app: If you're a safe driver, you can earn rewards through Progressive's Snapshot® program. In addition, the mobile app can tell you if your teen was driving distracted.
Other practices that can help you save on your auto insurance with a learner’s permit include choosing a higher deductible, comparing insurance policies from multiple providers, and—most importantly for young drivers—practicing safe driving habits.
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Yes—uninsured drivers may be covered if they borrow an insured car with the owner's permission. Your son can drive your car as long as he has a driver's license or is accompanied by a licensed driver while he has a learner's permit.
No, Progressive cannot add a driver to your coverage unless you give them permission. Before adding additional drivers to an existing policy, any insurance company must obtain your written approval.
By Claire Beaney
Expert Insurance Writer
Reviewed by Bellina Gaskey.
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