Does Progressive Have a Low Mileage Discount?

Progressive currently doesn’t offer a low-mileage discount, but there are many other ways you can save on insurance with the provider.
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does not offer a low mileage discount at present, although other major providers do. Even though Progressive does not have a discount, they offer lower insurance rates to policyholders with fewer miles through usage-based insurance.

Does Progressive have a low mileage discount?

Progressive does not have a low mileage discount, but they do offer lower car insurance rates to those with lower mileage through
usage-based insurance
Low mileage is not necessarily calculated the same way across insurance companies. There’s no one-size-fits-all number of miles, but low mileage is generally considered 15,000 miles or less.

Low mileage drivers can still save with Progressive

Motorists can still save on auto insurance with Progressive, even if they don’t regularly drive.
Progressive offers Snapshot
, a telematics program that monitors:
Driving behavior like hard braking or rapid acceleration
Driving between 12 and 4 a.m. on weekends
Phone usage
Annual mileage
To use Snapshot, you can either sign in through the Progressive mobile app or install a plug-in device in your vehicle.
On average, drivers who use Progressive Snapshot save $231 a year—they may also see an automatic discount simply for trying the program.
Just keep in mind that the sign-in discount is for new Progressive customers only—it expires when you renew your insurance policy, and it’s not available in Hawaii or New York. Snapshot is also not available in California.

DriveShield tracks your driving history without risking higher rates

Many major insurance providers offer telematics apps, but drivers often see higher rates if they’re not safe drivers—or as safe as they thought.
With the Jerry app, you can
monitor your driving habits
without the risk of increased rates. You can also see areas of improvement and receive catered tips that help you avoid those behaviors in the future.
Practice safe driving before installing an insurer’s telematics app—you’ll have a greater chance of getting lower rates as the app won’t need to correct you as often.

Other ways to save with Progressive

You can’t save with low mileage from Progressive, but there are a healthy number of car insurance discounts you can take advantage of:
Paying for your policy upfront will earn you a discount, but the exact rate will vary.
Students who are 23 or younger can save an average of 10% with a good student discount if they maintain a B average or higher. 
You can save up to 10% on your car insurance policy simply for owning a home. Plus, the home does not have to be insured with Progressive. 
Progressive’s telematics program that monitors your driving habits in real-time and rewards safe driving with a discount of $231 a year on average.
If you purchase more than one policy through Progressive, such as combining your auto insurance with home insurance or renters insurance, you can save an average of 5%.
If you have more than one vehicle on your auto policy, you can save up to 12% on your insurance premium.
Online quote 
You will get an average discount of 7% if you get a quote online instead of calling a licensed insurance agent. This discount applies even if a Progressive representative finalizes your policy over the phone.

Shop for better coverage

The only way to find the best auto insurance policy for you is to shop for it. Some providers offer discounts or insurance programs that your current insurer may not. The
app compares quotes from dozens of car insurance companies to help you find policies that make the most sense for you.
app screenshot
Compare car insurance quotes from dozens of trusted providers to find the best car insurance for you.
Jerry also auto reshops every six months to ensure you always have access to best options for you at an affordable price.


Is insurance cheaper with lower mileage?

Oftentimes, major insurance providers don’t have discounts for low mileage, but fewer miles usually help secure lower rates. The reason being if you’re on the road less often, you have less of a chance to get into an accident and make a claim.

What is considered low mileage on a car?

Low mileage can vary across providers, but generally speaking it’s 15,000 miles or less.

What is the Progressive low mileage discount?

Progressive does not have a low mileage discount, but other major providers do. Nationwide Smartmiles and Allstate Milewise can help you save on car insurance costs.

Why do some insurance companies offer lower rates for low mileage drivers?

Companies do this because your auto insurance rates are based on risk. So if you drive less, in theory you would provide less risk of getting into an accident. 

What is Progressive Snapshot?

Snapshot is a telematics app that tracks your driving habits and mileage to help save you money on car insurance. You have a better chance to save more if you’re a good driver without any violations on your record, such as DUIs or accidents.

What is pay-per-mile car insurance?

Pay-per-mile insurance tracks how often you drive each month, charging a base rate depending on your miles. It’s a good option for people who work from home, don’t drive very often, or are retired.

What are good low-mileage car insurance companies?

and Mile Auto are good options for low-mileage drivers.
Metromile bases insurance rates on a base rate and a per-mile rate, though you can also get full coverage options should you want them. Mile Auto offers basic liability and full coverage options, and determines your rates based on monthly photos of your odometer.

Do any insurance companies offer a low-mileage discount?

Yes, in fact, there are several! Geico, State Farm, American Family Insurance, and USAA are among some of the providers who offer discounts to low-mileage drivers.

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