North Carolina Windshield Replacement Law

In North Carolina, your comprehensive coverage might cover your windshield replacement, but only if you’ve paid your deductible.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
According to North Carolina law, you must have comprehensive coverage for a windshield replacement to be covered—but you’ll still have to pay a deductible. There’s no deductible requirement with full glass insurance. 
When you’re shopping for the perfect
North Carolina car insurance
policy, you want to make sure you’re getting solid coverage for any event—from hurricanes and vandalism down to windshield replacements and repairs. In most cases, though, you’ll still have to pay your deductible for your provider to cover repairs. 
Here with all the specifics for North Carolina’s windshield replacement laws is 
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Does North Carolina law cover windshield replacement?

No—not for free. To file a claim for windshield replacement with your insurance, you must carry
comprehensive coverage
or full glass coverage
In several states, the law dictates that insurance companies cannot charge drivers a deductible to replace their windshield if they carry comprehensive insurance. That’s not the case for North Carolina. 
For North Carolinians, comprehensive coverage will cover windshield repairs and replacements if the damage was caused by an event listed in the policy, like vandalism, fire, severe weather, or an animal. However, you’ll have to pay the deductible before your insurance will pay the claim. Companies may offer policies with a $0 deductible, but that will lead to more expensive premiums. 
Some states require insurance companies to offer a zero-deductible option for glass and windshield coverage. While North Carolina does not require it, some companies do offer zero-deductible full glass insurance. You may want to add this coverage to your policy if you spend a lot of time driving on highways or back roads. 
Collision coverage
will also cover windshield replacement and repairs if yours was damaged in an accident or collision with a stationary object.
If you’re only covered with North Carolina’s minimum required coverage—
bodily injury liability
property damage liability
—the cost to repair or replace your windshield will be your responsibility. 

Who pays for windshield replacement in North Carolina?

Deciding who foots the bill for your windshield damage in North Carolina depends on your level of car insurance coverage. 
If your windshield damage was caused by one of the types of events outlined in your comprehensive coverage policy, your provider will cover the claim after you’ve paid your deductible. The same goes for collision coverage. If you add zero-deductible auto glass insurance to your comprehensive policy, however, you won’t have to pay a deductible before your insurance pays for your windshield replacement. 
With minimum liability coverage, you can’t file a claim for windshield replacement unless you can show that another driver caused the damage. In that case, you may be able to file a claim with their insurance company. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for the replacement out of pocket, which will run you anywhere from  $150 to $500.
To repair cracks or chips, it’ll cost between $50 and $200.

Does North Carolina law require auto insurance coverage for windshield repair?

Nope. While North Carolina drivers must have comprehensive coverage to file a windshield replacement claim, this coverage is not required. 
In North Carolina, only two types of insurance are mandatory: bodily injury liability, which handles the other drivers’ medical expenses, and property damage liability, which covers damage to the other drivers’ vehicle if you’re in an at-fault accident. 
While these coverages will prevent you from some degree of financial ruin if you cause an accident, they won’t cover medical or repair expenses that you need after an accident. 
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Do I need to replace my cracked windshield in North Carolina?

It depends. The law in North Carolina doesn’t get too specific, but in general, if your windshield is covered in cracks—or if a crack hinders your view while driving—you’ll need to get it repaired or replaced. 
Even if your windshield only has a small crack, it’s wise to get it repaired as soon as possible before it spreads. No matter how big or small the damage is, a professional at a repair shop should be able to tell you if you need a repair or a total replacement. Make sure you choose a repair shop that offers a free estimate, and get the estimate in writing before committing to repairs. 

How to save on windshield insurance in North Carolina

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