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Why do I need car insurance to get a driver's license in NC?
I just moved to NC for grad school and I am completely confused about this license situation! I don't plan to get a car, but I was going to switch my license over since I will be here for a few years. The lady at the DMV said I have to have insurance to get an NC license. Why?
Shannon Martin
May 06, 2021
How can I get car insurance in North Carolina if my driver's license is expired?
I'm moving into a house with several roommates. They all have cars, and they said they would let me borrow one of theirs if I need it. Because I didn't have a car in the past, I let my NC license expire. But now to get a new license, I need an insurance policy with my name on it. What do I do?
Eric Schad
May 04, 2021
How much do 21-year-olds in North Carolina usually pay for auto insurance?
I was trying to get insurance and my quotes were $450 a month. My dad added me to his policy and I will still have to pay $200 a month. I need full coverage on my vehicle since it's financed. Is this a normal rate for insurance or should I keep shopping around?
Emily Maracle
Apr 30, 2021
Can you help me figure out North Carolina's confusing driver's license rules?
I haven't had a license for a while and just moved to NC. I want to get a license and buy a new car. Since I don't have current insurance, they say I have a "fleet restriction" until I get my policy. What does that mean? Can I test-drive cars at the dealership?
Shannon Martin
Apr 29, 2021
How do you get cheap liability insurance for a teen and parent in NC?
I'm looking for cheap liability car insurance for myself and my 17-year-old son in North Carolina. What can I do to secure the lowest premium?
Savannah Grabek
Mar 12, 2021

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