All About Nationwide Car Insurance Renewal

Nationwide policyholders can renew their policy online or cancel their insurance by calling customer service.
Written by Kianna Walpole
Edited by Jessica Barrett
auto insurance policy will renew automatically at the end of term but shopping for
car insurance
before accepting your renewal rate can help you find the best premium.

How Nationwide car insurance renewal works

Step 1. Review renewal notice
When your Nationwide car insurance is up for renewal, you will receive a notice letter in the mail or by email typically a month before expiry. It will outline your new rate and any changes that may have impacted your premium. 
Step 2. Accept or decline your rate
Car insurance rates have increased by 26% since 2021, causing many policyholders to see steep increases in their premiums at renewal. If you accept your rate, you can continue to make your payments as usual. 
Step 3. Shop for car insurance
If you decline your offer for renewal, you’ll need to shop for car insurance sooner rather than later to avoid a
lapse in coverage
Why does insurance go up at renewal?
There are a few key reasons why your car insurance might go up at renewal, such as recent insurance claims, accidents or violations, or economic changes. You can also see your premiums change if you’ve recently moved or added a driver to your policy. 

What to do when you receive your Nationwide renewal notice

About a month out from the end of your policy term, Nationwide will send you a notice for renewal either in the mail or by email, if you selected paperless billing and documents. 
Once you receive your letter, keep an eye out for the following: 
  • Your renewal date
  • Your premium rate
  • Discount eligibility
  • Any changes that may have impacted your rate
From there, you have two options: accept or cancel your insurance coverage. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how each process looks to help you navigate your Nationwide car insurance renewal.

Option 1: Accept your Nationwide renewal premium

If you pay through automatic payments, your Nationwide insurance will automatically renew when your policy term ends unless you request otherwise. Any other forms of payment will need to be paid manually before the renewal date.  
If you have a
Nationwide online account
, you can view your renewal documents in the portal and can choose to continue your coverage in the Nationwide mobile app or online. You’ll have the option to pay monthly or in full, which can help you qualify for even more car insurance discounts.
After completing your Nationwide car insurance renewal, you will receive new policy documents—including proof of insurance—once your first payment is processed. You can always verify your payment online through your billing history. 
While automatic renewal is convenient, it can often lead to you unknowingly accepting your renewal before confirming your rates. If you let your policy auto-renew, you could lose out on savings opportunities with other insurance companies.

Option #2. Shop around and compare quotes to find a lower rate

If you experienced a rate increase and opt to not renew with Nationwide, you can
cancel your auto insurance policy
by calling customer service at 1 (877) 669-6877, sending a letter by mail, or visiting a Nationwide branch. 
When you cancel your policy, you will need to have the following documents ready:
  • Your full legal name
  • Your policy number (can be found on your auto ID card)
  • Effective cancellation date
Along with this information, your insurance agent may also ask about your new coverage plan to ensure you have a new policy in place. 
app screenshot
With the
app, you can
compare insurance quotes
from multiple providers at once to find lower premiums for your profile—and when renewal is approaching, make sure to turn on automatic reshopping to be notified when other insurers in your area have cheaper rates

If you missed your Nationwide renewal date

Drivers who miss their renewal date will no longer be insured with Nationwide. 
A lapse in coverage will lead to higher insurance rates when you apply for a new policy. Thankfully,
most providers offer a grace period
of up to 30 days before you enter a lapse, and you may be able to get your policy reinstated by calling your local agent. 

If Nationwide won’t renew your policy

Sometimes, Nationwide may choose to not renew your policy if you received one too many violations on your record.
In this scenario, Nationwide will notify you if they decide to end your policy. To get ahead of the curve, take action immediately and start comparing prices from different insurers using Jerry. You can often get a same-day policy, helping to remove the stress in the event of a non-renewal.


Why is Nationwide insurance so expensive?

Like most insurance companies, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company has increased its pricing due to economic factors such as inflation and supply chain shortages. In addition, your rate can increase as a result of recent violations, a change in your marital status or location, or even your vehicle type. 

What is the customer service number for Nationwide?

You can contact Nationwide customer service at 1 (877) 669-6877 or use the online chatbot to help you with any policy inquiries. 

What are Nationwide’s hours of operation?

Nationwide has different hours of operation depending on which services you require. The sales division is open from 9am to 8pm EST on weekdays, while the service center is open from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 7pm on weekends. Drivers seeking to file a claim can call at any time. 

How to renew insurance online?

Nationwide customers can renew their personal insurance, homeowners insurance, or business insurance policies online through the Nationwide portal. To get online account access, create a user by choosing your account type and inputting your personal information. 

Does Nationwide charge a cancellation fee?

No, Nationwide does not charge a cancellation fee if you close your policy mid-term. 

What is Nationwide’s grace period?

Nationwide offers a 25-day grace period for late payments. 

Is Nationwide customer service 24 hours?

No, Nationwide customer service is not 24 hours unless you’re seeking to file a claim. 

When is the best time to cancel a Nationwide policy?

The best time to cancel a Nationwide policy is either at renewal or mid-policy. If you’ve paid in full for your premiums, you may be eligible for a car insurance refund of any unused amounts. 

Can you set up automatic renewal with Nationwide? 

Yes, you can set up automatic renewal with Nationwide through the online portal or by calling customer service. 

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