How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Oklahoma

Essential documents for a rebuilt title in Oklahoma include a salvage title and a completed Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Request (Form 788-B).
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Edited by Pat Roache
To get a
rebuilt title
for a car that’s been declared a total loss in
, you’ll need to get the salvage title, make any necessary repairs, pay $11 to $36 fees, and pass an inspection if it's less than 10 years old. 
  • A car will be issued a salvage title if an insurance company has declared it a total loss, making it illegal to drive on public roads until a rebuilt title is obtained.
  • Rebuilt salvage cars that are under 10 model years old must pass an inspection to verify that the car is not an attempt at fraud.
  • A rebuilt title application takes about 20 days to a month to process once you’ve submitted all the required documentation to the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division.
  • A rebuilt title lowers your vehicle’s resale value compared to a clean title. 

Rebuilt titles: What you need to know

A rebuilt title is a special type of
car title
certifying that a previously-totaled car has been legally restored to a safe, roadworthy condition. 
How it works: Rebuilt titles begin as salvage titles, which are assigned to cars that are deemed a total loss and therefore unsafe and illegal to drive. Once the salvage car has been repaired and passed any inspections needed, the
salvage title can be replaced
with a rebuilt title. 
A rebuilt title is the only way to legally drive a rebuilt car that was previously deemed a total loss in the state of Oklahoma.
Keep in mind: Your rebuilt title is not the same type of title as a
clean car title
. It will include your vehicle’s history as a totaled car, which will affect the fair market value of the vehicle, no matter how thorough the repairs are. Some buyers will not purchase a used car with any type of branded title. 

How to get a rebuilt title in Oklahoma

Depending on the extent of the
car repairs
that need to be done, getting a rebuilt certificate of title in Oklahoma could require a fairly large investment of time and money. It will take about 20 days to a month to get the completed paperwork from the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division before you get your new title. 

1. Get the salvage title 

Your auto insurance company is responsible for notifying the Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division (basically the DMV) and submitting the paperwork for a salvage title car. The Oklahoma Tax Commission will then issue the salvage vehicle title (sometimes called a junk title) to the owner of the vehicle. 

2. Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

The state of Oklahoma allows salvage car owners to perform their own repairs for a rebuilt title. However, you may want to
hire a licensed automotive mechanic
to make sure all the necessary repairs are done properly. 
If the rebuilt car is less than 10 model years old, it will also need to have an inspection by an official Motor License Agent. This inspection is to verify that:
  • The salvage title is in order
  • You obtained the parts used in the rebuild legally
  • There is no odometer fraud

3. Gather all your essential documents

After the repairs are done, you can apply for a rebuilt title! Here’s what you’ll need:
  • The salvage certificate, or
  • A comparable proof of ownership document with an Unobtainable Ownership Documentation affidavit (Form 780-B)
  • A completed Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Request (Form 788-B)
  • Receipts for all parts used in the rebuild 
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or the car’s serial number 
  • The $11 title fee and $25 inspection fee (if applicable)
Submit your application to the Oklahoma MVC. If your car needs to have an inspection, they will inform you of the date, time, and location and issue a special permit so you can drive to the site of the inspection.
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