How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Arkansas

To get a rebuilt title in Arkansas, you’ll have to prove to the OMV that you have completely repaired your totaled vehicle.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Getting a rebuilt title in
will first require you to get a salvage title for a totaled vehicle. After that, you’ll have to repair the vehicle and provide proof that the car is safe to drive. Then, you can apply for a rebuilt title.
Totaled cars are usually lost causes—but if your heart is set on fixing your broken beauty, you’ll have to go through a few steps to get there. Even though your car will never have a “clean title” again, it’s possible to have the “rebuilt title” designation given to your restored car by the OMV (Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles).
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What is a rebuilt title?

A car that comes back from 70% or more damage in Arkansas is called a rebuilt title.
After an accident, a car that is no longer safe to drive may be written off as a total loss by your insurance company. However, it is possible to bring the car back up to safety standards by ensuring that it is completely repaired.
It’s important to follow the correct process when applying for a rebuilt title. A totaled vehicle must first have a salvage title before repairs can begin.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

Titles help keep track of a car’s history and can impact the people you are allowed to sell it to.
Legally, if you want to
sell a car in Arkansas
that has been totaled in the past, it must have a rebuilt title. Some buyers may want to purchase your car for scrap or to repair themselves—in that case, you are allowed to sell a car with a
salvage title
as long as the buyer is aware.
You also are not allowed to drive a car that has been deemed a loss by an insurance company. Failing to tell a buyer that your car does not have a rebuilt title is also illegal as it could lead to accidents and unsafe driving conditions.

How to get a rebuilt title in Arkansas

Getting your totaled car back on the road is no small task—it will take time and money to get the necessary titles and repairs up to code. If you’re committed, however, the process can provide a lot of benefits and satisfaction.

Apply for the salvage title

Getting a salvage title for your car is the first step. If you released your car to the insurance company, they are responsible for providing the salvage title—if you still have your vehicle, applying for the title is up to you.
To apply for a salvage title, you’ll need to provide the OMV with the following:
  • The original Arkansas title certificate for your vehicle.
  • A Declaration of Damage for a Salvage Motor Vehicle (
    REV 2009
    ) form.
  • Payment for a $10 title fee and any additional fees.
  • Photo ID and
    vehicle registration
You can find the required form
or at your local OMV office.
There is no set timeline for the application process. If you feel like it’s been a while since you applied and have not received confirmation, you can always call the OMV to check on your application.
Key Takeaway: Before fixing up your totaled vehicle, you must first get a salvage title for it.

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

With the salvage title in hand, you now have the option to fix your car yourself or hire someone else to take care of repairs. Since the vehicle will be at least 70% totaled, it’s going to be a big job to fix. Make sure that you have the time and the resources if you choose to fix your salvaged vehicle on your own.
The car will also have to undergo a car inspection before it can be assigned a rebuilt title. This is to make sure the vehicle has been completely repaired and is up to state and federal vehicle codes.

Essential documents for a rebuilt Arkansas title

After you’ve dealt with the repairs, you can apply for a rebuilt title. You will have to submit the following to your local OMV:
  • An Affidavit of Reconstruction for a Salvage Motor Vehicle (REV 2009). 
  • Information about who repaired the vehicle.
  • All the parts that were replaced or repaired and the
    of the cars they were taken from.
  • A $10 title fee.
  • Photo ID and vehicle registration information.
Again, the OMV may take their time considering your application for a rebuilt title. Once your application has been confirmed, your restored car will be all set to return to the road.

How long does a rebuilt title take in Arkansas?

Overall, the process to get a rebuilt title in Arkansas can take six weeks or more. The timeline will depend on the vehicle, how much time is required for repairs, and how long your title applications take to be processed.
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A rebuilt title applies to a vehicle that at one time was more than 70% damaged but was repaired. You can be sure that a rebuilt title has at least had an inspection since being repaired, and it may be a cheaper option compared to other used cars. Make sure that you see the official rebuilt title certificate and ask the seller questions if you have qualms about a rebuilt vehicle.
Getting a rebuilt title in Arkansas will cost you a $10 title fee and other associated fees at the local OMV. The costs for repairing the damage to your vehicle will depend on the parts needed, the labor involved, and which parts of the car have been damaged.
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