How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Florida

To get a rebuilt title in Florida, you’ll need to bring documentation of the car’s repair history to the FLHSMV and your local tax collector's office.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Edited by R.E. Fulton
To get a rebuilt title in Florida, submit documentation of the
car repairs
to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV/DHSMV). Once your car passes a
Florida vehicle inspection
, you can take your application to the local tax collector's office for a rebuilt title.
  • A rebuilt car title is required to drive a previously totaled vehicle on public roads legally.
  • In addition to repair documentation, rebuilt car owners in
    must submit an application for a
    certificate of title
    , proof of ownership, and photographs of the salvage car before repairs.
  • A Florida rebuilt title costs at least $117.25 plus Florida sales tax to cover the inspection and title fees.

You’ll need a salvage title before you can get a rebuilt title 

There are two types of branded titles that indicate a major accident in a car’s history:
  • Salvage title: Assigned to a car that’s been declared a total loss by an insurance company
  • Rebuilt title: Certifies that a vehicle that was once totaled has now been restored to drivable condition
Typically, a car gets a salvage certificate of title (or a “certificate of destruction”) if a salvage yard or the owner decides to keep it and try to fix it rather than having it destroyed for scrap. Once that title is assigned, you can start the rebuilding process. 
Why a rebuilt title is necessary: You need a rebuilt vehicle title to legally drive or sell a car that’s previously been deemed a salvage vehicle in the state of Florida. This is the only way to certify that the vehicle is once again safe and roadworthy.

Gather the essential documents for a rebuilt Florida title

Applying for a rebuilt title in Florida requires a ton of documentation, so keep this checklist in mind: 
  • Completed application for Certificate of Title (
    Form HSMV 82040
  • Statement of Builder (
    Form HSMV 84490
  • Statement of Builder additional sheets, if necessary (
    Form HSMV 84491
  • Original Florida title (or
    duplicate title
    , if you’ve lost the original) or out-of-state title
  • Bill of sale and any other proof of ownership documents
  • Receipts or bills of sale for all major component parts
  • Photographs of the car before repairs
  • $40 inspection fee and
    Florida sales tax

Send your application to the FLHSMV 

Once you’ve got your documents together, send them to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). A compliance examiner will review all the documents and make sure that everything’s in order. 
Keep the receipts: Make sure that you’ve got receipts to match all the repairs listed on the builder’s statement. If the form indicates that the engine was replaced and there’s no receipt to document that transaction, the FLHSMV may reject your application.  

Apply to the tax collector’s office for a title

Once the car passes its inspection, the compliance examiner will return your documents in a sealed envelope, which you must then bring to your local tax collector office to apply for a rebuilt title. 
The base fee for a title application in Florida is $77.25. The tax collector's office will review your application and send your title by mail within a few weeks if approved. 
Keep in mind: Your application may be rejected if the seal on the envelope is broken or has been tampered with.

Purchase an auto insurance policy before you hit the road

Insuring a vehicle with a rebuilt title can be more expensive than a car with a clean title, but you’ll need proof of coverage that meets
Florida’s minimum car insurance requirements
before you can take the car on the road. 
Chapter 324
of the Florida Statutes, all drivers must carry at least: 
Most insurance providers also offer key coverages like bodily injury liability, collision insurance, comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and more. 
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In general, expect to pay at least $117.25 for your rebuilt title—but that figure doesn’t include repair estimates and other incidental costs.
The costs to get a rebuilt title in Florida will vary as you’ll need to consider:
  • The cost to repair the vehicle from its wrecked condition
  • The $40 inspection fee
  • The $77.25 titling fee, and 
  • Florida sales tax
If you’re shopping for a used car, a rebuilt title can get you a great price on a drivable vehicle. However, a car that’s been totaled in the past is more likely to have some issues down the road.
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