How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Colorado

To get a rebuilt title in Colorado, you’ll need to repair your salvage title car, pay a $50 fee, and pass a vehicle inspection.
Written by Michelle Ballestrasse
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Getting a rebuilt title in
requires you to apply for a
Certificate of Title
at your county DMV office, complete three different forms, sign a Salvage Title statement, and have the vehicle inspected and certified for a $50 inspection fee.
  • A
    rebuilt title
    certifies that a previously totaled car, as determined by an auto insurance company, has been successfully restored to roadworthy condition. 
  • If the vehicle doesn’t have a salvage certificate or title already, you’ll have to apply for one.
  • Applications for rebuilt titles are filed with the Colorado motor vehicle office.

What you need to know about rebuilt titles

rebuilt title
certifies that a previously totaled car (as determined by an insurance company) has been restored to drivable condition. Whether you’re hoping to sell the rebuilt car for a profit or
keep the totaled car
for yourself, you’ll need a rebuilt title.
It’s extremely difficult to sell salvage vehicles; experts tend to advise buyers to avoid them. Rebuilt and salvage title cars also sell for significantly less than their
clean title
As far as driving the car goes, you cannot register a salvage title vehicle, which means you can’t legally drive it—not to mention the fact that many companies won’t
insure a salvage title vehicle
Bottom line: A rebuilt title makes it legal to register and drive a car previously declared a total loss, but it does not erase that vehicle’s history. 
If you’re shopping for a used car and see one with a rebuilt title, be sure to look up the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) on Carfax or AutoCheck for a vehicle history report.

How to get a rebuilt title in Colorado

To repair a totaled car and get a rebuilt title in Colorado, you need to:
  • Apply for the salvage title
  • Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle
  • Apply for a rebuilt title

Apply for the salvage title 

If the vehicle doesn’t have a salvage title already, you’ll have to apply for one. A salvage title allows vehicle owners to sell their salvage vehicle at auction or through a certified dealership.
You’ll need
The forms should be filed at the DMV office in the county in which you live. Delivery of your salvage title can vary, with no determined timeframe.

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

After you’ve received the salvage title, you can get started on making the necessary
car repairs
. You can make these repairs yourself or you can take the car to a licensed mechanic. 
As you complete your repairs:
  • Keep all documents incurred during the process, including invoices and receipts for major parts. You may be required to show these documents when you apply for a rebuilt title.
  • Stamp “REBUILT FROM SALVAGE” in letters at least ¼-inch in size into the vehicle. Refer to
    these DMV instructions
    to see what location is required for each type of vehicle.

Apply for a rebuilt title

Once the car has been fully repaired, you can begin the process of applying for a rebuilt title.
To apply for a rebuilt title, bring the following to the county DMV office:
  • The car’s salvage title with a Rebuilt From Salvage Disclosure form completed and signed
  • Secure and verifiable identification (SVID)
  • Forms DR-2424 (Salvage Title Statement of Fact), DR-2704 (Certified VIN Inspection), and DR-2173 (Secure Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale)
  • DR-2173
    must be purchased via a dealership’s association
  • Receipts for all major parts
Once these documents are filed, you’ll need to have the vehicle inspected and certified by a P.O.S.T. certified inspector and pay the $50 inspection fee. 
The inspector will complete your DR-2704 and DR-2424. The inspector may also request to see the invoices and receipts for parts and services used to make the car driveable. 
Keep in mind: You must pay your inspection fee with cash or a check.

How long does a rebuilt title take in Colorado?

There is no given timeline for how long it will take before you’re granted a rebuilt title. It depends on the efficiency of your local DMV and whether you followed all of the prescribed guidelines. 
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A rebuilt title is not necessarily bad in Colorado, but it may impact the resale value of the vehicle.
A rebuilt title car can be more structurally fragile or more susceptible to breakdowns. This is why most car insurance companies won’t offer
full coverage
insuring a rebuilt vehicle
The cost to get a rebuilt title in Colorado is typically $50 for the vehicle inspection, which is the only monetary fee. Every other cost would be associated with parts and repairs.
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