How to Get a Rebuilt Title for Your Salvage Title in Arizona

To get a rebuilt title in Arizona, you will need to get a salvage title, repair the car for inspection, and pay a rebuilt title fee of $4.
Written by Tiffany Leung
To get a rebuilt title in
, you’ll need to first apply for the salvage title. Then, repair the car, get a Level III
, and apply for a rebuilt title with a $4 fee. 
  • If you want to drive a previously totaled car, Arizona law requires you to get a rebuilt title first.
  • You’ll need to pass a Level III vehicle inspection to confirm all necessary vehicle repairs have been made.
  • At the MVD (Arizona Motor Vehicle Division), you’ll fill out a rebuilt title application and pay the necessary fees for your title, inspection, and registration.

What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
is a certificate issued to a car that was once written off as a total loss by an auto insurance provider but is now repaired and roadworthy. 
Before applying for a rebuilt title: You will need to obtain the salvage title. This branded title indicates that the car was severely damaged and deemed a total loss. The salvage title
can be replaced
when the vehicle is restored to a drivable condition.
In Arizona, a rebuilt title is also known as a restored salvage title.

Why you would need a rebuilt title

If your car was totaled and currently has a salvage title, there are two main reasons why you might need to apply for a rebuilt title:
  • You want to drive the car again: Salvage title cars are illegal to drive, so you will need a rebuilt title in order to hit the road again in the same vehicle.
  • You want to sell the car: Although you can sell a salvage title vehicle if the buyer wants to repair it themselves, most used car shoppers are advised to
    avoid buying a car with a salvage certificate of title
    due to the risk of unrepairable damage and hidden safety hazards. 
Note: A rebuilt title isn’t the same as a clean title, and it will not clear the car’s damage history. Instead, the title indicates that the car has been repaired and certified as road-safe—making it more appealing to potential buyers.

How to get a rebuilt title in Arizona

Obtaining a rebuilt title for a salvage title car consists of three major steps:
  • Apply for a salvage title (if you don’t already have one)
  • Make the necessary vehicle repairs
  • Apply for a rebuilt title

Step 1: Apply for the salvage title 

If your vehicle does not yet have one, you will need to apply for a salvage title:
  • Visit your local MVD facility
  • Fill out the Title and Registration Application
  • Mark the box for the salvage title certificate
  • Submit current title certificate and lien release forms (if applicable)
  • Pay the applicable fees
Once your request is processed, you will be issued a salvage title certificate from the state MVD.

Step 2: Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

As soon as the salvage title arrives, you will need to repair the vehicle to working condition, either by yourself or by taking it to a licensed mechanic. 
You must get a Level III inspection conducted at a certified
vehicle inspection location
A Level III inspection will involve inspecting the vehicle’s major components, such as its:
  • Engine
  • Front end assembly
  • Rear end assembly
  • Transmission
You will need to bring the following to the inspection:
  • Valid driver license
  • Proof of ownership, vehicle title, registration, or bill of sale
  • Receipts or invoices for all parts that were repaired or replaced
  • $50 inspection fee

Step 3: Essential documents for a rebuilt Arizona title

After the car is restored to working condition, you can apply for a rebuilt title (a.k.a. restored salvage title). Here’s what you’ll need: 
  • Completed Title and Registration Application (
    Form 96-0236
  • Original salvaged title
  • All required vehicle inspection documents
  • Emissions compliance certificate, if applicable
You’ll also need to bring payment for all applicable fees:
  • Inspection: $50 (unless you already paid at the inspection site)
  • Title: $4
  • Registration: $8
  • Vehicle license tax (VLT): Varies
  • Air-quality research fee: $1.50
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The processing and approval time for a rebuilt title application can vary. It will largely depend on how long it takes to make all the necessary repairs to the salvaged vehicle.
A rebuilt title doesn’t necessarily mean a car is bad, but it depends on the car. Having a rebuilt title means the car had all the necessary repairs done and was certified to be safe to drive; however, since it was once totaled, there could be unseen issues with the car in the future.
Your total costs will include the $4 title fee, the $50 inspection fee, the $8 registration fee, the $1.50 air quality research fee, plus the total cost of your repairs and taxes.
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