Is Esurance DriveSense Worth It?

Esurance DriveSense is a telematics program that will track your driving habits and decrease your insurance rates as a result.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Signing up for the DriveSense app can help you save money on your policy if you are already getting your car insurance through Esurance.
Unlike some telematics apps, the DriveSense program won’t increase your premiums if you don’t score well. Even if you aren’t a current Esurance customer, you can still use the DriveSense app to track and improve your driving skills. You won’t get a discount, but it is free-to-use.
app has put together all the information you need to know about the Esurance DriveSense usage-based program.
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Pros and cons of Esurance DriveSense

Get an automatic discount for signing up
Not available in all states
Can use the free app to monitor your driving even if not an Esurance customer
Not ideal if you often drive at night or in the early morning
Your rates won’t increase if you don’t score well
Esurance doesn’t specify their discounts

How does the DriveSense app work?

Esurance DriveSense tracks your driving habits and takes them into account when calculating your insurance rates.
Participating in telematics programs like Esurance DriveSense is voluntary, but you could save money on your insurance policy when you sign up. However, you could also end up paying more if you don’t maintain a strong score.
uses either a plug-in device or the DriveSense mobile app to monitor your driving habits. If the app is available in your state, you can use it to monitor your driving through your phone. In some states, Esurance may send you a physical device to plug into the OBD-II port in your car.
Key Takeaway The DriveSense app monitors your driving and calculates your personal car insurance discount based on your driving behavior.

Esurance DriveSense discounts

Esurance doesn’t clarify how much you can save by signing up or completing the program. However, the safer you drive, the more substantial your discount could be.
If you are already an Esurance customer, Esurance will reward you with a discount just for signing up to the DriveSense program. After monitoring your driving behaviors, Esurance will calculate a personalized policy discount using the data that DriveSense collects.
To qualify for the discount, you must keep the app installed and running and log more than 50 trips in a single policy term. If you switch phones, you can download the app again using your new phone and use your sign-in information to log back into your account.
The DriveSense app is also free for anybody who isn’t an existing Esurance customer to download and use. You will have to agree to have your driving habits tracked, but you can use the app to gain valuable insight into your driving. Only Esurance customers are eligible for discounts.
Key Takeaway You can use the DriveSense app to monitor your driving, but you’ll need to sign up with Esurance in order to qualify for discounts.

Will my data be protected?

DriveSense will protect your data but might share your non-personal data for marketing purposes. That said, Esurance offers a transparent data policy that is easy to access online—something that few other telematics companies provide.
Unlike most telematics apps, DriveSense won’t automatically log your movements unless you're moving faster than 20 mph for at least five minutes.
Esurance is also transparent about its data partnerships. The data collected through the app is handled and maintained by Arity, a company specializing in transportation services. They maintain a fairly standard agreement for a telematics app, detailing how and when non-personal information may be shared.
Esurance does collect trip-related data that isn’t used to calculate your discount, but they are very clear on the data they collect. You can also expect to receive some online or email communications unless you choose to opt out.

Esurance DriveSense features

Once you sign up for DriveSense, you will get access to driving pattern maps and trip logs that are updated on a weekly basis. DriveSense will also give you tips on how to improve your driving. The Driving Wellness Meter lets you track your current discount and the overall quality of your driving.
If you are an Esurance customer, you can use the insights to improve your driving and potentially increase your discount. You can use the app for free even if you aren’t an Esurance customer. You won’t get a deal, but you can gain valuable insights on your driving habits—as long as you're ok with DriveSense tracking your trips.
The DriveSense app takes the following factors into account when evaluating your driving behavior.

Driving speeds

DriveSense considers speeds clocked at 80 mph or higher as high-speed events. If you are caught driving too fast, your discount will be deducted accordingly.

Braking behavior

Your discount could go down if DriveSense logs rapid deceleration. If your speed drops by 8 - 10 mph or more within a second, you could lose points for hard braking.

Time of day

DriveSense considers both early morning and late-night driving to be riskier than daytime driving. Even if you maintain safe driving habits while driving during these times, your discount could still take a hit.
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Esurance DriveSense reviews

Esurance DriveSense reviews are generally positive, but the iPhone app has a higher rating than the Android version. Positive reviews often mention discounts. Negative reviews and complaints are usually centered around the accuracy of the data that is collected.
DriveSense for iPhone scores an impressive 4.5/5 stars on the App Store, while the Android version clocks a less impressive 3.3/5 stars on Google Play. If you value a strong user experience, you might want to make sure you can access the iPhone version of the app before you sign up.

What if I am a passenger in my car?

Since the mobile app follows the driver, you will need to put it on standby mode if you are riding in any vehicle but not driving, including your own car.
If DriveSense does log trips where you weren’t driving, you can monitor and delete them using the app. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about opening the app every time you drive—the app automatically wakes up when it detects rapid movement.
Key Takeaway Remember to put the DriveSense app on standby if you are riding as a passenger in any car, otherwise, it will track that car’s movement and assume you are driving.

How to get the best insurance rates

Since the Esurance DriveSense program is free to use, you could benefit from signing up, but the most reliable way to save money on your insurance is to start with a policy that is already affordable.
Almost all major insurance providers offer their own telematics programs, so it’s always a good idea to shop around to make sure you are getting a good deal on your policy before you sign up.
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Do I have to have DriveSense with Esurance

You don’t have to have a car insurance policy with Esurance to use the Drivesense app — but you can only receive discounts if you do. The app is also free-to-use for non-Esurance customers who can use the insights to improve their driving.

How much can you save with DriveSense?

The safer you drive, the greater the personalized discount you will receive. DriveSense doesn’t specify the amount of their sign-up discount or the maximum discount you can get by using the program.
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