Esurance Car Insurance Quotes: Everything You Need to Know

Esurance offers quick easy online policy management and good customer service, but its insurance rates are higher than the competition on average.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Edited by Pat Roache
While Esurance doesn’t offer the
cheapest car insurance
packages, its tailored options, special discounts, and user-friendly experience make them a popular choice for drivers looking for alternatives to big-name policy providers.
  • Esurance insurance rates are higher than average compared to competing auto insurance companies.
  • Esurance effectively utilizes online services and policy management options, making it a convenient choice for tech-savvy insurance shoppers.
  • Esurance offers a 5% discount on your first policy when you request your free quote online, but its overall discount offerings are limited to college affiliations.

Esurance Insurance costs are above average

The cost of your Esurance policy quote will depend on several factors: 
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • Your location
  • Your driving record
  • Your age
  • Tailored policy options,
  • And more!
For example: Someone with a
clean driving record
might pay around $1332 a year or $111 a month. This price point is slightly above average compared to Esurance’s competitors.
However, the same driver could be looking at paying $1692 a year with one
recent accident
on their driving record. This is a considerable increase for the same policy.

How to get an Esurance car insurance quote

There are two ways to get Esurance car insurance quotes directly from the company:
  • Use the online quote tool, or
  • Call up their toll-free number (1-800-378-7262) to speak to an insurance agent.
Alternatively, you can use a licensed insurance broker app like
to compare Esurance’s prices and services with other providers.

Esurance car insurance review: Pros and cons

  • Insurance policies are especially costly for
    high-risk drivers
    , like drivers with multiple traffic violations, at-fault accidents, or a DUI/DWI on their record.
  • Not a good option for people who aren’t comfortable using online tools.

Esurance offers standard coverage options

In addition to offering standard
liability insurance
according to state requirements, Esurance offers the following types of insurance coverage:
  • Medical payments coverage:
    Medical payments coverage
    will cover you up to your policy limit for the cost of any medical expenses like health insurance deductibles, doctor visits, and medical treatments for you or your passengers that result from an accident.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage: Similar to medical payments coverage,
    personal injury protection (PIP)
    is designed to help you cover the costs related to an accident for you and your passengers, regardless of who is found at fault.
  • Collision coverage:
    Collision coverage
    is an optional insurance upgrade that will help cover you in situations where you are behind the wheel. This can include collisions with other vehicles and objects as well as certain single-car accidents like rollovers.
  • Comprehensive coverage:
    Comprehensive coverage
    is a policy upgrade that helps cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your car if it is stolen or damaged by weather events or vandalism.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage:
    Uninsured motorist coverage
    will help protect you from out-of-pocket medical bills if you're injured in an accident caused by a driver who does not have sufficient liability coverage.

Other coverage options

Esurance also offers some competitive types of additional coverage:
  • Emergency roadside assistance coverage: Esurance has an optional
    roadside assistance
    plan that you can add to your policy to get access to up to $75 of emergency roadside services per breakdown. This could include any of the standard roadside assistance services like door unlocking, fluid delivery, tire changes, towing, and battery jump starts.
  • Carmatch rental coverage: If you subscribe to this policy option, you will receive
    reimbursement for a rental car
    that is the same size as your vehicle when it is in the shop for repairs following a claim.
  • Loan/lease coverage: Commonly referred to as
    gap coverage
    , Esurance’s lease/loan policy add-on will cover the difference between the
    actual cash value
    of your vehicle and what is left owing on your existing lease or loan. Depending on your policy limit, Esurance might offer you up to 25% more than the actual value of your car to help you cover your remaining payments.
  • ShareSmart rideshare coverage: Esurance’s
    rideshare insurance
    is a policy add-on tailored for drivers who work for Uber and Lyft to help cover the gaps in your company’s policy. The SmartShare plan is currently only available in three states: California, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Esurance’s auto insurance discounts

Esurance’s discounts could save you 5 to 40% off the total cost of your first car insurance policy.
Here are a few note-worthy discounts to check out if you’re considering a policy with Esurance:
  • Fast 5 Discount: The Esurance Fast 5 Discount is a quick and easy way to get a 5% policy reduction when you generate your
    car insurance quote online
    . It’s worth noting, the discount won’t apply again when you renew your policy.
  • Switch and Save discount: If you are considering
    switching over your policy from another provider
    , the Switch and Save discount will take 5% off the price of your new policy. You will still have to be insured with your previous company in order to be eligible, and the discount will no longer apply when you renew your premium.
  • The Pac-12 discount: The Pac-12 discount will help you save up to 15% on your car insurance if you are an alumnus or currently a student at one of the Pac-12 Universities. You have to currently be living in
    , or
    to be eligible for this discount.
  • Education discount: Similarly, if you live in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, or Utah and have obtained a certain level of education, you could be eligible for a discount of up to 15%.
  • Bundling discount: If you combine your homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies with Esurance, you could save by getting a combined deductible—so if you have to file a claim against your home and one for your auto in the same policy term, you’ll only have to pay one deductible.
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Esurance vs. other insurance companies

Here’s how Esurance stacks up to two of its major competitors—Progressive and Farmers—in terms of car insurance quotes and service.

Esurance costs 18% more than Progressive on average

Esurance and
both offer plenty of intuitive online options that cater to a tech-friendly customer base. However, the average Esurance policy will cost about 18% more than a policy from Progressive.
On the other hand, Esurance offers some attractive introductory discounts that could make these offerings more competitive, not to mention its high customer satisfaction ratings in comparison to the average or below-average ratings that Progressive tends to amass.

Esurance costs 15% more than Farmers on average

Esurance specializes in efficient online services, while
takes a much more traditional approach to insurance sales, requiring their customers to speak to an agent to get a quote. Many people appreciate the convenience of Esurance’s online tools, but you can count on paying about 15% more for your policy when you choose Esurance over Farmers.
The bottom line: Farmers offers more tailored policy options and better rates, but Esurance offers higher quality online tools and easy discounts.

How customers rate Esurance auto insurance

Esurance has the following best and worst rankings:
  • Best customer ranking: Call Center Representatives
  • Worst customer ranking: Repair Processes
According to the
2018 J.D. Power Associates U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study
, Esurance customers report average satisfaction in the following categories:
  • Claim Servicing
  • First Notice of Loss
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Rental Experience
  • Settlement
  • Estimation Process
Similarly, the
2018 U.S Auto Insurance Shopping Study
found that Esurance clocks about average in all of the following categories.
  • Insurer Website
  • Local Agent
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Policy Offerings
  • Pricing

Esurance’s services and features

The Esurance mobile app

True to their tech-savvy approach to car insurance, Esurance offers a mobile app design that will let you accomplish any of the following with ease.

The DriveSense mobile app

Esurance has partnered with the
mobile app to offer their clients an automatic discount just for signing up for the program.
How it works: DriveSense tracks your driving habits, and Esurance will tailor a policy discount just for you as long as you meet the minimum program requirements. The app also provides personal insight and
safe driving tips
based on your habits.
If you don’t mind having your driving habits logged, this app presents an opportunity to improve your driving habits and save on your policy all in one.

The Takeaway: Esurance is right for tech lovers

Esurance is right for you if: You value the time-saving efficiency of online policy management and don’t mind paying more for your insurance premium.
Esurance is not the best choice for you if: You are looking for tailored policy options or aren’t comfortable navigating the ins and outs of the Internet.
Esurance car insurance rates are usually priced higher than the average insurance company. Even with discounts, it probably won’t be the best option if cost savings are a major priority.
The bottom line: Esurance doesn’t offer the most affordable insurance options, but it does offer convenient online policy management. If you’re having trouble deciding if Esurance is right for you, try using
to compare auto insurance quotes and services with other providers.
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Esurance has policies that are super easy to manage, and their customer service is incredible. There may be cheaper options depending on each customer's needs, but Esurance is a good choice.
Esurance motorcycle insurance is only available in the following states: 
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
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