How Esurance’s Accident Forgiveness Actually Works

Accident forgiveness is not available with Esurance but you can still adjust your coverage and look for discounts to keep your premium manageable.
Written by Rebecca Wardell
Reviewed by Georgina Grant
car insurance
providers offer accident forgiveness as an optional add-on, but Esurance isn’t one of them.
  • Esurance doesn’t offer accident forgiveness coverage.
  • If you get into an accident, you can see significant spikes in your insurance premium that usually last three to five years.
  • Where available, accident forgiveness coverage usually costs between $15 and $60 annually—and it’s often worth it.

Does Esurance have accident forgiveness for auto insurance?

No, Esurance does not offer
accident forgiveness
to policyholders.
Accident forgiveness
is an extra layer of protection offered by many car insurance companies. Typically, after you get into an accident where you are at fault, your car insurance rate will increase pretty significantly. To help protect your wallet, many insurance companies offer accident forgiveness as an optional add-on that will prevent your policy from being surcharged after your first at-fault accident.
Since Esurance does not offer accident forgiveness coverage, it’s more important than ever to keep a squeaky-clean driving record and avoid any accident-related rate increases. 
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How much will your car insurance rate go up after an accident with Esurance?

Most Esurance policyholders see a 45% to 59% increase in their car insurance rates after an accident. The exact increase will depend on the nature of the accident, the severity of damages, the degree of fault, and more.
An accident on your driving record—especially an at-fault accident—signals to your insurance provider an increased risk in insuring you.
The increase in your car insurance rate after an accident
can be steep, but it’s usually not forever. Generally, a car accident will stop affecting your insurance rates when it comes off your record after three to five years.

What other car insurance companies have accident forgiveness? 

Most major insurance companies offer accident forgiveness but the way it’s added to the policy varies. Some providers offer accident forgiveness as an optional add-on while others add it automatically when you reach a certain milestone (usually three to five years without an accident or a claim).
If you’re set on getting accident forgiveness, we’ve compiled a list of some insurance providers who offer it. Remember that the best way to shop for car insurance is to compare car insurance quotes from three to five different providers.
  • Allstate
    : Optional add-on coverage after three to five years without accidents 
  • Erie
    : “First accident forgiveness” for customers of at least three years
  • Farmers
    : Allows one at-fault accident for every three years of clean driving
    : Available as an optional add-on or for free when you maintain a clean driving record for five years
  • Liberty Mutual
    : Optional add-on coverage after five years with no accidents or traffic violations
  • Nationwide:
    Available as an optional add-on
  • Progressive
    : Available as an optional add-on for small accidents (all policyholders) or large accidents (limited to Progressive policyholders who have been customers for five years and accident-free for three) 
  • Travelers
    : Optional add-on (forgiveness for one accident and one minor violation every three years)
  • USAA
    : Optional add-on if all household members have been free of at-fault accidents for five years

How much does accident forgiveness cost?

Adding accident forgiveness to your policy usually costs between $15 and $60 annually. The exact rate will depend on both the provider and the state you live in so it’s a good idea to ask your current or prospective insurance provider.
Adding accident forgiveness to your policy if it’s available is usually worth it. If you’re a very good driver you might be okay without it, but the $15 to $60 annual increase for coverage is probably worth it to cover your bases.
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What to do if your Esurance rate goes up

Whether you’re facing an increase in your Esurance insurance rate after an accident or looking to avoid one altogether, you have options. Here are some of the best ways to avoid or respond to a premium increase.

Adjust your coverage limits

The more coverage you have, the more expensive your premium is. But before dropping any coverage, it’s a good idea to review your state’s
minimum car insurance requirements
If you opted for
full coverage
on your insurance policy,
dropping full coverage
or switching to a lower limit may help make your premium more manageable. Remember that anytime you drop coverage from your policy you become less protected.
If you want to keep full coverage and want to reduce your policy costs, another option is to raise your comprehensive or collision
. Raising your deductible increases the amount you pay out-of-pocket for an accident or damages before your insurance provider covers the remainder, but this can lower your monthly insurance costs.
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Look for discounts

You won’t find accident forgiveness coverage at Esurance, but you might save money by inquiring about one of these discounts:
  • DriveSense
    : DriveSense is Esurance’s telematics program that tracks and rewards driving habits. The discount you receive depends on state availability and data collected from the app.
  • Good student: Students who maintain a certain GPA may be eligible for savings on their premium.
  • Defensive driving: In states that legally require insurance providers to provide this type of discount, you can save on your premium by taking a defensive driving course.
  • On-time payment: Also known as a
    responsible payer discount
    , steady payments over a given period may qualify you for savings on your premium.
This list isn’t comprehensive and insurance providers don’t always advertise their available discounts, so make sure you ask your insurance agent which discounts you qualify for.

See if you qualify for loyalty discounts

Many insurance providers will offer discounts to policyholders who insure multiple cars or multiple insurance products with the same company. Bundling
multiple cars
or bundling a car with your
home insurance
might shave some dollars off your premium.
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The bottom line

Esurance does not provide accident forgiveness coverage, but you can still get a good rate with Esurance by keeping a clean driving record. If you have an accident on your record, there are other ways you can find savings on your insurance premium like adjusting your coverage limits and looking for discounts.
If you’re concerned about your driving skills, it might be a good idea to look for a provider who does offer accident forgiveness. Where it’s available, it’s usually worth it.
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