Does Erie Offer Rideshare Insurance?

Erie does offer rideshare insurance, and if you drive for a rideshare company, you will want to make sure your insurer offers this coverage.
Written by Matthew Lynaugh
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Erie offers rideshare insurance to protect those who drive for companies such as Uber and Lyft. It can be added to an existing policy with a “business use” designation and will cover you any time the rideshare app is running.  
  • Erie offers rideshare insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers, not food delivery drivers.
  • A normal insurance policy will not cover you when you drive for the rideshare company unless you add a rideshare endorsement.
  • Make sure you always tell your insurance provider that you drive for a rideshare company to avoid unintended consequences.
Exploding in popularity in recent years, driving for a rideshare app has become a preferred side hustle for many. This new landscape can raise several questions, including how to insure a rideshare vehicle. Read on to learn all about the
rideshare coverage
offered by Erie to see how it can benefit you.
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Does Erie have rideshare insurance? 

Yes, Erie offers rideshare insurance as an optional endorsement to existing policies. 
Not every provider offers rideshare insurance—even some of the country’s biggest providers don't offer rideshare insurance, so it’s vital that you do your homework if you plan on opting for this coverage. 
It’s important to note that while Erie does offer rideshare insurance, it does not offer any coverage for food delivery services, including UberEats, DoorDash, or Postmates. Again, if this is the coverage you are looking for, check around to see which insurers offer it.

What to do if your current insurance provider does not offer rideshare insurance

If you are driving or plan to drive for a rideshare company and already have insurance, but that provider doesn’t offer rideshare coverage, you will not be protected while your rideshare app is on. This means that if you get into an accident before or after you are hired for a ride, you can’t submit a claim to your insurer
In fact, your provider could even cancel your policy if they find out you’ve been driving for a rideshare service without disclosing it. 
Uber and Lyft both have commercial auto insurance policies that include up to $1 million in
bodily injury
property damage liability coverage
during rides. Additionally, they provide collision coverage and comprehensive coverage for drivers who already have
full-coverage policies
However, this coverage only activates when a passenger is in the car—and its deductible is high ($1,000 for Uber drivers and $2,500 for Lyft drivers). 
While it may sound tempting to keep your personal policy and then rely on Uber or Lyft’s commercial insurance while you’re driving for them, this is a very risky approach. Their commercial coverage only protects you if there is a passenger in the car, and your provider will not cover you in an accident that occurs while your rideshare app is on. 
That means you will be at risk for huge financial and legal repercussions whenever you are alone in your car while driving for a rideshare service.
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What is the best rideshare insurance company?

Erie is just one of many insurance companies to offer rideshare insurance—but they are only available in 12 states. If you live outside of their coverage zone, or would like to simply weigh your options, here are some other great insurers that have rideshare insurance:
If you want rideshare insurance, you do not have to purchase an additional policy. Instead, it will take the form of an endorsement for your current personal policy. Exact cost and coverage limits will vary, but your rideshare endorsement should include some basic liability insurance and even some collision and comprehensive coverage
Rideshare insurance typically costs more than traditional car insurance, and the extra cost could range anywhere from $20 to $300 more per year. Comparing a handful of insurance premiums and coverage options is the best way to find which rideshare insurance will work best for you. 
You could even reach out to agents from prospective insurers for all the pricing information and coverage details. 

Should I tell my car insurance company that I drive for Uber?

Yes. If you drive for a rideshare company while carrying an insurance policy that doesn’t include rideshare insurance or fail to disclose your work to the insurance company, the consequences far outweigh the benefits. 
Insurance companies will raise your rates as soon as you notify them that you are driving for a rideshare company, whether it is full-time or part-time. The fact is, you will be on the road for extended periods with more exposure to risk and an increased chance of a collision
Failing to tell your insurer and then getting into an Uber-related accident can lead to uncovered claims and cancellation of your policy. (And again, you won’t have any coverage if you don’t add a rideshare endorsement to your car insurance policy.)
The bottom line is, you should always tell your insurance company that you are driving for a rideshare service. Being proactive and researching insurance companies, like Erie, that offer rideshare coverage can make a world of difference for when your turn that rideshare app on and hit the road.
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