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Drivewise is a telematics program offered by Allstate. A simple plug-in device tracks your driving habits and could potentially earn you rewards and discounts on your car insurance premiums. The app also offers other helpful tools like a gas station locator and a parking reminder feature.
Installing Drivewise is not the only way to get cheaper car insurance.
Try the free Jerry app to compare rates and save money—and keep scrolling to see if Drivewise is right for you.
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What is the Drivewise app?

Drivewise is a free mobile app plus a telematics device, produced by Allstate to track driving behavior and reward safe drivers.
A telematics device is about half the size of your palm and it plugs into your vehicle’s dashboard. Then, it pairs with your app to record things like your speed and your travel distance. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool, by notifying you when your car needs servicing.
The app is free and available for both Apple and Android. You don’t need to be an Allstate customer to use Drivewise—and you don’t need the telematics device if you only care about exploring your driving data—but you will need to download the app.

How does Drivewise work?

The app uses cellular data to track your driving activity, but only after your trip ends and you’re connected to WiFi or cellular data.
It will pull some juice from your mobile phone battery, but no more than a typical navigation app.
What Drivewise defines as safe driving behavior
  • Safe driving hours: Not driving late at night too often
  • Safe speed: Not exceeding 80 MPH
  • Safe stops: No sudden stops

How Drivewise can impact your insurance cost

If you’re reading this, you probably want to save money on your car insurance. Drivewise can help you do that.
Discounts on your premium. Most drivers can get a minimum 3% discount on premium just for signing up for Drivewise. In NJ and FL you can get an immediate discount of 5%-7%.
Cashback. Once you make 50 safe trips with Drivewise, you may qualify for cashback—which will continue every six months so long as you keep driving safely. In some states, limitations apply (NC, WA, IN, FL.)
Some telematics programs aren’t available in every state so make sure to check with Allstate before requesting your device.
Don’t worry if you have a few sudden stops here and there, Drivewise cannot raise your rates. You just won’t see any rewards if the app deems you a risky driver.
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Will Drivewise drain my phone battery?

Yes. However, the battery drain is comparable to other navigation apps you’d typically run while driving. Drivewise recommends keeping your phone plugged in while driving.

Explore your unique driving habits

Drivewise tracks your driving behavior to save you money—but you can also use that data to explore your own habits.
Drivewise tracks your…
  • Total miles traveled
  • Whether or not you used your phone
  • If you braked suddenly
  • If you sped
  • The duration of your trips
If you’re a real data hound, you can dive even deeper into your driving habits in the “My Driving” tab in the app. Here, you can find monthly aggregated views of your driving data, including what time of day you typically drive and other custom insights.
Plus, the Drivewise interface serves up cute messages like “Keep up the safe driving!”
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Other helpful stuff the Drivewise app can do

Drivewise offers some exciting bonus features that any driver might find useful, like…”
  • A locator tool to help you find nearby gas stations
  • A parking reminder tool to help you find your car and remember to feed the meter
  • A roadside assistance tool, Good Hands Rescue
  • A QuickFoto Claims screen to help you quickly take pictures when filing an insurance claim
  • A digital copy of your insurance
It’s worth pointing out how beneficial it is to have a digital copy of your insurance right on your phone.
Instead of rummaging around in your glove box (or even losing a physical card), the Drivewise app offers you a quick, reliable way to access digital proof of insurance. The Jerry app also provides drivers with a digital proof of insurance—because who has time for keeping track of all those pieces of paper?

In-app challenges and rewards

By completing challenges in the Drivewise app, you can earn points and redeem them for prizes or savings. An example is keeping your speed under 80 MPH, or avoiding sudden stops for three days in a row.
There are occasionally surveys and non-driving activities you can do to earn more points, too.
To track how many points you’ve accumulated, go to the “My Rewards” tab in the app.
You can potentially redeem points for…
  • Car rentals
  • Gift cards
  • Auctions
  • Hotel rooms
  • Merchandise
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Local deals
  • Contests and sweepstakes entries

User reviews

Most people are big fans of Drivewise because it helps them save money passively. The app delivers on its straightforward promise: drive safely and you’ll be rewarded.
However, some city drivers feel unfairly penalized for frequent braking.
Equally, Drivewise categorizes risk by separating the day into three sections—and you may find yourself driving during moderately risky hours.
Overall, though, Drivewise reviews are positive and the majority of users are happy to get a discount just for driving safely.

Other telematics and usage-based rewards programs

Allstate’s Drivewise is not the only telematics program out there. All of the following programs offer discounts and rewards for safe drivers who install their device.
Esurance has Drivesense, which offers a 10% discount just for enrolling.
Farmers’ telematics program is called Signal.
GEICO has DriveEasy, a program designed to help you become a better driver by analyzing your driving behavior.
Liberty Mutual has RightTrack, which only takes 90 days to assess if you’re a safe driver.
Nationwide’s telematics program is SmartRide. Its maximum discount rate is 40% —but it considers idling time as an indicator of risk.
Progressive offers a similar usage-based rewards program called Snapshot.
State Farm has Drive Safe & Save, which weighs mileage more highly than other companies. However, you could save up to 50% on your premium if you’re a low-mileage driver.
USAA has SafePilot, a nod to the company’s military roots.
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How to enroll in Drivewise

You have to be the holder of a valid insurance policy (but not only with Allstate!) to get the discounts, but anyone can use the free Drivewise app to track their driving habits.
You can also enroll in Allstate’s Rewards program to enjoy the cashback and rewards (not available in every state).
To enroll with Drivewise, simply contact Allstate to request the telematics device and sign up for the program. When you receive and install the device, just download the mobile app and start driving!

Who should get the Drivewise app?

For routinely safe drivers, it’s a no-brainer to enroll in Drivewise. Free rewards for safe driving behavior? Yes, please!
Parents who want to track their teen drivers’ behavior can use Drivewise to keep an eye on their child and nip any bad habits in the bud.
Conscientious teens who want a smart tool to help them become better drivers will appreciate Drivewise’s instantaneous feedback. For example, the app can notify them if they’re tailgating.
There are tons of ways to save on car insurance in addition to enrolling in a telematics program.
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