Car Seat Laws in Connecticut

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Car seat laws in Connecticut follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on car seat safety. As a result, they’re slightly more complex, with different requirements for different ages, heights, and weights.
This includes keeping your children in the back seat of the car (when you can) for as long as possible, as this will help children avoid any injury they could receive from your car’s airbags.
Connecticut car seat laws are designed to protect children from bodily harm in the event of an accident. That’s why the car insurance broker and comparison shopping app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know to adhere to Connecticut’s car seat laws.
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What is the car seat law in Connecticut?

Connecticut’s car seat laws are more complex than those found in other states because they’re modeled after the American Academy of Pediatrics’ official guidelines.
We’ve broken down the guidelines below:
  • Children under the age of 2 must be secured in a rear-facing car seat (a convertible car seat is acceptable as long as it’s rear-facing) with a five-point internal harness.
  • Children under the age of 5 who weigh between 30 and 40 pounds must be secured in a forward-facing car seat (a convertible car seat is also acceptable).
  • Children between 4 and 8 who weigh between 41 and 60 pounds may use a booster seat alongside a standard seat belt. Please note that weight is a more important factor in car-seat safety than age, so if your child is 4 years old, but has outgrown their forward-facing car seat with a five-point harness, they may be the right size to use a booster seat.
  • Children 8 years of age or older must use a proper seat belt over the lap and shoulder.
Key Takeaway Connecticut’s laws comply with the recommendations established by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What are the penalties for breaking the car seat law in Connecticut?

The first violation of Connecticut’s car seat law is considered an infraction. The second violation will result in a fine of up to $199. First and second offenses require you to attend an approved child car seat safety course.
The third offense is a class A misdemeanor, which is considered a crime.
In general, violations of Connecticut’s car seat laws are harsher in comparison to other states.

Can breaking the car seat law impact my driving record?

Yes, the first violation is considered an infraction and will show up on your driving record, as will all, if any, subsequent violations, including misdemeanors.
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How breaking car seat laws can impact insurance in Connecticut

Having an infraction or misdemeanor on your driving record will demonstrate to your insurance carrier that you are a high-risk driver, and your premiums will likely go up as a result.
Some insurance companies may even refuse to insure you.
Key Takeaway Misdemeanors are crimes and will show up on your driving and criminal record.

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