Car Insurance Companies That Don’t Check Your Driving Record

Every car insurance company will check your driving record, but there are some providers who will insure high-risk drivers.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by R.E. Fulton
Every legitimate car insurance company will check your driving record when determining your rates. Although some providers will not offer insurance coverage for
high-risk drivers
, there are some companies that will provide you with the
car insurance
you need.
  • All car insurance companies will consider your driving history when calculating your rates.
  • Some providers will cover drivers with major violations on their record.
  • Expect to pay more for your insurance after a major traffic violation.

Are there any car insurance companies that don’t check your driving record?

No matter which auto insurance company you request a quote from, your driving history will always be a factor.
Your driving record
is key to determining the level of risk that comes with insuring you and your vehicle. 
For many insurance providers, your driving record is one of the most important factors in determining your premium. Generally, auto insurance companies will look back around three years to consider how many car accidents and insurance claims you’ve been involved in. That said, some companies will check back as far as 10 years for major violations like a DUI.
Auto insurance companies will review your
motor vehicle report
every six months to a year, especially if your renewal period is coming up. Traffic tickets will likely cause an increase in your insurance rates. Major moving violations like a
are especially damaging—even if you’re insured at the time of these charges, your provider may cancel your coverage going forward.
Although every company will check your driving record, some providers are geared more toward insuring high-risk drivers or drivers with spotty driving records. Let’s take a look at a few options!

Best car insurance companies for high-risk drivers

Trying to find
cheap car insurance
with lots of traffic infractions on your record or
points on your driver’s license
can be a challenge. Depending on the factors that make you a high-risk driver, it can feel impossible to get insurance at all! Thankfully, there are a few
standard and nonstandard insurance providers
that can help you out.
Let’s start with major companies. Even though these providers will still check your driving history, they have coverage geared to higher risk drivers. If you need an
or you have a major driving violation, like reckless driving, on your record, try comparing rates from these providers:
    : May provide lower average rates
  • Progressive
    : Most affordable average rates for drivers with a DUI
  • State Farm
    : Best option for drivers with an accident or speeding ticket
  • USAA
    : Best average rates for at-fault accidents and speeding tickets (only available for military members and their families)
  • Nationwide
    : May provide lower rates than average
  • American Family: Smaller rate increases after a traffic violation on average, only available in 19 states and/or through
Some of these providers offer useful policy benefits like accident forgiveness and
for drivers who take defensive driving courses. 
Nonstandard insurance
may be another option worth looking into. Although these providers may not have the same level of discounts or coverage options available as larger standard companies, nonstandard coverage can offer the cheapest car insurance options for drivers who have a particularly hard time finding auto insurance at all. These companies offer nonstandard insurance:
Even though cheap auto insurance options will be more limited for bad drivers, it’s still important to shop around for your car insurance policy! The majority of companies will give you a
free quote online
with just a little bit of information—just make sure you’re honest about your driving record! Some companies will offer better rates and may even have better coverage options tailored to your driving needs.
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How to find affordable car insurance rates with a bad driving record

Drivers without a
clean driving record
can face exorbitantly expensive auto insurance rates. Providers will assign high premiums to drivers who are riskier to insure, as they are considered more likely to cost the insurance company money through accident claims. But there are ways to make your auto insurance bills more manageable.
Comparing auto insurance quotes between insurance providers is the best way to find the best insurance premium available to you. Besides shopping around for the best rates from different insurance companies, there are a few steps you can take to lower your car insurance premiums:
  • Take a defensive driving course: Not only will you show your insurance company that you’re serious about improving your driving, you may also be
    eligible for a discount
    once you’ve completed the course!
  • Improve your credit score: This may seem a little out of place, but bad credit can actually
    increase your insurance costs
    . Paying off debts, being punctual with your bills, and building good credit practices can show that you’re financially responsible—which providers consider a good thing!
  • Only get the coverage you need: If your car is old and not worth very much, for example, you may not need
    collision coverage
    . Dropping
    full coverage
    on older vehicles or renegotiating your
    insurance deductible
    may help make your monthly bill more manageable.
  • Drive less: Some providers may offer usage-based programs that reward
    lower mileage drivers
    with reduced rates. Staying off the road will also reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident.
  • Invest in safety features and anti-theft devices: The safer your vehicle is, the less likely it is to be involved in an accident.
    Anti-theft devices
    also cut down on the risk of your car being stolen. These features can help lower your insurance premiums.
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If you lie about your driving record when requesting a car insurance quote or filling out a form, you risk being charged with fraud.
If the insurance company does a more thorough search of your driving record, and if it doesn’t match up with what you reported, you could face higher rates, your insurance being canceled, and additional barriers to signing up with a new provider. Worst case scenario, you’ll be formally charged with fraud and will have to pay a fine or even serve jail time. 
Auto insurance companies review your driving record to determine how much of a risk you are to insure. Your driving record is an important factor in calculating your insurance rates—the higher the risk of you being involved in an accident or filing a claim, the higher your insurance premiums will be. 
There are a few categories of high-risk drivers. Drivers who have a lot of traffic violations or a major infraction on their driving records are considered high-risk, but poor credit, age, vehicle type, and certain locations can classify a driver as high-risk. Drivers with no previous US driving history can also be considered high-risk, as can drivers who have a lapse in their auto insurance policy.
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