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The average cost of Alfa Romeo car insurance is $4,124 per year. But the exact cost of Alfa Romeo insurance varies based on your model, driving record, and location—and your insurance company.
Do you think cheap car insurance for your luxury car is out of reach? It’s true that car insurance rates depend on a variety of factors, including your driving history, geographic location, and the type of Alfa Romeo you drive.
For example, a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia is certainly luxurious, but it won’t be as expensive to insure as a brand new Stelvio Quadrifoglio—especially since the latter costs over twice as much.
So how can you be sure you’re getting a great rate on a customized policy? Use Jerry, a licensed insurance broker that provides customized quotes in under a minute. After you pick a policy, Jerry even completes the registration paperwork and can cancel your old policy upon request.
Want the best rates on Alfa Romeo insurance? Read on to discover some essential tips.

How much does Alfa Romeo car insurance cost?

The average annual cost of car insurance coverage for an Alfa Romeo vehicle is $4,124But insurance premiums for Alfa Romeo owners vary across models. Your driving history, coverage limits, and location have an impact as well.
As you can imagine, insuring a luxury vehicle like an Alfa Romeo can be relatively expensive. That’s because the iconic Italian manufacturer produces high-performance vehicles built for luxury and speed. This means they can be quite pricey to repair
Not all Alfa Romeos are created equal. Newer, smaller, less expensive sedans may be cheaper to insure. More expensive models with high trims and lots of added features can raise your average rates.
That’s why it’s imperative to comparison-shop—that is, compare multiple quotes from different companies
But comparison shopping alone can be hard work! That’s why you need to download Jerry, the first super app for car owners that can compare rates from over 55 brand-name companies in just 45 seconds.
You won’t have to spend hours browsing online collecting quotes, and you’ll ever have to dodge annoying phone calls from pushy salespeople again. 

How much insurance do you need for an Alfa Romeo?

Your insurance needs are first and foremost dictated by the state you live in. It's essential to understand your state’s minimum required car insurance coverage.
Most U.S. states require a minimum amount of liability coverage, which includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability. This ensures that you’re financially liable for any damage you may cause to others when you’re behind the wheel.
Some states take it a step further and require even more coverage. Here are some common examples:
Once you secure a policy that meets your state’s minimum liability insurance requirements, you’re covered! But if you’re driving an ultra-luxurious Alfa Romeo, you’ll probably want some additional protection.
A full-coverage car insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage, and this comes highly recommended. With full coverage, your Alfa Romeo is covered after an accident, vandalism, theft, and even damage caused by dangerous weather.
If you financed your vehicle through a bank, you may be required by your lender to purchase full coverage insurance. Additionally, many lenders mandate that you purchase gap insurance to cover the difference between your car’s value and the amount remaining on your loan.
Here are some great examples of what Jerry users pay for Alfa Romeo policies, as well as some rave reviews from happy customers.
Quote DateCarLocationZip CodeNameAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
September 15, 2022Alfa Romeo StelvioSavannah, GA31401Winifred W.40Progressive$157/mo.$91/mo.
September 22, 2022Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4Ridley Park, PA19078Andrew K.36Progressive$210/mo.$115/mo.
September 19, 2022Alfa Romeo StelvioUpper Marlboro, MD20774Eugene B.48Electric$300/mo.$166/mo.
October 3, 2022Alfa Romeo Giulia TIVernon Rockville, CT06066Shane S.33Progressive$200/mo.$181/mo.
October 4, 2022Alfa Romeo Stelvio TINorwich, CT06360Todd R.46Progressive$300/mo.$234/mo.

Alfa Romeo car insurance rates by model

Alfa Romeo’s impressive lineup of high-performance vehicles varies in features, size, and price. It’s only natural that the cost to insure these vehicles varies as well.
As a general rule of thumb, more affordable models like the Alfa Romeo Giulia are cheaper to insure than the more expensive options, such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
Once you pick a vehicle, variations in trim level and add-ons will further affect your insurance costs.
Let’s break down the average insurance premiums for some modern Alfa Romeo models.

How much does Alfa Romeo Giulia insurance cost?

This gorgeously designed sports car offers one of the most exciting driving experiences in its segment. Plus, Alfa Romeo Giulia insurance costs could be among the more affordable policies—when it comes to insuring high-performance Italian vehicles, that is. 
The vehicle’s three trims don’t vary in price too much, though opting for upgraded features will still cause your rates to grow. 
Below, discover how annual premiums for the Giulia may vary based on coverage options as well as model year.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia$1,832$887

How much does Alfa Romeo Stelvio insurance cost?

Named after the Stelvio Pass, a famous mountainous roadway in Northern Italy, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a small but mighty compact luxury SUV that’s available in various trims. It shares the Giulia sedan’s chassis but offers a bit more room for passengers and cargo.
To get a clearer idea of what you’ll actually pay in car insurance, check out the table below.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio$1,832$887
For additional details, check out our in-depth guide for Alfa Romeo Stelvio insurance costs.

How much does Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport insurance cost?

The Stelvio Ti Sport boasts an impressive performance package, offering 280 horsepower at 5200 RPM. This luxury crossover SUV will cost more to buy and insure than base models, but it's a good middle option that should cost less than the Quadrifoglio.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport$1,832$887

How much does Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio insurance cost?

With its absolute monster of a 505-hp, twin-turbocharged V-6 engine, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglia takes things up a notch. Predictably, this model shares the chassis and interior with the cheaper, standard Giulia. Still, its Ferrari-derived engine sets it apart entirely, especially in terms of price and coverage costs.
Take a closer look at how insurance rates break down for the Giulia Quadrifoglio depending on several factors.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio$1,832$887
To learn more, check out our comprehensive guide to Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio insurance costs.

How much does Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4 insurance cost?

The Giulia Q4 is no stranger to luxury, which can increase insurance rates due to high cost of repair. However, Giulia Q4 insurance costs are somewhat mitigated by an impressive array of safety features, including forward collision warning with full stop, blind spot monitoring, front and rear park assist, and several driver assistance features.
Don’t be shocked by your auto insurance rates, though—take a look at how your coverage options and driving records can affect those rates.

Compare Alfa Romeo car insurance quotes

There are lots of ways to gather car insurance quotes on the internet, but there is a clearly superior way to quickly get car insurance quotes that are accurate and customized to you—use Jerry
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Best car insurance companies for your Alfa Romeo

From USAA to State Farm to GEICO, Alfa Romeo drivers have a lot of options when it comes to car insurance providers.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a single car insurance provider that automatically offers the best rates for Alfa Romeo, so you’ll need to shop around. This is, in part, because every car insurance company relies on a unique algorithm to calculate its premiums.
While one company may reward you for purchasing a brand-new Alfa Romeo with lots of safety features, others may offer exclusive discounts to lower your rates. 
Fortunately, Jerry makes comparison shopping a breeze by offering real-time quotes from 55+ national companies—all in about 45 seconds! All you have to do is pick your preferred policy, and Jerry will handle the rest.
Take a look at how much you could save by switching car insurance policies with Jerry.
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
State Auto$6,060$2,825Compare Prices
Dairyland$5,100$1,701Compare Prices
National General$4,289$1,217Compare Prices
Allstate$5,546$1,118Compare Prices
Clearcover$3,547$826Compare Prices
Progressive$3,110$807Compare Prices
Nationwide$2,999$698Compare Prices
Safeco$3,431$686Compare Prices
Travelers$2,615$585Compare Prices

Alfa Romeo auto insurance cost by driving record

The car you drive isn’t the only thing that affects your car insurance rates. Your driving record is also a major factor that dictates what you’ll pay annually.
Safe drivers can expect to pay less for auto insurance, so it’s essential to avoid violations—even minor ones—if you don’t want your rates to rise.
For example, Alfa Romeo owners with DUI convictions typically pay $4,124 more per year for car insurance. Even a speeding ticket can add an average of $2,286 to your annual premium.
Use this table to estimate how much you could save on insuring your Alfa Romeo just by cleaning up your driving record.

Alfa Romeo car insurance cost by location

Geographic location is the final major factor to consider when pricing car insurance policies. Those who live in the middle of Minnesota will pay very different rates than those living in New York City, for example.
The table below lists each state’s average price for Alfa Romeo car insurance.

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