How to Find a 2013 Honda Accord Radio Code

If you need the radio code for your 2013 Honda Accord, first check your glove box. If it’s not there, you’ll need your VIN and radio serial number.
Written by Natalie Todoroff
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Need your 2013 Honda Accord radio code? First, check if it’s on a sticker in your glove box or your owner’s manual. If it’s not there, you’ll need your VIN and radio serial number. 
If you’ve ever dealt with a dead car battery, you’ve probably also dealt with having to hunt for your car’s radio code. After you’ve gone through the hassle of getting your battery fixed, you’ll have one more hoop to jump through—entering your car’s unique five-digit radio code before you can get back to jamming to your favorite stations. 
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Why your 2013 Honda Accord needs a radio code 

In the age of aux cords, your car’s radio may seem obsolete. However, radios are actually one of the most commonly stolen vehicle parts. Your radio code is a security measure to help deter theft. 
Any time your 2013 Honda Accord’s battery is disconnected or replaced, it will ask for a radio code once you turn your car back on—and you won’t be able to use your car’s sound system until it’s been entered. And a radio that doesn’t work unless you have the magic code is pretty useless to potential thieves!
That said, if you don’t know how to get your Honda radio code, you may be the one stuck with a useless radio. But, not to worry, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Honda radio code retrieval. 

How to find your 2013 Honda Accord radio code 

Luckily, finding your 2013 Honda Accord radio code is pretty easy. In some cases, all it takes is the tried and true solution of turning it off and turning it back on again. Simply pressing down and holding your radio’s power button for two seconds might just do the trick.
But, if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to do a little digging. We’d suggest you start with your glove box. Look for a sticker inside the glove box or owner’s manual that reads “Anti-Theft Radio Code.” The code itself is five digits long, and it’s all numbers, no letters.

How to look up a 2013 Honda Accord radio code

If you search your glove box high and low and can’t find the elusive sticker or your owner’s manual, fret not. You can still find your Honda radio code by
VIN (vehicle identification number)
and the radio serial number. 
To find your VIN, check your insurance card, vehicle’s ​​
registration documents
, a
financial services site, or the bottom of the front windshield towards the driver’s side. 
For your radio serial number, start up your car, press all six radio preset buttons, and turn the car on at the same time. You may want an extra set of hands to help you push all the buttons! Once you do that, a 10-digit serial number should pop up—which we’d advise you to snap a quick photo of on your phone.
Now, with your VIN and radio serial code ready, it’s time to find the radio code for your Honda Accord. There are a couple of different places you can check for it: 
  • Use Honda’s
    online lookup tool
  • Call 1-800-999-1009
  • Bring your Honda to the nearest dealership  

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