Is the Toyota Tacoma No Longer the Longest-Lasting Midsize Truck?

While the Toyota Tacoma was beaten by the Honda Ridgeline as the longest-lasting midsize truck, Toyota still reigns supreme with their Tundra.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Tacoma is a widely acclaimed truck, and its longevity is one of its main selling points. Toyota vehicles are well-known for making it
200,000 miles or more
, and the Tacoma was once considered the king of long-lasting midsize pickups. 
However, it might have been dethroned by an unlikely competitor. 
According to a study from
, the Toyota Tacoma is not the longest-lasting midsize truck on the market. Instead, it falls in 3rd place. This is already surprising, but what's even more surprising is that the truck that just beat it is the Honda Ridgeline.

How did iSeeCars measure the trucks' longevity?

For their study, iSeeCars analyzed more than 14.9 million used vehicle sales in 2021. From this starting number, they only analyzed vehicle models that were massively produced, and they cut models that were out of production from consideration. 
With the list of vehicles finalized, they statistically analyzed how often a vehicle model would make it to 200,000 miles.
iSeeCars presented their results in a list of the most reliable cars overall as well as other lists for specific vehicle types, like SUVs or midsize pickup trucks. As expected, Toyota dominated the overall list, taking 8 of the top 15 spots. 
The longest-lasting vehicle, according to iSeeCars is the Toyota Land Cruiser, and more than 18% of Land Cruisers make it past 200,000 miles. 
In the light-duty pickup list, Toyota took 2 of the 11 spots. However, the Honda Ridgeline beat out the Toyota Tacoma.
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The Honda Ridgeline barely beats out the Toyota Tacoma

According to iSeeCars, 3.7% of Honda Ridgeline models drive beyond 200,000 miles, compared with 2.8% of Toyota Tacomas. Truck enthusiasts might raise an eyebrow about this, as the Tacoma is beloved by critics and drivers alike. 
The Ridgeline, meanwhile, is often overlooked or even disliked, and the idea of it being more reliable than a Tacoma is shocking. While there are a lot of factors that go into a car making it to 200,000 miles, it is important to consider what a Honda Ridgeline is and how it is used. 
The Honda Ridgeline is unique among pickups in that it is designed more like a crossover SUV. This means that the Ridgeline is a versatile truck, but it’s also a truck that usually isn’t used for off-roading.
The Toyota Tacoma, meanwhile, is a truck that is
widely renowned
, and its durability is part of its appeal. Tacomas are designed with more rugged handling in mind, and it’s more likely that a Tacoma will be off-road than a Honda Ridgeline. This could be part of why the Tacoma is not the longest-lasting pickup.

Toyota still reigns supreme with the Tundra

Even though the Honda Ridgeline overtook the Toyota Tacoma, it did not rank number 1 on the list of longest-lasting midsize pickups. That title went, unsurprisingly, to another Toyota, the Tundra. 
4.0% of Toyota Tundra models made it over 200,000 according to iSeeCars. In addition to being the top-ranked truck on the list, the Tundra was also the number 8 most reliable vehicle overall. The Tundra shows that Toyota is still king of long-lasting trucks. 

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