The Rezvani Tank vs. the Rezvani Tank Military Edition

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It feels like we live in a scary world sometimes, and that affects our car buying habits. The perception can induce us to buy escape tools for our vehicles and scour National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings before we invest.
The Rezvani Tank and Rezvani Tank Military Edition soothe any fears of the outside world through features designed for the military. However, they use different features, so let's give both a look.
You might want these tanks if you do an obscene amount of off-roading.

Rezvani Tank vs. Rezvani Tank Military Edition specs

The Rezvani Tank Military Edition can take any terrain with a 6.4-liter V8 engine. This gives it 500 hp, and you can upgrade to a 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of 1,000 hp.
All that horsepower fuels a car that is 185 inches from bumper to bumper and 79.8 inches tall. Weighing over 6,300 pounds, it mows down anything that might be in the way.
Unless it comes across the B6+ version of the Military Edition. That car weighs 7,150 pounds. This weight might come from the bulletproof glass and body armor.
The Rezvani Tank engines produce the same horsepower. However, they achieve it with a 6.4-liter V8 Dodge SRT motor or a 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 from the Dodge Demon. A 3.6-liter V6 engine is standard for both.
It has the same dimensions as the Military Edition, but it is lighter at 4,900 pounds. You can get one of two off-road packages that includes 3-inch FOX off-road suspension and high ground clearance to make up for the light weight.
Another off-roading feature for the Rezvani Tank is a four-wheel-drive system that you can activate when you go off-road and deactivate when you get back on a road.

Rezvani Tank vs. Rezvani Tank Military Edition features

Both tanks let you choose between 10 seat styles, all of them designed for comfort. They both have protection against electromagnetic pulses, and they share night vision capabilities.
The night vision systems for both have a standard and a thermal option. The Rezvani Tank has high-intensity LED lights lining the top of its roof, too.
Getting into the Rezvani Tank is easy with the side steps under the doors. They retract under the car when the doors close.
The Rezvani Tank Military Edition adds dozens of features designed to protect occupants, such as siren and horn options, blinding lights, and a pepper spray dispenser.
With the Military Edition, you can engage with the enemy through an intercom system, or you can escape an enemy using its smoke screen. It includes important survival features such as first aid kits, hypothermia kits, and gas masks.
There is a safe in the Military Edition. It also has electrified door handles and magnetic deadbolts to keep the enemy out.
The Military Edition makes up for the lack of four-wheel drive with military grade tires designed to drive even when heavily damaged.

Who wants the Rezvani Tanks?

You have to be dedicated to buy the Rezvani Tank because its starting price is $155,000. The Rezvani Tank Military Edition is even more expensive. Its starting price is $259,000.
You might want these tanks if you do an obscene amount of off-roading, or you are a mercenary. Perhaps you are a survivalist, and you think the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow. 
If you are not a mercenary, an off-roading fiend, or planning on the apocalypse, these cars might be a little excessive.

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