A Look Inside John Wick's Sleek Ride

John Wick is known for his killer choice in cars. Let's delve into the 1969 Mustang Mach 1, John’s stolen car that kick-started his revenge tour.
Written by Clare Behe
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Even if you've never seen the John Wick films starring beloved actor Keanu Reeves as the title character, it’s not hard to grasp the basic plot: assassin John Wick loses his wife prematurely to cancer, then amid his grieving, a trio of ne’er-do-wells kill his beloved dog Daisy and steal his one-of-a-kind vintage
In the name of revenge (and perhaps to fill his now-empty calendar), John sets off to take out said bad guys and retrieve what is now his only reminder of better times: his car. 

A sweet ride

The vintage ride, a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, is not only the catalyst for the plot but to some level represents John's emotional state. After the deaths of his wife and pup, there would be no clear mission for John, nor fodder for a sequel had the villains not taken the vehicle. 
Early on in the first film, the carnapping is foreshadowed as a suspicious-looking man chats up John at a gas station, asking about the “1970 Boss 429.” While the inaccurate labeling of the vehicle is surely a message to the audience that the man doesn't deserve to get behind the wheel of Mach 1, it's hard to fault him for guessing incorrectly.
Internet sleuths have
pointed out
that one of the only explicit indicators that show it's a Mach 1 and not a Mustang Boss is that it has an automatic transmission. The two years that Ford manufactured the Boss 429s it was released exclusively with manual transmission.  
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An icon of Americana

The mysterious nature of John’s Mustang doesn't stop there, however. The Mach 1 is equipped with some stylish swaps, such as a B&M shifter and the 3-spoke wooden steering wheel of a Shelby Mustang. At this point, it seems fair to say that John’s ride equates to a whole herd of mustangs. 
Which leads us to horsepower. A standard Mach 1 came with a 5.8 L Windsor engine with 210 hp at 4400 RPM. However, judging by the engine’s sound, and knowing there were other customizations made for the car in the film,
some suspect
the standard engine was swapped for a 302 Boss V8, capable of 290 hp at 5800 RPM. 
The hood even features a Mustang Boss-style hood scoop, and though it’s too small to be anything but decorative, could it hint at what’s actually revving underneath the hood?
Like other Mustangs of the pony and
muscle car
era, John Mach 1 rolls on Magnum 500 wheels. A black chin splitter and rear spoiler add toughness, in case you weren’t wary of expert assassins already.
The car is painted a sheet metal gray, just light enough to subtly show off matte black rally stripes. 

Blazing through Hollywood

Mustangs are iconic in many films, but interestingly enough, Keanu Reeves also drove a 1970 Mach 1 in another popular film of his, Point Break. The silver screen lineup doesn’t stop there, either. The Ford Mustang has appeared in so many films that Ford dedicated a
special page
to list the most well-known.
In the 2017 sequel to John Wick, our hero is finally reunited with his Mustang. While the films are slated to continue, there's a feeling of closure when John recovers the Mach 1. After all, where would Dom Toretto be without his souped-up Dodge Charger or Catwoman without the Catcycle? Perhaps it’s the wheels that truly make the (hu)man.
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