Does the Chevy Camaro Have a Nice Interior?

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Chevy’s latest offering in the muscle car segment, the 2022 Camaro, has enough under the hood to compete with European sports cars worth twice as much. But it seriously lacks pizzazz in one area—its interior.
Cramped seating, a small touchscreen, and cheap dashboard materials don’t live up to the bar set by rivals. Jerry examined the details of comparable muscle cars to offer you a detailed comparison.
A red Chevy Camro parked on the street.
The Camaro has plenty of power but did Chevy spend enough time on its interior?

2022 Chevy Camaro pros and cons

When it comes to the test drive, the new Chevy Camaro passes with flying colors. 
While this style of car has a reputation for being more suited for drag racing, critics love the way the Camaro handles around corners, comparing its driving experience to BMWs and Porsches rather than Challengers and Mustangs.
Still, even the higher trims lack basic features for cars of their price range. Seating is tight in the front seat and barely existent in the back. 
Once you are inside, visibility is poor and lumbar support in the front bucket seats can’t be adjusted. On top of that, Consumer Reports says the ceiling sits too low for some drivers, and that even if you do fit, getting out of the car is another struggle.

How does the 2022 Camaro compare to the Mustang and Challenger?

Muscle car fans all have their preferences, but looking purely at specs, the Camaro has some stiff competition from Ford and Dodge in 2022. All three automakers offered powerful cars with attractive exteriors for the model year.
Compared to the base model Mustang, the entry-level Camaro loses the horsepower battle by about 25 hp and has an average fuel economy that’s 2 mpg lower. But set them side by side at the track, and the Camaro will likely reach 60 mph faster than its rival.
Stacked up against the Dodge Challenger, and the Camaro fares much better. The Challenger’s standard V6 sounds aggressive, but it’s significantly slower and more difficult to handle than the Camaro. Critics also preferred Chevy’s manual transmission to the one offered by Dodge.

Car insurance for the 2022 Chevy Camaro

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