These Are Some of the Best New Accessories For Your Car

You don’t need to buy car accessories straight from the dealership, there are many affordable accessories that are great for safety, audio, and charging.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Lots of modern cars have plenty of
car accessories
, but you might be out of luck if you buy an older vehicle. When you order a new car, automakers sometimes entice you to purchase overpriced extras, such as safety tools and charging cables.
Why spend all that extra dough (and pay higher
insurance premiums
) when these accessories can be purchased on their own for cheaper?
Fortunately, many of the best aftermarket car accessories are some of the cheapest. Here are some of our favorites from
The Verge

Car accessories for better audio

Apple CarPlay wasn't released until 2014, and even then it was an optional feature. However, you can add smartphone integration for any Apple device to your car with an Apple CarPlay receiver. 
The one mentioned by the Verge has been discontinued, but we found one on
for $229.
This screen is also compatible with Android devices and functions exactly like any smartphone integration offered by an automaker. Built-in Bluetooth is also included, as well as an integrated backup camera.
If you don't need as many features, a Bluetooth aux receiver is available for just $17 on Amazon. You don't need a touchscreen to operate it: just plug it into any 3.5mm audio jack. You'll be able to connect to Bluetooth on any mobile device and listen to music or podcasts.
It's also lightweight and doesn't have any attached cables that can easily be tangled. You still have to charge it with a USB port, but it has a great battery life of 16 hours.
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Here are some of the best charging accessories

When you're charging your phone in the car, you often have to place it out of reach. This can be inconvenient if you're trying to use your phone's navigation or a music streaming app. The wireless car charger from iOttie fits right on top of your dashboard, so you can charge without any distractions.
If you need to charge a few devices at once, consider Asicen's 3-in-1 charging cable. It comes with a Lightning port, USB-C port, and Micro-USB port all attached to the same charger. 
The retractable cable design also keeps it from getting tangled, so it won't wear down as quickly. A pack of two only costs $15.
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These car accessories could keep you safe 

A lot of older cars don't have a tire pressure light reminding you to keep your tires aired up. If your tires don't have enough air, you'll wear down the tread and likely have a flat tire at some point. 
The Accutire pressure gauge can detect tire pressure levels instantly, and it's available for just $17.
When you've got a stuck bolt somewhere in your car, it's great to have a breaker bar on hand. The spring-loaded ball bearing can loosen bolts easily without additional lubricants. The Neiko breaker bar is 15 inches long and comes with a 180-degree rotating head.
If you need to smash through your window after an accident, this breaker bar will also work in a pinch. It's currently on Amazon for $15.
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