Audi Q5 vs Q7: Is It Worth It to Pay Thousands More for the Q7?

The Audi Q5 vs Q7 is a worthwhile debate—but the winner depends on what you plan on using the vehicle for. Find out which of Audi’s luxury SUVs is the model you should take home.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
is renowned for its performance-oriented vehicles, which always find an intricate balance between luxury and power. Their Q5 and Q7 models stand out as some of the more popular vehicles in their lineup. But when it comes to the Q5 vs. Q7, the difference in price might raise some eyebrows. What exactly is so special about the Q7—and is it really worth paying $11,000 extra for it?
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The Audi Q5 vs. Q7: Powertrain differences

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breaks down the Q5 vs. Q7 comparison. The most notable difference is that the Q7 has the better engine: a 45 TDI Quattro Tiptronic, which is a three-liter V6 diesel engine that offers up to 231 hp. In comparison, the Q5 has a two-liter Sport TDI Quattro S Tronic engine, which gets up to 60 mph in about 7.5 seconds. 
The Audi Q5 is a little bit faster, but not by much—mostly due to the Q7’s larger frame and weight. Neither of these Audis are speed demons, but they’re luxury SUVs that offer a balance of power and comfort to their drivers. 
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But why is the Q7 more expensive than the Q5?

The Q7’s pierce is mostly due to its larger size, which accommodates more passengers and cargo space. Despite having a larger engine, the Q7 is also slower because of its heavier curb weight and length. 
The Q7 can comfortably seat seven passengers, hence the name, whereas the slightly smaller Q5 seats five passengers. The Q7 also has larger rims—19-inch alloys on all four tires as opposed to the slightly-smaller Q5’s, which are 18-inches. 
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Q5 vs. Q7: which is the better buy? 

For families or those who plan on taking their car off-road or on extended trips, the
Audi Q7
is the clear winner. It’s larger, has a nicer interior, and has a beefier engine that can handle more punishment and varied terrain. 
For anyone who still wants an Audi and can compromise on a little less cabin space and fewer features in favor of an $11,000 price reduction, the Q5 is a no-brainer. It still offers tons of head and legroom. 
Keep in mind, though—both engines run on diesel, which is more expensive than gasoline per gallon. Neither of these vehicles are running on an EV powertrain either, which is something that Audi is likely to offer soon. If you’re interested in an EV, it might be better to wait until Audi begins offering an EV version of either the Q5, Q7, or something similar. 

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