The Best Ski and Snowboard Racks for Winter Adventures

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Yakima, Thule, and Rhino Rack have created some of the best racks on the market for transporting your skis and snowboards to and from the mountain this season.
Whether you drive a lean crossover or a powerful SUV, chances are you don’t want precious passenger space (that’s already crowded out by boots, helmets, and puffy coats) taken up by your 60-inch skis. 
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Grab your gear (don’t forget the hand warmers!) and let’s look for the best ski racks for a winter adventure.
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Best ski roof racks 

When they hear the phrase “ski rack,” most people envision a double-bar rooftop frame. Year after year, roof racks are some of the most popular choices for transporting winter sports gear.
Roof racks are a convenient choice for many drivers. However, shorter individuals may have a hard time accessing their roofs, and items sitting on top of the car will contribute to added wind resistance.

Rhino Rack Ski Carrier 

Black Rhino Rack ski carrier product image.
Rhino Rack Ski Carrier
Find it for $150 on Amazon 
The Rhino Rack Ski Carrier fits six pairs of skis or four snowboards and is customizable to fit any size car. This double-bar rack is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum and is engineered for long-lasting use.  This set is easy to install for novices and features a lock and key system for added security. At $150, you’ll be paying for a quality product without the price premiums of some competitors. 

TMS J-Bar Rack HD 

Black TMS car ski rack product image.
TMS Bar Rack HD
Find it for $40 on Amazon 
The TMS J-Bar Rack HD was designed to accommodate canoes and kayaks in addition to skis and snowboards, making it a great year-round roof rack. Its padded J-bars can support up to 150 pounds.
It’s also extremely affordable, costing under $50 for a set. You’ll need to attach the rack to a crossbar (round or rectangular) on the roof or your car. 
The only downside to this setup is that it requires more tying since the J-bar doesn’t have a top and bottom that keeps skis and boards in place.

Best ski racks for SUVs

Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer to drive crossovers and SUVs for the added cargo space—not to mention the off-roading capability. SUVs typically have broader frames that can accommodate larger rigs capable of holding more weight than sedans.

Yakima FatCat EVO Ski Mount

Yakima Fat Cat EVO ski rack product image
Yakima Fat Cat EVO
Find it for $319 on Yakima 
The Yakima FatCat EVO Ski Mount is a premium ski rack for SUVs. Depending on how many people you travel with, you can choose between the EVO 4, which can fit four pairs of skis (two snowboards), or the EVO 6, which fits six pairs of skis (three boards). 
Bumping up from the EVO 4 to EVO 6 only costs $50 more, so we recommend opting for the EVO 6 to have more flexibility. 
Yakima outfitted this rack with their OverHang clamp system, making it easier to reach the rack when it’s on top of a tall SUV. You’ll also never have to worry about taking off your gloves in the cold since the bars can be opened by pressing a button. 

Best car racks for snowboards

Snowboards may take up more space in your car (and on the chairlift) than skis, but they’re arguably easier to carry to and from the mountain. While most racks on the market today can equally accommodate skis and boards, a few stand out for their stability in transporting snowboards. 

Thule SnowPack 4 Ski/Snowboard Rack 

Thule Snowpack 4 Ski rack product image.
Thule Snowpack 4 Ski
Find it for $270 on REI 
The Thule SnowPack 4 is lined with soft rubber to stabilize and protect your snowboards en route to their destination. This double-bar set is compatible with round and square crossbars and is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum. 
Thule engineered this product with vertical springs that make room for thicker boards and reduce height when not in use. There’s also a button-push opening mechanism here to help you unload with ease. 
While the SnowPack 4 can transport up to two snowboards, you can upgrade to the SnowPack 6 to increase this limit to three.

Inno Gravity Universal Mount 

Inno Gravity Universal Mount product image.
Inno Gravity Universal Mount
Find it for $180 on Amazon 
The Inno Gravity Universal Mount is an ideal choice for thicker gear like fat skis and snowboards. This small rack is simple to install and protects your gear with a rubber lining.
Inno’s Memory Mount hardware keeps the rig adjusted to the initial installment configuration so that it “remembers” how to sit if you remove it and put it on again later. As this mount can carry three pairs of fat skis or two snowboards, it may not be the best choice if you’re regularly carpooling with a large group. 

Best car racks for the hitch 

Rooftop racks are not the only option for transporting your sports gear. Some users prefer hitch racks that can be installed behind the car to avoid the increased wind resistance and lack of overhead clearance that come with roof racks. 

Thule Project Tram Hitch 

Thule Project Tram Hitch product image.
Thule Project Tram Hitch
Find it for $320 on Amazon
Thule’s Project Tram Hitch is a premium product that boasts many of the best features of modern ski racks. It opens with a large push button, has two locks for extra security, and hugs skis and boards with protective rubber arms. 
The Project Tram Hitch carries up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards vertically. 
However, this product is only compatible with a same-brand hitch. In addition to the $320 purchase price, you need to purchase the Thule hanging hitch bike rack to install this product. 

Yakima HitchSki Ski and Board Conversion Mount

Yakima HitchSki Ski Conversion Mount product image.
Yakima HitchSki Ski Conversion Mount
Find it for $250 on Amazon
Yakima’s HitchSki Mount was designed to transport skis, boards, and bikes, making it a great choice for all-season adventurers. The upper and lower arms, lined with soft rubber, are adjustable to secure your skis and snowboards at various angles.
This rack also fits six pairs of skis or four snowboards. It is compatible with most hitches and securely locks to your car with optional ArmLock or DeadLock technology.

Best for adding extra gear

The skis and snowboards themselves aren’t the only things you need to worry about—poles, helmets, and boots can also be a hassle to transport.
That’s where cargo (or box) carriers come into play. These containers allow you to transport all your stuff on top of your vehicle, keeping it safe in an enclosed shell. 

Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14 Ski and Snowboard Carrier 

Black Yakima Rocketbox Pro product image.
Yakima Rocketbox Pro
Find it for $500 on Yakima 
At 40 pounds, the Rocketbox Pro 14 is a lightweight cargo carrier that prioritizes a practical design and easy installation. You won’t need any tools to set this carrier up and it opens on both sides for easy access.
Like many of the best rooftop racks, the Yakima Rocketbox Pro operates with a button-push mechanism that makes it simple to open in the cold. You can situate this cargo carrier on Yakima crossbars anywhere from 24 to 40 inches apart.
The Rocketbox 14 is the biggest of the product line and carries four pairs of skis or two snowboards
The smaller Rocketbox 11 or 12 may be a better choice for small crossovers or other compact cars.

Thule Motion XT Alpine Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule Motion XT Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box product image.
Thule Motion XT Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box
Find it for $850 on Thule
The Thule Motion XT Alpine is a perfect rack for SUV and crossover drivers looking to transport their gear in style. This long and low-riding box received an award for its aerodynamic design in 2017. 
Like the Yakima carrier, the Thule Motion can be opened from either side of the vehicle. Thule has equipped this product with a PowerClick easy push mounting system and a SlideLock locking system. 
This premium cargo carrier is ideal for families or large groups—it can hold five to seven pairs of skis or three to five snowboards.

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