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For people living in Texas, buying car insurance can feel like one big crapshoot, with average costs that rank the state 14th most expensive in the country. Since 2011, Texas has seen its average premium jump 12.8%, not to mention that nationally car insurance costs have risen at two times the rate of inflation in the past decade. To paraphrase Texas-native Willie Nelson, all of our heroes have always been cowboys, and there’s a new gunslinger in the Lone Star state with a quick draw.
Enter Jerry, your personal insurance shopper (wearing a white hat, of course). For Texas residents that switched their insurance carriers using the Jerry app, they saved an average of $762 a year.

Ace in the Hole

In Texas Hold ‘Em, all players start with two cards face-down, the so-called “hole cards.” Think of Jerry as your ace in the hole. In poker, an ace is the highest-ranking card, and in the combative world of auto insurance, Jerry’s AI-based app trumps all of the other pretenders that claim to find you the cheapest cost for your current coverage.
Jerry’s app is based on artificial intelligence, which allows Jerry to compare rates from all leading national insurance brands like Metlife, Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide, and Travelers, among others, as well as regional carriers that offer competitive local rates, in real time.
Thousands of customers saved on average $887/year on their car insurance with Jerry
This app is great, but the customer service is even better! Not to mention convenient! My husband and I got the lowest rate (much lower than the rates I was finding online through my own searches), quickly, and pretty much all through text message! Thank you so much for a hassle free experience👍
Gabriella R.
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The Flop

After the hole cards, next come three cards face-up, which is known as the Flop. Everyone at the table can use these three cards to build their best hand. When it comes to car insurance, often consumers just play the hand they’re dealt and don’t look for a better deal. But you shouldn’t fold that easily.
Willie Nelson was born in the small town of Abbot, with a population of 365. If you think about what makes car insurance premiums rise and fall, Abbot offers a good example. Fewer cars on the road and shorter commuting distances translate into fewer accidents and cheaper insurance. Right?
Wrong, in Texas anyway. For the past two years, due in large part to an unfortunate series of natural disasters, Texas has seen its auto insurance premiums rise.
Now more than ever, you need the power of Jerry and its AI magic to navigate this confusing landscape. Let’s have another card!

The Turn

After the three Flop cards, it’s time for the Turn card, a single card face-up. By now, many Texas Hold ‘Em players know if they have a good hand or not. When you use Jerry, you’ll also see what your odds of saving money are. And as demonstrated in the chart below, it depends on what county you live in: ![alt text]( Saving By County.jpg “Image Text”)
The spread is pretty wide. If you are a resident of Montgomery or Smith Counties, then Jerry can find you annual savings of around $1,100, meaning that the people in those counties are needlessly spending about $92 per month on car insurance. But the yearly savings in Bexar County would be less than $500, still a considerable sum, but half as much as some other places.
You can see the same trends in major cities in Texas. Even though the cowboy motif pervades Texas culture, the state is actually very urbanized, with 84.7% of its population living in a city, and not out on the range. Just as Willie Nelson couldn’t wait to be “on the road again,” Texans love to drive, and even its city slickers put in around 40 miles per day, one of the highest rates in the nation. So it’s no surprise that car insurance in Texas cities can cost much more than in rural areas.
But as shown below, Jerry can save you big if you live in one of the major Texas metro areas: ![alt text]( Saving By City.jpg “Image Text”)
Residents of McKinney and Spring will pocket $1,500 per year, while those in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth will average between $800 and $1,000. But you’d save less if you lived in Arlington or San Antonio. The point is, you have to check in with Jerry.
You might be thinking: it’s time to go all-in and win the pot. But there’s one more card left.

The River Card

The River card is the last up card in Texas Hold ‘Em, and it’s usually a dramatic moment. Fortunes are won and lost with a simple flick of the dealer’s wrist. The fact is, many consumers have been winning big with Jerry already.
Clark E. was on Facebook recently and saw some sponsored content. Usually he skips right past that stuff, but not this time. “Found a great deal on my car insurance,” he wrote. “For a 22 year old male with a reasonable fast car I was looking at $345 a month for full coverage. With Jerry, they found a different policy with more coverage that I had for $150! Absolutely amazed by this app! Best part it’s so simple and streamlined! Definitely recommend this service! By far the best thing that’s happened to me recently!”
Something similar happened to Sharyl W. “Amazing!” she gushed. “This app found me auto insurance that was $30/month cheaper than my precious insurance. Unlike other websites that give you quotes from multiple agencies (e.g., Zebra), I didn’t receive a bunch of emails or calls from insurance agents trying to get my business after. Jerry’s website and app were easy to navigate and they communicated with me via text throughout. Highly recommend!”
Easy to use. No annoying phone calls or emails. Actual delivery of what was promised. Money saved. Jerry will handle switching carriers for you, and all you need to do is push a few buttons and sit back. Even after getting a better deal, Jerry won’t stop shopping for you. Customer accounts are monitored to ensure that you’re getting the best price and policy coverage in the future.
There’s a saying in Texas: “All hat and no cattle.” It refers to people who pretend to be cowboys. Lots of companies promise to find the lowest cost for car insurance, but they don’t have Jerry’s AI. Whether you live in Texas or Maine, it’s time you see if your insurance provider is bluffing.

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