How to Remove Water Spots From Car Paint

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Water spots from rain, road debris, or washing your vehicle can leave unsightly marks behind when left to sit. Water spots are incredibly inconvenient and can be difficult to remove once they set in. They might appear as a stain on the windows or exterior body of your car, so your approach should be tailored to the area affected. Below is a step by step guide for removing watermarks from your vehicle.

Step 1: Gather your materials

For car windows: You will need a bucket, water, vinegar, and a cloth or a sponge.
For the exterior body: You will need a clay bar, which can be purchased at any hardware store or automotive shop.
While not essential, wearing a pair of gloves and eye protection is a good way to avoid potential injury.

Step 2: Create a water and vinegar solution

In a bucket, mix two parts water to one part vinegar. If a water spot appears as a set in stain, you can increase the amount of vinegar for maximum effect.

Step 3: Apply the solution using a cloth or sponge

Use a cloth or sponge to apply your solution. A microfiber cloth is a great choice as it does not break apart or leave residue behind.
Dip your cloth into the solution and begin to buff the water spots out. For best results, rub in a circular motion directly on the affected area. You can also put the solution into a spray bottle for easier application.

Step 4: Dry your windows immediately

Use a dry towel or cloth to dry the windows immediately after washing them. Be sure the windows are completely dry to avoid creating more water spots.

Step 5: Rewash spots that remain

Rewash any water spots that remain by scrubbing the affected areas. For stubborn spots, add extra vinegar to the solution before reapplying.

Step 6: Use a clay bar to remove marks from the exterior body

Rub the clay bar on the body of the car to remove water spots. Be gentle as to not damage the paint.

Step 7: Wax or polish your car for future protection

Wax or polish your car to protect it from future water spots and blemishes. Use a buffer wheel or rag to buff and remove any remaining marks on the car.
When possible, park your car under cover or in a garage. Wash your car frequently to remove any debris or spots that could leave a lasting stain or mark. Protect your vehicle in all of the ways that you can to maintain its value and keep it looking good.

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