How to Remove Emblems from Cars

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Most often, car emblems are used to distinguish different makes and may even carry some prestige. A Mercedes emblem is highly recognized and indicates a high-end luxury vehicle, for example. Emblems are also used to customize and add character to a car.
Once, they were adhered to a vehicle by attached pegs that were stuck through holes drilled in the car’s metal. Nowadays, a strong adhesive is used. If you want to remove emblems from cars, here’s what you should know.

Removing a Car Emblem

If the emblem is attached to the metal of your car with the peg and hole technique, you should probably have it removed by a professional body shop. The mechanic will have the proper tools to remove the emblem without damaging your car. The shop will also be able to fill and smooth the leftover holes, as well as repaint the area to match your existing finish.
If your emblem is attached by an adhesive, you have a good chance of being able to do the job on your own. Here are a few techniques you can try to loosen and remove it.

1. Hot water

Sometimes all it takes to loosen the adhesive on a car emblem is hot water. Bring water to a boil on either the stove or in the microwave. Pour the hot water on the car, directly above the emblem so that it flows on top and around it. Be careful not to burn yourself. The hot water may soften the adhesive enough for you to wiggle the emblem free.

2. Blow dryer

Aim the blow dryer directly on the emblem using the hot air to soften the adhesive. Once it becomes tacky, you can wiggle the emblem free or gently use a plastic wedge to pry it off. However, be careful to avoid scratching the paint.

3. Adhesive remover

You can buy a spray adhesive remover in automotive, home improvement, and general retail stores. To use, follow directions to spray the remover all around the emblem. Use sparingly, as it can damage your paint’s finish. Once it loosens, you can use dental floss to cut through the adhesive between the car and the emblem.
Once you have removed the emblem, finish the job by washing and waxing your car. This will result in an overall smooth finish and sleek appearance.

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