How to Get a Car Windshield Replacement

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Severe weather, road debris, and objects from other vehicles can all cause damage to a car’s windshield. From a chip or scratch to a shattered windshield, any damage that affects the line of vision can be an issue of safety for the driver. Windshield repairs might seem like a large undertaking, but they can be handled quickly if you know what to do. In this article, Step 1 advises contacting your insurance company, Step 2 suggests making an appointment with a windshield repair company, Step 3 reminds you to factor in time for the appointment, and Step 4 is about driving away when you’re done.

Part 1 of 1: How to replace your windshield

Step 1: Contact your insurance company if necessary. Before doing any major repairs, you should contact your insurance company if needed. Depending on your coverage and your deductible, it might be more practical to go through your provider.
If the damage was caused by another vehicle and they have provided their insurance information, then you will want to speak to them before making repairs.
Step 2: Make an appointment. Because your windshield is essential for safe driving, you won’t want to wait too long to get an appointment set up. Many companies have a short turnaround time for windshield repairs, so that you can get back on the road quickly.
Safelite offers online booking for windshield replacement services. They provide trained technicians who will come to your location to complete the service.
Always consider the quality of materials being used and whether or not the replacement windshield comes with a warranty. Companies like Safelite are known for high standards and excellent customer support.
Step 3: Set aside time for the repair. Once you have made an appointment, you just need to plan time for the repair. Be sure to ask the technician any questions about the materials, warranty, or any concerns you might have.
Safelite offers a one-hour drive away timeline, but depending on the circumstances your repair might require more time. Speak to your technician so that the expectations are clear.
After the windshield has been fully replaced, the technician should vacuum any glass or debris that may have fallen into the vehicle. Your car’s interior should be left entirely clean and safe.
If the weather conditions are too harsh for the repair technician to complete the job, you may need to park your car in a covered area for the service. Speak with the technician in advance to plan for any inclement weather issues.
Step 4: Drive away with a clear view. Your new windshield should be fully functional and safe for driving once the technician gives you the all clear.
  • Note: Be sure to keep the records of the service and the warranty information. Make copies of these documents if you are using an insurance provider to cover the cost.
Many companies will remove registration and maintenance stickers from your old windshield if needed. Be sure to ask for those ahead of time and keep them to place on the new windshield.
Insurance can be a lifesaver in situations when your car is damaged unexpectedly. Prevent future damage by parking in a garage or covered area. Maintain a safe driving distance between your car and other vehicles to avoid road debris that might cause damage.

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