The Perfect Gift Guide for Lamborghini Owners

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If your friend or loved one happens to be a Lamborghini owner, you might think they have everything, but the following gift guide offers plenty of gifts to make any Lambo driver squeal with delight—from Lamborghini wine to satin cars covers, and from brand apparel to smart navigation systems, there’s plenty of cool toys to stuff your Lambo lover’s holiday stocking with!
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Keep reading to check out our gifts for Lamborghini owners 2021 shopping guide.
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Lamborghini apparel

Get your Lambo fanatic some authentic Lamborghini threads to show off their Lamborghini bonafides, as well as some complementary accessories to improve their driving experience as well!

Lamborghini logo t-shirt

A model wearing a black Lamborghini logo shirt.
Automobili Lamborghini Camouflage Shield T- shirt
Who doesn’t love a logo t-shirt? Get the Lamborghini driver in your life a 100% cotton t-shirt that shows off their favorite car’s classic emblem.

Lamborghini track pants

A model wearing black Lamborghini track pants.
Automobili Lamborghini Shield Shadow track pants
Now, in case you didn’t notice, the Lamborghini driver in your life likes to be noticed. Make them even more visible when they step out of their Huracan by gifting them a pair of lime green, branded Lamborghini track pants.
Featuring Lamborghini’s classic logo with striking shadow effect, these comfortable “pantaloni” are sure to turn heads!

Driving gloves

Two black leather driving gloves.
Riparo Men’s Genuine Leather Riding Gloves
Driving a Lamborghini is no walk in the park—piloting such an animal-of-an-automobile that goes from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds takes skill, so treat a Lamborghini owner to a pair of Riparo Genuine Leather driving gloves.
Not only will these stylish leather gloves keep a driver’s hands warm, but they’ll also ensure excellent grip on a cold steering wheel when driving a Lambo in chilly weather.

Driving loafers

Man crosses ankles while wearing brown driving shoes.
Wolf & Shepherd Gunner Driver shoes
Not only are the hands of the Lamborghini owner in your life important, but so are their feet. Ensure maximum comfort with these Wolf & Shepherd Gunner Driver shoes.
These kicks will keep a driver’s feet warm, comfortable, and dry as they zoom down the road. Gunner Driver loafers were originally designed for Italian sports car drivers back in the 1960s. Effortless, enduring cool.

Lamborghini wallet with coin compartment

A black Lamborghini wallet with silver logo.
Logoscript metal plate medium wallet with coin purse
We’re going to assume the special Lambo driver in your life has…money? So why not get them an authentic, Lamborghini-branded wallet to keep all those bills, coins, and cards safe and secure?
This logoscript, metal plate wallet is made from 100% leather and features the carmaker’s lettering in a beautiful, nickel finish on the wallet’s front.
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Tech for your special someone’s Lamborghini

It seems that every car is tech-enhanced these days to give drivers the most exceptional driving experience possible. Make your Lambo lover’s ride that much better with some of the following tech upgrades—or all of them, if you really like this person!

Tile Mate

A white Tile car finder.
Tile Mate Key Finder
No driver wants to lose their keys—especially if those keys are for their Lamborghini. A Tile Mate Key Finder is a small key ring attachment that syncs up with your phone, so if a driver loses their keys, they’ll be able to locate them via the Tile App.
This could pay big dividends if it means the difference between a Lambo driver heaving a sigh of relief because they’ve found their keys, or a Lamborghini owner having a heart attack because they can’t find them! We here at Jerry definitely prefer the former.

Bluetooth receiver

A black Anker Bluetooth receiver.
Anker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver
Many new phones don’t have auxiliary ports these days—solve this problem for the Lamborghini owner in your life with an Anker Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver.
Instead of forking over hundreds of dollars (or more) for a Bluetooth-compatible stereo, this handy item plugs into a car’s auxiliary port so you can pair your new phone to your car. Never will they miss an episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast ever again.

Garmin Speak with navigation system and dash-cam

A blue and black Garmin Speak dash cam.
Garmin Speak Plus
Help the Lamborghini fiend in your life focus on the road by gifting them a Garmin Speak Plus—a nifty device with Amazon Alexa integration to guide them with turn-by-turn directions.
This device also allows a driver to control music and make or answer a phone call in addition to navigation—all without touching their phone. The Garmin Speak Plus is also a dash-cam and will keep a driver safe with forward collision warning and lane departure assist.

Cobra Rad 450 Laser Radar Detector

A sand-colored police speed radar detector.
Cobra Rad 450 Laser Radar Detector
We here at Jerry don’t condone speeding, and we always abide by the speed limits. That being said, word on the street is that some drivers with fast cars (say, hmm…a Lamborghini?) may occasionally…you know…go over the speed limit.
Put yourself in a Lamborghini owner’s debt with a Laser Radar Detector, which alerts drivers to police scanners up ahead, so they know to slow down. These nifty devices are legal to use in every state except Virginia and Washington D.C.
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Unique gifts for the Lamborghini driver in your life

True, the person in your life with a Lamborghini may appear to have it all, but they probably don’t have any of these unique gifts—from Lamborghini wine to a truly one-of-a-kind coffee table—that are sure to rev their engine!

Lamborghini wine

A gold bottle and two wine glasses in a Lamborghini gift set.
Oro Vino Spumante
Traffic can be murder, even for a Lamborghini driver—help them take a load off when they get home with a glass of Lamborghini’s own Oro Vino Spumante, a sparkling dry wine featuring almond, citrus fruit, and floral notes.
The wine, derived from grapes grown on the late Lamborghini founder Ferrucio Lamborghini’s Umbria estate, comes in a gift set with two Lamborghini crystal glasses. Bottoms up!
A friendly reminder from Jerry—always drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Lamborghini Lego

A green Lamborghini Lego model.
Lego Lamborghini Sián FKP 37
If your Lambo-lover wants to bring the love of their ride indoors, consider gifting them their very own Lego Lamborghini! The Lego Technic Lamborghini Sian FPK 37 is a 3,000+ piece Lego kit based on the iconic Italian supercar.
This model features a V12 engine, Lamborghini-emblazoned steering wheel, moving pistons, and classic scissor doors—just like the real thing! Roaring engine sounds not included—perhaps the giftee can provide them?

Engine block coffee table

A glass table with an engine block base.
Engine Block Coffee Table
That bottle of wine and Lego Lamborghini will look great on the Engine Block Coffee Table you’ve bought for their living room!
This unique living room piece is constructed from a GM-style—you don’t need to tell your Lamborghini-owning friend this trifling piece of information—engine block sandblasted in metallic silver. Finished with a gorgeous sheet of tempered glass, this coffee table will, without a doubt, really pull the room together.

Enhance and protect their Lamborghini

If the Lamborghini owner in your life is always looking to protect and enhance their prized Italian Stallion-of-an-automobile, open your wallet and get to work by buying them some floor mats, a satin car cover, a new color wrap on their car, or a truly special gift!

Floor mats

Two stacked Lamborghini floor mats.
Authentic Lamborghini floor mats
Even Lambo drivers can have dirty shoes—help them keep their prized roadster clean with authentic, Lamborghini-brand floor mats with a personalized edge.

Satin black car cover

A sports car protected by a black satin car cover.
Indoor Black Satin Shield Cover
Bestow a luxurious satin car cover to keep a Lamborghini clean when it’s not on the road. These satin car covers are for indoor use only, because who stores their Lamborghini…outside?
You can get a car cover from Lamborghini as well, with a brand logo on it.

Lamborghini wraps

A Lamborghini with a purple vinyl wrap.
Vinyl Styles Custom Vehicle Wrap
No doubt you’ve heard the common complaint from your Lamborghini-owning friend—“everyone has a red one!” Well, you can surprise your favorite Lamborghini driver by getting their ride vinyl-wrapped in an awesome new color.
In lieu of a costly paint job, a vinyl wrap is designed to be contoured to fit any vehicle, in a slew of colors. Also, if the Lamborghini’s owner hates what you’ve done to their car, a vinyl wrap is easily removable. At least you meant well, right?

Lamborghini Countach

A white Lamborghini Countach in a dark showroom.
Lamborghini Countach
Now if, for argument’s sake, the Lamborghini aficionado in your life is rather picky—and you happen to have a few spare million dollars lying around—just get them a new Countach. No biggie, right?
The 2022 Lamborghini Countach sports a V-12 engine and 802 horsepower, going from 0-60 in a brain-melting 2.8 seconds. If your Lamborghini-owning friend isn’t impressed with your astonishing gift? In that case, we here are at Jerry think you need some new friends.

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