The Best Gifts for Corvette Owners 2021

Here’s the perfect gift guide for the Corvette enthusiast in your life—we’ve got gadgets, accessories, merch, and more!
Written by Ben Guess
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Looking for the perfect gift for the Corvette fan in your life? From car upgrades to keychains to clocks, we’ve got you covered!
Shopping for a
owner isn’t always easy. After all, they already have the perfect gift. That’s why, this holiday season, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts for a Corvette owner (or enthusiast!). Whether they’re looking to customize or upgrade their car, or if they’re more into the merchandise itself, we’ve got you covered for gift-giving this year.
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Here’s your 2021 shopping guide for gifts for Corvette owners.
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Corvette car care basics

For the Corvette owner who wants to keep their car in tip-top shape, here’s how to make their perfect holiday season, with everything from car covers to new air intake systems!

A stylish car cover

Stylish Corvette car covers
These covers are the perfect way to keep a Corvette looking brand new! On this website, you can specify the car model, choose the fabric type, and choose the color, too! (Goodbye, plain old tan—hel-lo, bright red!) This is the perfect gift for any Corvette owner who wants to protect their car in style.

A helpful car care kit

Corvette car care kit by Adam’s Polishes
This is the perfect way to get any Corvette looking gorgeous! With all the materials you’ll need to get it sparkling and shiny, taking care of a Corvette has never been so easy.

The perfect update to an air intake system

2014-2019 LT1 Green Performance Air Intake System, available from Zip
If you want to keep your Corvette’s engine in tip-top shape, this is the perfect choice! While multi-layer gauze filters can eventually fray and allow particles to get inside the engine, inhibiting performance, Green Performance filters use two layers of tightly woven cotton.
This means that they can be washed and used over and over again. They also come with a lifetime guarantee! It’s definitely a gift that errs on the pricier side, but it’s one that any Corvette owner will use for life.

For the stylish Corvette owner: apparel and accessories

If the Corvette owner in your life is a little bit snazzy, here are some perfect ways to upgrade their car and their outfits!

A gorgeous Fordite ring for a very special Corvette owner

Corvette Fordite ceramic ring
This is more of a personal gift, but if your Corvette lover is a significant other, this ring is a deeply meaningful gift to give. Crafted with a core of black ceramic, and inlaid with Corvette Fordite—a material created from the layers of enamel paint dripping off of Corvette cars onto the floor below and being cooked over and over again, creating strong, colorful chunks—this is a truly breathtaking ring and will be deeply meaningful for any Corvette owner.
If you want to surprise and delight a close loved one this gift-giving season, this is the perfect way to do it.

An aviator jacket for the coolest drivers around

C7 Stingray aviator jacket
There’s no better way to stay warm and look cool than with this aviator jacket! Stitched in a vintage style with quilted satin lining, and with a C7 emblem on both the left chest and the back, this jacket is a must for any Corvette enthusiast who wants to look stylish in the winter.

Some stylish mats that’ll brighten the look of any Corvette

Corvette Lloyds floor mats
If you want to help your friend spruce up the interior of their Corvette, look no further! These mats, made for every Corvette generation, are stylish, colorful, and have several different customization options for every year. If you want to get something meaningful for the Corvette lover in your life without completely breaking the bank, this is a fantastic option!
C8 Corvette stainless signet ring
This ring is all sophistication. The black stainless steel material is classy and understated, while the 2020 emblem embossed on the front gives it a special finish. If you’re looking for an accessory that declares your love for Corvettes (while keeping it just the right amount of classy) this is the perfect item for you.
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For the techie Corvette owner: gear and gadgets

If the Corvette enthusiast in your life is always trying to upgrade their model, we’ve got some gift ideas that will make their holiday!

The sound system with an antique look and a modern-day feel

1956-1976 Corvette antique auto radios
If your friend has been lucky enough to get their hands on an antique Corvette, this is a gift they’re sure to appreciate! Although older Corvettes can still run beautifully, the quality of their sound systems can be improved upon.
These radios are designed to perfectly match the aesthetic of the individual Corvette model while allowing you to modify the bass, treble, and fade of the sound—and they even have Bluetooth connectivity! This is where modern technology meets antique aesthetic, and if your friend has a vintage Corvette, they’ll be sure to appreciate both.

A console cup holder that’ll keep your drinks in their cups, where they belong

Corvette stop flop console cup holder
Corvettes are gorgeous cars built for speed—but sometimes that means that any drinks left in the car can go flying by along with the scenery! This console cup will make sure that any drinks stay firmly put so that you can enjoy your drive without any spills or hassle.

Gifts for Corvette owners under $30

Want to get something meaningful for the Corvette owner in your life without breaking the bank? Here are some options any Corvette owner will love—without a hefty price tag!

A stylish and functional thermal bottle

C8 Corvette lodge thermal bottle
Beauty and functionality! This thermal bottle is perfect for keeping coffee, tea, or soup warm for hours. With an emblazoned C8 emblem, it’s a must-have for any Corvette fan who’s looking for something useful with a personal twist.

A blueprint-style poster that shows off the beauty of the Corvette’s design

C8 Stingray Z51 2020-2021 wall art
This art print shows off your car, with a beautiful stylized sketch of a Corvette C8 Stingray Z51, with a top, side, front, and back view. For someone who owns a Corvette, or for someone who just loves them, this is the perfect piece of art to decorate any room.

A stylish spiral-bound journal for the note-taking Corvette owner

C7 Corvette spiral-bound journal
Take notes in style! This notebook includes a business card pocket, a sticky note pad, five flag pads, a Stylus twist-action pen, and the C7 crossed flags on the cover (of course). If you have a Corvette owner in your life who’s always taking notes and scribbling bits of information down, this is the perfect gift for them this holiday season.

A DVD all about the intricacies of making a Corvette

Ultimate Factories: Corvette DVD
A great historic look back at the Z06 model, this 2007 National Geographic documentary takes the audience inside the GM factory at Bowling Green, into the development and production of the Z06.
This is the perfect gift for the Corvette owner who also loves taking deep dives into auto history, and might even be a fantastic film to watch together!
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Splurge gifts for that special Corvette owner in your life

Want to go all-out for that Corvette enthusiast in your life? Here are some luxurious options that they’re sure to love!

A cozy, luxurious, and unexpectedly stylish blanket

C7 Corvette lamb’s wool blanket
Soft and comfortable, but still fantastically stylish, this blanket is perfect to snuggle up under during those cold winter nights! Made out of faux lamb’s wool, this throw is plush and cozy and will add an element of luxury to any couch or armchair.
It’s the perfect blanket for anyone on a cold night, but the C7 emblem embroidered in the corner makes it the perfect gift for any Corvette owner!

A duffel that’s perfect for any type of light travel

Stingray Corvette OGIO duffel bag
This bag is durable, stylish, and perfect for both the gym and a weekend getaway! This stylish duffel has a ventilated shoe compartment, a padded shoulder strap, and all-metal hardware! With the Stingray emblem embroidered on the front, this is a great way for any Corvette lover to show their fantastic taste in cars while going about their day-to-day lives.
If you know a Corvette owner who’s always running around from place to place, this is the perfect gift to get for them this year!

A book all about the history of the Corvette, told by the man who engineered it all

Corvette from the Inside: The Development History
A story of the auto industry and the development of one of the most iconic cars in America, this book is jam-packed with fascinating history, told from the perspective of the engineer who oversaw it all!
This is an amazing gift for a Corvette owner who understands machinery and engineering and wants to get a closer look at how this historic car has developed over the decades. If the Corvette owner in your life is an avid reader, this is the gift for them!

A beautiful wooden model

Corvette convertible wooden model
This is a great gift for the friend who doesn’t get out on the road in their Corvette as often as they would like. Polished and sleek, this mahogany model of a convertible Corvette doesn’t skip out on any details—it even has a little wooden rearview mirror! This is a great gift for a Corvette lover to put on display around the house—and for around $20 extra, you can even personalize it, making it extra special!
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A gift for you

With this list, you should have any Corvette owners in your life covered—and then some! When shopping, though, remember that although it may not be a Corvette, your car is just as important. With winter storms and icy roads in the near future, it might be a good idea to make sure that you and your vehicle have the
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