The Best Gifts for Ferrari Owners 2021

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With the holiday season approaching, it’s about time to think about gifts for the car lovers in your life. If you happen to be shopping for a Ferrari owner, the options are plentiful. From sleek streetwear to smooth stationery, you won’t be left searching for presents to buy.
Whether you’re looking for watches, clothes, model cars, or even gift experiences, you’re likely to find the perfect gift for the Ferrari lover in your life.
The good news is here at Jerry, your trusty car insurance comparison and broker app, we’ve slimmed down the list into five simple categories of Ferrari gifts—offering something for everyone at every price point.
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For the stylish Ferrari owner: apparel and accessories

It sometimes appears a bit strange to wear apparel emblazoned with car logos, but Ferrari’s iconic red—complete with a classic badge—adds a bit of a splash to your average kicks or hat.

Fashionable shoes that have as much kick as your car

Product image of red Puma Speedcat shoes.
Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat men’s motorsport shoes
Puma has been making Ferrari shoes for a while now, and the slim silhouette makes for a comfy and stylish look. They’re not exactly subtle—the bright red sticks out wherever you are—but they’re not supposed to be.
Ferrari claims that the shoe brings “iconic track style to the streets”—and it’s hard to disagree.

A lightweight puffer to keep you warm on the road

Product image of a male model wearing a red puffer jacket.
Scuderia Ferrari Puma padded jacket
Lightweight puffer jackets are fantastic for winter. They can be thrown over a t-shirt when it’s a little warmer, adding a fresh style to your everyday look. On chillier days, they’re a perfect top layer above your long-sleeved tops and hoodies.
The Ferrari jacket is a little understated compared to the rest of the manufacturer’s collaborations, but the badge is still there—as well as the recognizable racing style. If you want to feel like a pro driver on a cold winter’s day—and look cool while doing so—it’s a great gift.

A t-shirt fit for a racecar driver

Male model wearing a Ferrari Charles Leclerc t-shirt.
Scuderia Ferrari 20/21 Team Charles Leclerc t-shirt
The Tem Charles Leclerc shirt is certainly a statement piece. With the massive badge, lettering, and splashes of color, it’s unlikely to fly under the radar.
But, that’s the point. If you’re buying for a Formula 1 fan and want to emulate their favorite racing drivers’ wear on Grand Prix days, then this shirt is perfect. It doesn’t scream day-to-day apparel, but for something a little flashy, it’s a solid purchase.

A flashy cap to show Ferrari love

Product image of a red Ferrari Italian flag cap.
Ferrari Italian flag baseball hat
The Italian flag is a little more subtle than the Ferrari badge, but when the two are combined, it can be quite the look. That’s the case with the Ferrari baseball cap. It’s quite an extravagant design—and it’s a pretty penny to pay for some headgear. However, for a Ferrari lover who wants a bit of flash in their outfit, the hat could be an ideal gift.

For the techie Ferrari owner: gear and gadgets

Ferraris aren’t exactly short on tech—and for that price, you expect a lot more than just performance. Indeed, they’re luxury items, vehicles whose capabilities expand beyond driving around a track very quickly—but you can always add an upgrade. Here are some of the best tech gifts for your Ferrari-loving friends.

A laser radar detector to make sure you don’t drive too fast

A black and blue laser radar detector.
Whistler CR68 High-Performance Laser Radar Detector
It’s a mouthful, but a laser radar detector could be a gift for someone who occasionally likes to push a little too much on the accelerator. It scans for speed cameras and police radars ahead, warning you that a speeding ticket may be in someone’s near future. While we cannot condone breaking the law, it’s a good idea to have one handy—especially for fast drivers.

A solid subwoofer for top-quality sound

A black circular car subwoofer.
Recoil RST11 Hidden Powered Active Car Subwoofer
It’s a bit of a dilemma: Do you listen to a grumbling engine sound or your favorite song? The problem is—most Ferraris are very loud, so to overcome that roar, a bit of an extra speaker boost could be necessary.
For that, consider buying your Ferrari owner this nifty speaker that fits into the center of a spare tire. It amplifies noise around the car but doesn’t vibrate too much like other subwoofers. At less than $200, it’s a reasonably inexpensive gift to assure a superior sound.

A driving companion to help you on the track

A real-time car driving optimizer screen.
Garmin Catalyst
Though Ferraris are increasingly usable on your daily drive, they still root from racing DNA. If a Ferrari lover in your life enjoys taking their Ferrari 488 on the track, the Garmin Catalyst is a great gift. The nifty machine coaches the driver in real-time, offering feedback on cornering speed, braking speed, acceleration tips, and other tricks—helping the driver hit the best lap speed possible.

A pair of headphones to simulate the roar of the road

Red and black headphones with the Ferrari logo.
T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition gaming headphones by Thrustmaster
They might not have anything to do with driving, but a pair of gaming headphones is an ideal gift for any gamers in your life. The Ferrari editions—despite the fancy badge—come a little cheaper than some other headsets on the market but offer fantastic sound quality nonetheless. Thrustmaster is also a fantastic brand for racing games, so you know you’re getting a quality item.

Gifts for Ferrari owners under $100

The problem with a lot of Ferrari gifts is that they can be quite expensive, but you’re paying for the Ferrari pedigree. That said, there are ways to buy something nice without going way over your budget. Here’s how you can find some quality for less than $100.

For your friend who loses everything

A white Tile Mate car tracker.
Tile Mate
It’s not a Ferrari-specific gift, but the Tile Mate is essential for every car owner. This nifty device helps you keep track of your keys at all times, setting off an alarm when they happen to be shifted. That’s good news, because Ferraris come with a fancy anti-theft device, making them almost impossible to steal—unless someone has your keys.

A metal keyring

A rotating key ring with a yellow background and the Ferrari logo.
Rotating metal keyring with enamel Ferrari shield
Speaking of keys, there’s another good way to hold onto them: make them as recognizable as possible. A good way to do that is to gift someone this striking keyring—complete with an enamel Ferrari shield. The keyring may not be bright red, but the sparkling silver and iconic logo make it a hard-to-miss, classy addition to the keychain.

A Ferrari-branded mug to keep you fueled

A red mug featuring the Ferrari logo.
Ferrari Scudetto mug
All coffee and tea drinkers need a good mug. The right mug might be something cheap and quirky, or something pricier and more classy—or, simply, it might just look cool. That’s the case with this Ferrari Scudetto Formula 1 mug. It’s sleek, distinctive, and just the right size for coffee and tea drinkers alike.

A pen that writes as smooth as a Ferrari drives

A fountain pen with the Ferrari logo.
Sheaffer Ferrari fountain pen
There’s something that feels more official about a fountain pen. Fans of calligraphy can be very selective about which instruments they choose. Sheaffer is a reliable brand for pens, writing smoothly with a comfortable flow across the page. So, it’s a bit of a niche buy, but if you know a Ferrari owner who enjoys a nice pen, this one comes at a fantastic price with a bit of flash.

Splurge gifts for that special Ferrari owner in your life

Maybe there’s a Ferrari owner in your life that might deserve something a little special. Manufacturer collaborations tend to hike up prices, and things can get even more expensive if you’re investing in something more lavish.

A cozy sweatshirt with an air of exclusivity

A sweatshirt with the Ferrari logo written in black.
Ferrari logo sweatshirt
Monochrome crew necks are a very popular look right now—and this Ferrari one with the classic script silhouette fits perfectly among fashion trends. The elbow pads add a bit of unique streetwear flash to an otherwise understated item. At the $490 asking price, this sweatshirt certainly has a sense of exclusivity. So, if you’ve got money to spend—and you’re a generous gift-giver—this could be a great find.

A backpack to travel in style

A black and yellow Ferrari backpack.
Prancing horse backpack
Backpacks and shoulder bags are city essentials. Go to any major city, and you’re bound to see stylish bags on every street. The prancing horse plastered on this bag is about as flashy as they come. But this backpack isn’t just a basic piece of plastic with a fancy logo—it’s Ferrari-designed, carefully engineered, and unique.

A Ferrari model meant to be showcased

A small red Ferrari model car.
Ferrari 500 F2 1:1.8 scale reproduction
Even if you’re a generous gift-giver, it’s unlikely you’ll be willing to fork over the $500,000 for a Ferrari F2, but this beautiful model serves as a wonderful alternative. Meticulously put together and incredibly detailed, it’s a fantastic gift for anyone who’s a big fan of car design.

A watch to keep your Ferrari owner on time

A fancy watch with a black and red face and a black leather strap.
Swiss Made Limited Edition Pilota Evo chronograph watch
It’s not the most expensive watch in the world, but the Ferrari collaboration with Swiss Made certainly looks the part. The Ferrari and carbon-fiber trims evoke classic sports car designs, while also making it a relatively light piece.

Ferrari car care basics

Although Ferraris come as pretty complete driving machines, there are always customizations and edits to be made to your vehicle. From distinctive flashes to personalize your car to simple maintenance kits, owners can choose from tons of options to make their ride feel unique. Some of those can be wonderful gifts, too!

A set of wheel caps to upgrade a ride

Close-up of a gold wheel cap with the Ferrari logo.
Ferrari titanium wheel caps
There are some crazy Ferrari hot rods out there—some owners are willing to spend thousands to make their vehicles as unique as possible. However, you don’t have to spend tons for an extra flash. These titanium wheel caps aren’t cheap, but they certainly get the job done.

A tool set for minor repairs

A red and black toolbox with its contents laid out in front of it.
450 piece mechanic’s tool set
It takes a lot of bravery to fix your Ferrari yourself. But if you’re out on the road and need to make a quick repair, this mechanic’s tool set might help. It’s a great gift for the home mechanic who may want to make some customizations!

Car mats for a fancy floor

Interior of a car with customized red car mats.
Custom luxury car mats set
Ferraris come with a plethora of floor mat customizations, but none are quite as vibrant—or as red—as these. That alone might be worth the price tag and make a friend very happy.

Ferrari gifts on a budget

Ferraris are expensive, but the gifts for owners don’t have to be. For every $1,000 watch, there’s a portable charger that’ll cost you less than $20. Here are some stocking stuffers—some cheap and cheerful gifts that will make a Ferrari owner smile.

A toy Ferrari perfect for a stocking

A Hot Wheels Ferrari car in a box.
2005 Ferrari 575 GTC Hot Wheels
If you’re a Hot Wheels Collector, you might not have seen a Ferrari model in a while. That’s because the company cut ties with Hot Wheels in 2004. While modern Ferrari models, such as F8s or the LaFerrari aren’t out there, this 575 GTC is on the market for cheap and looks the part.

An AirPod case as sleek as a Ferrari

A red AirPods case with the yellow Ferrari logo.
Ferrari AirPods case cover
AirPods cases have a sleek look themselves, but a slick cover adds a bit of a flash—and might also make them easier to find. The Silicone material holds itself together well, and a little keychain makes it a convenient gift, too.

A phone case to store cards

A red leather Ferrari iPhone case with slots for cards.
Ferrari phone case and cardholder
Phone cases with cardholders are a good investment—and a great way of keeping your essentials all in one place. A genuine leather one, complete with a Ferrari emblem, is a thoughtful and—honestly—cool gift.

Something a Ferrari owner can build

A red Lego Ferrari model car.
Lego Ferrari F8 Tributo
Maybe the Ferrari owner themselves won’t play with Legos but there might be someone in their life that does. This F8 replica is very, very, very cool. It’s also a relatively simple piece, which could be fun for all ages!

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