Does Renters Insurance Cover Funeral Expenses?

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    Many people who rent their home purchase renters insurance. It’s a smart and very cost effective type of insurance to have, and can really help you out if something happens to the house or apartment that you rent. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable types of insurances on the market.
    But what if someone is injured at your home? Worse yet, what if someone dies? Will renters insurance cover funeral expenses? Read on to find out.

    Why would renters insurance be relevant if someone dies?

    Renters insurance is primarily to protect your personal property that you keep inside the home you rent. Most people purchase renters insurance thinking they’ll just use it in case a natural disaster ruins some of their possessions, or someone steals things from their home.
    But renters insurance also includes liability protection coverage. Liability protection coverage helps protect you if someone is injured at your home, and you are deemed to be at fault. The coverage will help cover the medical costs for the injured person, even if they die.

    How does liability protection coverage work?

    Liability protection coverage is designed to help you out if someone is hurt, fatally or otherwise, and you are deemed to be at fault. If a person is injured at your home and thinks that you are liable for it, your liability protection coverage will kick in immediately.
    You’ll likely have to go to court, at which point the liability protection coverage will cover the cost of your legal fees. If you are determined by the court to be liable for the person’s injuries or deaths, then your liability protection coverage will cover many of the medical expenses, often up to $500,000.

    Does renters insurance cover funeral expenses if someone dies at your home?

    Usually renters insurance does not cover funeral expenses if someone dies at your home, even if you are proven to be liable. Under most circumstances, the court will only make you pay for medical expenses for the injured or deceased, and not for the funeral expenses. If the court does make you pay for funeral expenses then your renters insurance may or may not come into play. Some renters insurance companies have written into their policies that funerals are not covered, while others will cover it as a medical expense.

    If you die at your home, will renters insurance cover the funeral expenses?

    No. Renters insurance is not life insurance, nor is it funeral insurance or even health insurance. If you want to protect yourself when you are at your home, you will need to purchase one of those types of insurances.
    With that said, if you are injured or killed at a property that you rent, and it is the fault of the property, then your landlord’s homeowners insurance will likely cover the medical expenses under their liability protection coverage.

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